dress up tower

i was at a black sabbath concert at a very large coffee shop but it was just one random dude trying his best, but i dont know anything about black sabbath so i just went with it, there were only around 60 people there. turns out my friend was there and we started catching up. black sabbath only played one full song and it was cancer by mcr, another friend showed up and we were chilling and i stepped to the side to go get some mozzarella sticks because i was hungry and i saw that my grandparents were there as well, so i said hi. i then had a lactose intolerance induced Suffering Moment™ from the mozzarella. i walked back to the main action of the concert to find that it was midnight and i had class at 7 am and homework to do- the concert then proceeded to invite guest artists dressed up as the eiffel tower as i cried from stress

Avengers Halloween Headcannons

Tony absolutely loves the holiday. He spares no expense dressing up the tower in all sorts of amazing decorations and throws parties every weekend leading up to the grandiose party of all parties - Halloween night. HOWEVER, Natasha won’t let him start the party until after 9, when all the trick-or-treaters are done.

Thor has no idea what Halloween is. After a sort of half-assed explanation, Thor decides to celebrate by bringing a bildschnipe from Asgard as his “monster donation” for the night. The team spends two hours trying to catch it and shove it back into a portal.

Steve makes home made Halloween treats - popcorn balls, chocolate covered candies, caramel apples, and so on. He has since had to lock them up every time he turns around because people keep eating them behind his back. He has yet to use a lock Natasha and Clint can’t pick.

Clint loves to dress up his whole family for Halloween and makes all their own costumes. They’re not good, but they love it anyway. This year he’s thinking either Wizard of Oz themed or the Ninja Turtles.

Bruce loves more fall things and tends to stay away from scary movies. (jump-scares. Not good)

Bucky gets candy duty. He secretly loves it; all the kids are amazed at his “super cool costume.” He’s wearing nothing but a tank top and jeans.

Sam dresses up in rags and flies around the tower, wooing at everyone like a ghost.