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I’m a quasi-only child. With my brother and sister, I’ve more of a tendency to be semi-maternal. So, yes, I spent a lot of time talking to myself – I had this big dressing-up box and would just dress up as lots of characters and talk back to myself… Verging on schizophrenia, I suppose, if you analyse it carefully. —  Natalie Dormer for That Magazine, 2011


((aaa i know i said that i woulen’t take anymore of these but i dident want the people who sent in ones after i closed it to leave dissapointed.. So i made some chibi sketches of the rest aaaa i hope its okay!! Thank you all for sending one in and i hope everyone continuse to enjoy White dress Miku!))


Tea Party

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 1,434

Summary: Kim Taehyung is the class clown who you’ve really never had time for, but when your parents invite his over for dinner, you find yourself getting to know him in a way you’d never anticipated.

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8 with Peter Quill

8. “We accidentally got married in Vegas, oops” 

“We should get married.” 

You nearly choked on your sandwich as Peter walked into the room, nonchalantly. He eyed you carefully while you scrambled for your water to wash down the offending piece of bread. It didn’t go down easy, as you’d decided to treat yourself to a bit of extra peanut butter today, but after a few gulps, you emerged victorious. 

“Excuse me?” 

“We should get married,” Peter shrugged, now facing the cassette player you’d set up for him. He fumbled around with the controls a bit, cursing when he couldn’t get the fast forward to stop at the proper time. He gave up after a while, and just let the last 45 seconds or so of O-O-H Child to play out, leading into Hooked On A Feeling.  

“Its been a year and you just recently let me start leaving a toothbrush on your ship. Now you want to get married?”

“Where I come from, toothbrushes are a sign of eternal love,” he replied as he dug around the kitchen for food. His entire body moved to the rhythm of the music. 

“You come from two towns over, and I’m pretty sure that’s not what it means.”

“I mean space. There are customs that you aren’t familiar with.”

“Stop using space as an excuse for every time you act like an idiot. Why do you want to get married?” 

Peter drummed his fingers against his side. “Because I love you?” 

“Try again.”

“You know, here I am trying to propose and you’re shooting me down. Do you not want to get married?”

“No. I do. But any time I even slightly mention that, you get all panicky and change the subject,” you paused, “Yesterday! You even did it yesterday! Remember? I was–”

“Okay, okay, okay,” Peter held his hands up in surrender. “You can’t freak out. If you freak out then…then I don’t know. Something bad,” he ran his fingers through his hair nervously and continued when you didn’t speak. “Remember like two weeks after we met, you took me on that trip? You know, to show me what I’ve been missing out on since I left Earth?” 

“Yes,” you replied slowly. 

“And remember when we did Vegas? You won all that money playing Blackjack and we celebrated with like…so much alcohol and we got really drunk and we had sex in the back of that limo–which, come to think of it was the first time we had sex and–”

“Peter. Focus.”

“Right, right,” he smiled sheepishly. “Well we got drunk. Really drunk. And actually you were way drunker than me because you can’t hold your liquor–”


His mouth snapped shut and he pinched the bridge of his nose, sighing in defeat. “We accidentally got married in Vegas, oops.”

You stared at him blankly. “What…?”

He pulled two rings out of his pocket and tossed them on the table before you. They were cheap looking. His was gold, though the paint was chipping off to reveal an ugly brown color underneath. Yours had a comically large faux diamond on it; something that looked like it could be found in a child’s dress-up jewelry box. 

“We got married. We’ve been married. We’re married. You were still blacked out the next morning. I hid everything. It was a panic move.” 

You tilted your head to the side. It should have been a lot of information to take in, but you were surprisingly okay with the whole thing. This definitely wasn’t the first time that you’d imagined your name with his behind it. Sure, you were irritated that he’d kept such a big secret from you, but in a way, it was sort of romantic. Or maybe you were just being stupid. It wouldn’t be surprising. You had, after all, apparently picked out that god awful ring. 

It sparkled in the light–as much as cheap plastic could–and you smiled. 

“I’ll only forgive you if you give me a proper proposal and a proper wedding.”

“Deal,” Peter said quickly in a breath of relief, and got down on one knee. He looked up at you and mirrored your smile. Perhaps this accident wasn’t such a bad thing, after all.

I have worn heels before, and I enjoyed them. I think I was probably 9 years old the first time I wore them. I’m the youngest of five kids, and my siblings and I had something called the “Dress-Up Box.” We made a lot of home movies and always acted and made plays and stuff. For whatever reason, they loved me in drag, and a lot of the time they would put me in a cheerleading outfit or a dress and heels, so I was very accustomed to it.
—  Brendon Urie explains his own personal history with wearing heels via instyle.com

Such is our state. Such is the goddess of witchcraft and the figure of the witch in the line of Medea. There is no escape. Witchcraft is already dead as a hag, as barren as the moon, as contaminated as the tar sands.

Yet Witchcraft is born again in this sacred despoiled landscape, and will be despised as an abomination by those who cannot navigate by the candlelight of guttering stars. Those who seek to escape the fates and furies will learn that they are inexorable. We celebrate this, wreathed in the afterglow with a half-life of a million million years. We the murderers, the poisoners, the tightening noose of curse, the fire on the mountains.

We have a reply to this savaged world, a confession that need not be racked out of us: It is we who have drunk from the cup. We who are drunk on the blood of sacrifice. We who flower from our wounds. We who celebrate Love and War. We who know mystery. We are the Witchcraft.

Witchcraft does not wait for deliverance. It kisses and kills with the same flushed bloody mouth. We cannot bridle her utterance, the whore speaks. We are not separate from the fate of the world. We are used to being unwelcome, hunted, blamed, raped, tortured, dispossessed, disappeared.

Now we are an irrelevance, a harmless eccentricity, a fairy ball sporting stick on ears and dressing up box deviance, a social joke. Yet as witchcraft is filled with the spirit of the age, we will become dangerous again, because witchcraft will have rooted meaning.

—  Peter Grey, Apocalyptic Witchcraft
A Tent Under The Stars 🌍✨

After Will was released from hospital, Joyce innocently assumed that gradually, things would go back to normal. She would arise to the sweet smell of pancakes and eggs being made by Jonathan. She would admire Will’s latest drawings, and help him to come up with a backstory for each and every creature he drew. She thought things would go back to normalcy, but she couldn’t have been more wrong.

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DIY Toys You Can Make For Your Kids (Guaranteed To Be A Big Hit)

Present shopping is an expensive business, particularly when you’ve got multiple children to buy for. But some of the best presents don’t have to cost a lot - especially when you make them.

Cardboard Rocket

Forget a playhouse: You’ll be a big hit if you build your tot a rocket to wile away in the hours in. Instructions here. [Photo: Craig Work]

Superhero Cape

C’mon, every budding superhero needs one of these. Instructions here. [Photo: Jolly Mom]

Play Tent

You can make a play tent in whatever fabric you have lying around the house - and you don’t have to be a expert at sewing either. Instructions here. [Photo: The Feminist Housewife]

Dinosaur Tail

How adorable are these dinosaur tails? A must-have in every child’s dressing up box. Instructions here. [Photo: Running With Scissors]

Cardboard Washing Machine

If your little one loves helping you out around the house, this cardboard washing machine is a brilliant present idea. Instructions here. [Photo: Belles Bebes]

Hot Air Balloons

Whether you create these hot air balloons to decorate your tot’s room with or to house his or her cuddly toys in, they’re bound to be a hit. Instructions here. [Photo: Fabric Paper Glue]

Mouse In A Tin House

Perfect for taking on holiday or playing with on long car journeys, these tiny mouse homes are a great idea. Instructions here. [Photo: Peas In A Pod]

Toy Workbench

Got an old bedside table or chest of drawers lying around? Convert it into an epic toy workbench for your little one. Instructions here. [Photo: The Frugal Granny]

Jet Pack

Another great addition to your tot’s dressing up box. Instructions here. [Photo: The Pinning Mama]

Newspaper Fort

This is so simple to make and completely free (if you’ve got some old newspapers lying around). Instructions here. [Photo: Modern Parents Messy Kids]


A seesaw provides house of fun and can be painted and decorated in any style you like. Instructions here. [Photo: My Fix It Up Life]

Dolls House

This dolls house is fashioned from an old CD stand. Clever, right? Instructions here. [Photo: Sew She Sews]

Play Table

This is a project that will appeal to everyone in the family: Kids get a special surface (three of them, in fact) to play on, and adults can clean up faster because toys will be confined to one area, not scattered all over the house. Instructions here. [Photo: Martha Stewart]

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Connor dressing up as a cigarette box for Halloween and some kid tries to ACTUALLY FUCKING LIGHT HIM ON FIRE. Best Halloween ever

I will protect my fellow problem child. Motherfucking ankle biters can fight me.

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   can you believe senator genevieve took a bullet for siri ? look how beautiful siri is, she is so beautiful and precious and i love her. I’M GONNA CRY.

send me a ‘♗’ and i’ll use my icon style to make icons of your muse( accepting )@tachiisms.

‘At exactly the same time I was experimenting, it felt like Bowie was giving me and a whole generation of kids permission to explore the dressing-up box. The sheer danger of it was what made it extraordinary. I would call it social bungee jumping. Terrifying but thrilling. Bowie made a great woman – later on, I remember seeing him in the video for Boys Keep Swinging. He looked amazing with long red hair, lipstick and high cheekbones. As a young proto-transvestite I felt very jealous. All I wanted to do at that point was look like a pretty girl and of course Bowie managed it effortlessly.’
-Grayson Perry


All right, all right! It’s a pile of rubble, not the pyramids of Egypt! Get a shovel and start clearing it! Anyone would think there’d never been a war!


Morning Sister Julienne, Sister Mary Cynthia! Meanwhile I see Fred’s been pillaging the dressing up box.

It’s hard out there for a person, any person really to makes friends. For example, I’m not one to make friends very easily, because I don’t really trust anybody at all, but slowly, I’ll let my guard down and welcome them into my world. However, when that friend turns out to be the opposite of what you thought they were, then you end up looking like a fool and a failure. Failure because you let this person in your exclusive world and shared thing with them only to find out later, that they thought it was more than just a friendship, which to me is all I have ever thought it was going to be. I also feel like a damn fool for believe that someone you became close with, was actually a savage in sheep clothing. Maybe I blame myself for extending my friend beyond what; I thought it would be. However, how are you supposed to know when to have boundaries, with a person you’ve thought was a brother? I guess, I’ll never really know the cause of this crash and burn of a relationship, but now all I can go is let it be and see how it turns out, because that’s the only thing to do and you can’t over think it or it will eat you alive. Trust me when I say it will, because I am true testimony to what is it to over things to the point of no return. Then when you wake up and realized what you have done, the damage has be done and you can do nothing but just let it be. Give it sometime; give it some space, not just for that person but for yourself as well.