Jia And Park Jin Young Prove That Once A JYP Family Member, Always A Member

Jia And Park Jin Young Prove That Once A JYP Family Member, Always A Member

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Just because a contract ends doesn’t mean the friendships aren’t everlasting.

On September 23, former miss A member Jia shared a photo taken with Park Jin Young during his visit to China. The two are dressed comfortably as they shoot up matching V-signs, and look as if they are having a relaxing time.

She also writes, “It’s been a long time. Fighting ‘Guaishushu Is Coming,‘” showing support for…

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I have been thinking about joining the Catholic Church for a while now (from an atheist background/family) and I just started a new uni and went to the Catholic society event where I met Father and I will be joining their RCIA program soon (!) I have been to mass back at home a couple of times but I am going to the university one for the first time tomorrow and am a bit nervous. Was wondering if you had any advice about what to do when they go up to receive or what to wear? Thank you! <3

Ah!! Congratulations and welcome home!! I’m so happy for you! It’s going to be such an exciting time, I can’t wait to come into the Church with you in the Spring!!

As for clothing: my catholic student center is actually kinda relaxed about clothing (a lot of the students will come in short basketball shorts and sweatshirts or tank tops). But I don’t really feel comfortable dressing the way they do, so I normally come in long pants or a modest-length skirt and then a blouse or if it’s a t-shirts, I’ll pair it with a cardigan bc that somehow equates to dressy in my mind lol. I would say err on the side of caution the first time. Dress modestly and respectfully, just make sure you’re comfortable. Whatever you wear you should be able to transition between sitting, kneeling and standing with ease, modesty and respect for the Eucharist.

Receiving: bc you and I are not yet Catholic, we cannot receive the sacrament of the Eucharist–it’s very important that we don’t receive yet! But!! You can still go up to receive a blessing! Just go up with everyone else and cross your arms over your chest with your hands resting on the opposite shoulders (left hand to right shoulder etc). This will signal to Father that you want to receive a blessing instead of the Eucharist, he’ll know what to do!

It can be soooooooo difficult waiting to receive the Eucharist. The longing is so strong. But the first time I received a blessing, I cried like a baby, so while it’s no Eucharist, it’s a wonderful feeling of community with the Church and made me feel so at home and closer to God.

I hope it goes well, let me know how it goes/how you liked it! I can’t wait to hear more about your journey! Please drop by to ask questions any time, feel free to send an ask or a private message!

Praying for you!

Im gonna rant a bit about skinny girl ignorance.

It is quite obvious upon seeing me that im not skinny, i am a curvy girl and i love every part of me even if they sometimes make me sad when i encounter the fat shaming culture of society or when i think about my PCOS.
Im also beautiful and i unapologetically embrace that, my friends and family will tell me what beautiful facial features i have but not once have i received a compliment saying that I am, as a whole, beautiful. I ignore this because i know why they wont say im beautiful.
Though i want to be completely and utterly happy with myself and comfortable theres always little things that make me feel so god damn isolated from my skinny friends.
They take me with them to shop at stores where they only sell small clothing with maybe one or two large sized things that are still tight. Ill cry in the changing room because my friends will have a nice dress on thats comfortable for them while i have to lie and say “I didnt like the texture/color” because im humiliated that i cannot fit this stores idea of beauty
Tank tops are a no, small dresses are a no, cute swimsuits dont exist for me, i dont get to have those “cute!” little bralettes with no support , no tank tops, i cant just trade or borrow clothes with my friends, all of those things are sold with the intention of having skinny girls wear them.

If i go out to eat with anyone I have to hear that old annoying phrase

“i feel so fat!”

Well you may feel it, but i live it.
I dont get to just have one large meal and feel full then in the next hour go back to feeling skinny like you do. I get to feel terrible about myself for eating anything.
If my friends are trying to insult some other girl or talk badly about them theyll say how fat the girl is, they use fat as the ultimate insult because to them that means unlovable.

I know they arent insulting me directly, in fact the thought doesnt even process with them that what they said hurts me. But it, without fail, always does because it reminds me that i am not like them and i probably never will be.

If im not dressed femininely and nicely with nice makeup then im seen as a slob. The skinny girls messy bun and sweatpant combo is endearing and cutesy but what am i doing with my life if i even attempt such a thing?
So, skinny girls, id like you to notice that if you have a friend thats not so skinny, they arent going to want to swim with you, shop with you, eat with you or talk with you if you assume that everything thats good for you is also good for them. the fat girls are beautiful, they are cute, they are desirable and lovable just like you but sometimes you can be the one that makes them feel like they arent all that great.

My perfect day.

American Students Think Natives Are All Dead

When education professor Sara Shear looked at academic standards for elementary and secondary schools in all 50 states, she found that a staggering 87% of references to Native Peoples portrayed them as a population only existing before 1900.

“[Students] were coming into college believing that all Natives are dead,” she said. Perhaps this explains the general comfort in dressing up as Natives for Halloween, turning them into team mascots, and their overall lack of exposure in the media.

Aside from the Thanksgiving and Columbus Day narrative—still presented as an inevitable clash that the colonizers handled reasonably—little to nothing is said on the contemporary issues Native Americans are facing. “Nothing about treaties, land rights, water rights. Nothing about the fact that Nations are still fighting to be recognized and determine sovereignty,” Shear said.

New Mexico is the only state to even mention the name of a single member of the American Indian Movement; in fact, half the states don’t even name specific Nations or individual Natives (the most common being Sacagawea, Squanto, Sequoyah, and Sitting Bill). Washington is the only state to use the word “genocide” when referring to Natives (to their fifth graders), and Nebraska’s textbooks go so far as to portray Natives as lazy, drunk, or criminal, Shear found.

“This kind of curriculum, these misconceptions—all that has led to the invisibilization of Indigenous People,” said Tony Castro, a social studies education professor who assisted in Shear’s research project. While curriculum guidelines fail in their Native coverage, he was disappointed to find that teachers didn’t tailor their lesson plans to the truth. “What we teach acts as a mirror to what we value and what we recognize as legitimate. These standards are perpetuating a misconception and are continuing to marginalize groups of people and minimize the concerns or issues those people have about being full citizens in the American democracy.”

Poncho children with poncho dad

Also. You know this photo of Mark Hamill? I’m not saying Luke got it from Mr. Obi-Wan “sixth robe since the start of the war” Kenobi, but, well…

Why are female villains always “sexy” and comfortable with their sexuality? Why are female protagonists “innocent” and uncomfortable with their sexualtiy? What about sex makes you evil?


Getting one hour of sleep is better than getting no sleep at all.

Writing one sentence is better than not writing at all.

Eating one bite of food is better than eating nothing at all.

Drinking one cup of fluid is better than drinking nothing at all.

Going outside for one minute of fresh air/sunshine is better than not going out at all.

Drawing one sketch is better than not drawing at all.

Getting dressed in clean, frumpy, comfortable clothes is better than wearing yesterday’s clothes.

Splashing water on your face is better than not bathing/showering at all.

Sending one text/e-mail/message/letter is better than not socializing at all.

Meditating for one minute is better than not meditating at all.

Smiling once at yourself in a mirror is better than not smiling at all.

Doing simple stretches for one minute is better than getting no exercise at all.

For some people, accomplishing these kinds of daily tasks can be extremely difficult, but it’s good to get in the habit of doing them, anyway - even if they’re just baby steps toward a bigger goal. And give yourself credit where credit is due; if you at least attempted any of these things today, then you’ve done a good job taking care of yourself.

You matter.

Back to School Outfit Ideas

The first week back at school might as well be called ‘fashion week’. People come back after summer break aiming to impress their peers with their stylish new clothes, but it never lasts because they go back to wearing something more casual and comfortable. But what if you want to maintain your style throughout the year without compromising comfort? Well, we’ve got a couple of outfit ideas that’ll keep you looking cute but feeling comfortable throughout the school year!

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