Someday I will stop talking about these two dresses. Today is not that day.

Grace Kelly’s wedding dress (designed by Helen Rose, two-time Oscar-winning costume designer) is a masterpiece. Rich materials, exquisitely tailored. Part of what makes this gown so appealing, though, is its proportions. The cummerbund extends from the waist to the underbust, which gives visual lift to the bust. The bodice is essentially three different sections—the cummerbund (solid), the bust (lace over solid), and the upper chest/shoulders (lace alone). Each section is roughly the same size, meaning the rule of thirds has been applied. Everything is well-balanced visually.

Another important thing to remember is that women in the 50s generally wore different undergarments than women today. Kelly was most likely wearing a girdle, which helped shape that slim waist, and the skirt had a significant crinoline and probably had hip padding as well to achieve that silhouette.

Kelly’s dress was produced by a team of 36 seamstresses in six weeks. Despite the close fit of the lace bodice, seams are virtually impossible to find. Hiding seams in lace is not an impossible task but it is time-consuming; it involves overlapping lace appliqué on the seams. The swan neck is also perfect, flowing without wrinkles over her collarbones and laying flat against her neck. No matter how she holds her arms, there is no strain on the bodice.

And then we get to JMo’s cosplay version. 

The proportions are off. The cummerbund doesn’t come up high enough. The result is the illusion of a low bust. There’s also no excuse for the bottom edge to be flipping up like that. She isn’t wearing a girdle (which, I can’t really blame her) and also has little or no hip padding, so the dress as a very flat silhouette. The skirt pleats are weirdly off-center, but the line of buttons is not (how is that even possible?). With her arms out on either side, the bodice is straining across the upper chest. The swan neck isn’t flush like it’s supposed to be and the lace edge isn’t even symmetrical. It’s closer to the buttons on one side than the other. An attempt was made to mirror the lace across the placket but the sides are off by enough to make it look weird.

And those seams are visible from space.

Sure, this is a recognizable copy, but in the same way that Yo-Yo Ma and your eleven-year-old nephew both play the cello. At this stage, I’m forced to assume that the costume department had two days and one fitting with JMo, or that they’re actively trolling everyone with this thing.

Can’t Sleep

Word Count: 544

Player: Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh Penguins)

Warning/s: short, fluff

This is a repost of my own work!

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“You know that our fight was stupid right?”, Sid asked into the dark.

You were both already dressed in our Pj’s, lying in bed on opposite sides with your backs facing each other. 

“You’re just saying that because you can’t sleep.”, you chuckled, tired of staring out of the window. 

With a swift turn, you were able to actually see your fiance, leaning your head onto your arm.
Sid noticed your shifting and turned around as well, a small smile on his face.

“Maybe.”, he admitted, his eyes looking tired. 

You had fought for over an hour, right after getting up in the morning. After that Sid had hidden at practice and you had avoided each other until you went to bed separately. About an hour passed since then, an hour of complete silence while you were both sure the other one was still awake.

“But I have a game tomorrow. I need sleep.”, Sid whined playfully.

“And I am going out with my friends tomorrow. I need sleep too.”

“What? You’re not coming to the game?”, Sid was actually confused. You had been to every home game since the season started. 

“Someone”, you started, cocking an eyebrow at him, “told me I’m too involved with their business. So, I am officially un-involving myself.”

Sid’s jaw dropped, letting his head fall onto his pillow.

“You know I didn’t mean that. What am I supposed to without my lucky charm?”

“Maybe you can use a little bit of this talent that people always say you have.You’re too superstitious, love.”, you smirked before turning around again. YOU would be asleep in half an hour but he… different story.

“Babe, you are a mean human being.”, Sid muttered.

Without any warning his arms wrapped around your waist and pulled you against his bare chest. You tried to get away, but he had his arms around you tightly, nuzzling his face into your shoulder.
After a few moments you stopped fighting against his arms and he immediateley loosened his grip, sighing into your shoulder. 

“You’re right. Our fight was stupid.  Although you started.”, you teased.  

You snuggled into Sidney, tangling your legs with his, which resulted in an amused smile.

“I’ll take that one.”, he admitted.

You always slept like that. Every night ever since you had stayed over at his place for the first time. And Sid, against your first thoughts, had gotten so used to it that he was practically unable to sleep without your shoulder as his pillow.

“Sid?”, you asked.


“What do you do on road trips? I mean… how do you sleep?”, you giggled into the dark of the room.

“I watch boring TV documentaries until late at night and drink a lot of coffee. Or I annoy Geno most of the time.”, Sidney answered.

“You annoy Geno?”

“Yeah. I just keep him awake. Talk about the game or you or anything. I know I’m the captain and I should be responsible but I just want someone that’s as tired as me in the morning. And Geno doesn’t usually sleep a lot.”, he grinned.

“You’re unbelievable.”

“But you love it. And now sleep!”

“Aye Aye, Captain.”

feelinpeachykeen  asked:

Hey ladies! I've got a Sumia question for you, how did you go about inserting your square pleat into the triangular slit of Sumia's dress without the pleat trying to pull itself apart and hang open? Like, the pleat is not sitting behind the front of the fabric like its supposed to, instead its bulging out and it looking more like a sack then a pleat =/ This is my current Sumia struggle haha

The best way to approach it is to not think of Sumia’s dress slits as triangles. They are straight lines. If she didn’t have a pleat there, it wouldn’t sit open in an inverted V; it would be a closed seam fitted tight to her hip, like a bodycon dress. It sits open because it is a pleat. It should lay flat because it is a rectangle connected on both ends to a straight line, rather than a rectangle trying to fit into a triangular shape.

The way we went about this is not particularly easy to go about explaining online, but I’ll try. (Isn’t it so convenient that I have photos of this? That’s because I originally intended to write a post about it, but couldn’t really figure out how to explain it.)

Let’s go through what I did step by step. Hopefully it can be applied to your patterns as well.

Let’s go!

First, sew the lavender panels to the purple panels, leaving the first/last inch undone; you should have a left-front, right-front, left-back and right-back segment.

Next sew the dress panels together to that edge you’ve left undone. (”Jenn, why not sew this first and then add the purple panels?” Because it’s easier to do those curves when you’re wrangling one piece rather than a whole dress.) Install the zipper on your back seam now, too; it should end a few inches before the start of the lavender to make this easier on yourself.

Next sew the purple rectangle panels in to the edges of the lavender. You should now have a full dress with little gaps where the pleat starts and big stupid rectangles sitting out. On the inside it looks something like this:

Join the lavender pieces end-to-end, where the pleat starts; this is going to “close” the top inch of the lavender segment. 

If you turn it right side out now, you have this as pictured below; there’s still a little gap there. You can close that up next. It’s a pain in the ass because you have to line up the  points neatly.

Once you’ve sewn that up and ironed everything crisply, you still have the underside to deal with; your pleat is still on the inside. It looks something like this:

Once you iron that flat, you can hand-baste it into position. You can carefully tack it to the interfacing, or you can do a blind stitch to tack it right to the dress.

“But Jenn,” you say, “it’s hideous!”

Yeah. Because it’s not lined yet.

Once the liner is installed, it looks like this:

I pray that made some sort of sense, haha.

- Jenn

Random theories

- There is something off about Mona. I’ve seen someone say that she is actually someone else in disguise?

- That got me thinking… what if Mona was the one who died that night, and Bethany has been pretending to be her ever since (HUGE stretch, but you never know).

- Still suspicious about Kathryn Daly, but looks like next week might be her last episode, so maybe she actually IS irrelevant.

- Also, it’s convenient that Jenna was wearing the exact dress Mona picked out of all Hanna’s dresses. I think this is another clue pointing to Mona. That, and Mona just happened to pick the one dress Hanna had problems with? Mona is definitely working with AD.

- Jenna’s a liar, obviously.

And on even young adult novels in this universe give Regina a creepy backstory…

Regina is 16.  She’s at a royal ball and being set up for courtship by among other people Queen Eva, to a man who has already a widower twice over and this is his physical description:

The top of his head rose only to my nose.  He looked to be about three times my age, with a floppy reddish mustache, a scraggly beard that seemed to be holding on to the point of his chin for dear life, and baggy folds of skin under his eyes that reminded me of Thaddeus’s.  He dressed like a gentleman of means, complete with a ruffled cravat, a royal-blue jacket tailored to his barrel-shaped chest, and gleaming pointy-toed shoes.  Yet he smelled like he’d taken a roll in a cabbage patch.  –Regina Rising, p198

16… she’s 16 in this book. 

These Boots Were Made For Stalking

The girls don’t want to play AD’s board game:

This Addison chick keeps on eavesdropping on Emily:

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Addison telling Paige that Emily is hitting on the girls:

Jenna is wearing a copy of Hanna’s dress:

Hanna got locked in a cage at a cobbler’s shop:

Addison getting sent to the principal’s office:

The puzzle is a map to something or someone…


Yoon Young Bae & Irina Liss by Tim Walker - Maison Margiela Artisanal s/s 2017