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|| Yours To Take || [[smut]]

{summary: what happens when you catch the attention of a dangerous, mafia prince?}

[mafia au]

i’m supposed to be working on requests, but instead i’m working on this trashy au lmao **maniacal laughter, maniacal laughter**

this is very nsfw content, so if you as a reader are not comfortable with the warnings listed below, then i highly recommend that you don’t read this.

warnings: nudity , prositution , smut , riding bucky’s undeniably muscled thighs , and unprotected sex

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Pretend Husband

A Steve x Reader. About 1140 words. This was kinda challenging to write so I apologize to the anon who requested it, if it doesn’t meet your expectations. “Steve x reader where we are on a mission and he has to be my husband and then something starts to happen maybe a relationship” Requests are open so feel free to shoot one in. Enjoy!


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“What exactly are you saying here?” I asked, shaking my head. “Fury assigned us a mission last night right after you went to bed” Steve explained. “He said that Hydra is holding a huge party tonight for prospective members. We need to go undercover to sneak in, and gather information” I nodded in understanding. “Did you come up with personas yet?” I asked leaning against the wall of the hallway. “I was thinking we could go together as a couple. Husband and wife?” Steve asked, the lightest blush apparent on his cheeks. “Sure” I smiled holding my hand up. “As long as I get a ring.”

I took a step back to look over my reflection. My long burgandy dress flowed around my body, concealing the knives that were strapped to me. Of course I hoped that I wouldn’t have to use my knives, but better safe than sorry. Black shoes with a super sharp heel could be useful when kicking, and my necklace was a tracking device, so the team could follow my progress If I got separated from Steve.

I stepped forward to add a little more highlight when I heard a knock. I opened my door and found Steve standing before me in a sleek black suit. ’The rich black really makes his eyes pop.’ I thought. His eyes scanning my body as he spoke. “You look amazing! I can’t see any knives either.” I felt a blush burn its way over my face. “Thanks, you look really good too.” I said accepting his hand. He slid a beautiful diamond ring onto my finger. “Not bad Rodgers.” I said turning my hand so the ring would catch the light. He looked at it thoughtfully before pulling my arm through his. “Thank you, wife.” He said, his eyes bright.

I accepted Steve’s hand as he gently helped me out of the car. “What’s the plan?” I asked through a fake smile on my lips. He slowly laced his fingers with mine after I gave him a nod that it was okay. “We act like a couple. Talk to people and try to get some information.” He said giving me a smile that somehow didn’t seem very forced. We walked into the party and headed straight to the dance floor, where most of the action seemed to be. I wrapped my hands around Steve’s neck as a slow song came on. He softly rested his hands on my hips and we begun to dance. My heart fluttered when he leaned down to whisper in my ear. “Behind you. Male, white, dressed well. Looks sleazy.” He pulled back with a smile and I lightly laughed as if he had said something funny.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and met Steve’s eyes before turning around and letting the man pull me away to another part of the dance floor. He put his greasy hands on my hips and whispered. “What’s a pretty lady like you doing here?” I giggled pretending to be flattered. “Same as you.” I whispered lowering my head to meeting the man’s cold green eyes. I reluctantly wove my hands around his neck, and stepped in time with the music.

“Who invited you?” he asked his eyes scanning my form. I took advantage of his distraction to look past his face for Steve. He was at the bar a few feet away keeping a watchful eye on the pair of us. “Not all of us need an invite.” I said giving my best mysterious smile. The greasy man seemed taken back. “I wasn’t trying to insult you love, it just seemed like you could do so much better than the man you were with.” I bit my tongue and crunched my toes as we slowly danced in a circle. “Who could be better than my husband?” I asked, very aware that his hands were drifting from my hips and going lower each second.

Before he could open his mouth to reply I felt his hands disappear from my butt. I unwrapped my hands from around his neck, thankful that he had made the first move. “(Y/n) It’s getting late, we should go.” Steve said from behind me. I turned, and shot him my first genuine smile of the night. As I took his hand in mine, I could feel our rings slide past each other.  Steve wrapped his hand around my waist and I leaned into his shoulder. “I guess.” I said curious about the abrupt interruption. “But thanks you-” I trailed off noticing that the man I had been dancing with was gone.

The chilly night air refreshed my skin, sending shivers down my spine. “Are you cold?” Steve asked as he helped guide me away from the building. “I’m okay, it’s just the contrast from inside.” I said trying to reduce my trembling. My dress may have been long, but it was thin and didn’t help keep me warm. He released my hand and quickly took off his jacket. “Steve, really I’m alright I don’t need it.” I protested, but he had already draped it around my shoulders and took my hand in his. “Thanks.” I whispered, grateful that I had stopped shaking. He smiled softly at me; his blue eyes twinkling in the moonlight.

“So why are we out here?” I asked looking around at the garden we had come to. Steve suddenly became interested in the flower bushes surrounding us. “I didn’t like the people in there.” he said simply. I sighed and adjusted his jacket around my shoulders with my free hand. “Its a Hydra party. I don’t think we’re supposed to like the people in there.” I smiled, my warm breath creating an instant cloud in the frigid air. Steve released my hand and stopped next to a rose bush, examining the petals. “It’s just that when that guy was dancing with you, It seemed like you enjoyed it.” Steve said, his voice barley above a whisper. A frown creased my lips. “Steve that was acting! I wanted to knee that guy in the balls.” Steve let a little laugh escape his lips. “I was just doing what I had to do for the mission.” I smiled, me heart racing.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re done here.” I frowned. “Were going to have to go back in and complete our mission.” Steve furrowed his eyebrows together and bit his lip. “I’ll go back in, but only if you keep my coat on.” Steve said the edges of his mouth turning up. I pulled his jacket closer around my body and breathed in his smell. “I can work with that.” I grinned offering out my hand for him to claim.

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I had a dean imagine idea I wanted to send you but i’ll give you a sam one i guess haha How about your a hunter with the Winchester’s while you’re dating Sam and after a long hunt he wants to plan a romantic evening for you two. maybe a nice dinner and he rents the honeymoon suite for you guys at the motel with rose pedals and everything. Fluff (with smut if you want) and add any other romantic ideas you think Sam would have for his girl :) Thanks xo

Tell me how I’m doing guys!


You trudged into the bunker after Dean, your boyfriend Sam trailing slowly behind you. The hunt you’d been on lasted over a week, seeing as the vampire coven had splintered into pieces when they heard the Winchesters were in town. You had underestimated the strength of some of the newer vampires, which resulted in a black eye for Dean, some cuts on Sam’s arms, and a large bruise spreading across your torso.

Letting the boys take their showers first, you threw yourself against the mattress in the bedroom you shared with Sam. You listened to the sounds of brothers drifting around downstairs until your eyelids got heavy. Slumping against the pillow, you felt yourself drift off to sleep. You tossed and turned throughout the nap, eventually waking up to find a note from Sam.

“We’re going out tonight baby. Put on the dress you find in the closet. I’m coming to get you at 7:00 sharp, be ready then.” The note said. You smiled and stood from the bed, popping some joints as you rose. Walking to the closet, you found a short purple dress hanging front and center. You beamed as you climbed into the shower, scrubbing away the dirt and grime from the hunt.

You took your time when you got ready. You put perfect ringlet curls in your hair, letting them flow down your back as you applied make-up. Your hand was shaking from excitement, causing eyeliner to make it everywhere but the area you had planned. Once you had finally calmed down, you put the finishing touches on your outfit. Slipping on some black heels, you grabbed your old purse before checking the time. 6:45.

You slowly walked down the bunker stairs, pausing to brush some hair from your face as you took the last step. You were alone for the moment, and spent the time pacing back forth, heels clicking with every step you took. You nervously looked at your phone to check the time. 6:50. It felt like an eternity waiting for Sam, and you were grateful to hear footsteps headed your way.

“Jesus, (y/n) if you keep pacing we wont have a floor to walk on….” Dean said walking towards you. You turned at the sound of his voice, his jaw dropping when you faced him. “Whoa…” He managed to get out , clearing his throat when you giggled.

At that moment, you heard the bunker door open and shut. Heavy footsteps thumped through the halls, and you knew Sam had finally arrived to pick you up. Nothing could have prepared you for the look of shock on Sam’s face as he took in your appearance. His jaw was practically on the floor and his eyes sparkled as they bore into yours. He whispered a quick “Whoa,” after which Dean slapped his arm and gave him one of their brother looks.

“Ready?” Sam asked when he regained function of his vocal chords. You smiled and nodded as he took your arm, walking you to the door. Dean opened the door for you with an over exaggerated bow, waving as you walked to the impala. It felt weird watching Sam drive the familiar car, but your mind soon traveled to other things, like your destination.

Sam smiled and told you to wait when you asked where you were going. You couldn’t imagine him taking you to a sleazy bar dressed like this, and you wondered what he had in store. His plan was apparent thirty minutes later when you pulled into an expensive restaurant. He got out of the impala and opened your door, taking your arm and walking you into the restaurant. The dinner was perfect, and you were so glad Sam had taken you out.

When you were done with your meal, you went outside for another journey in the impala. Where Sam would usually turn to get to the bunker, he went the opposite way. You shot him a questioning glance, and he grinned at you before turned back at the road. After a few miles of driving in a comfortable silence, he pulled into the parking lot of a large hotel chain. You gasped, causing Sam to chuckle.

You walked into the hotel next to Sam and admired him lovingly as he checked into the room. The suite was on the top floor, and the elevator ride up was torture. Sam let his hands roam over your backside, despite the fact there were people in the elevator with you. You glanced up at him from the corner of your eyes, sliding your hand up his thigh discreetly.

You were finally released from the confines of the elevator as you reached the top floor. Sam walked agonizingly slow to the room, surely testing your patience. He held your hand as he walked, eyes searching the halls as if to check for danger. You loved how protective he was of you. He threw a smile over his shoulder at you as he unlocked the door. He opened the door and let you walk in, fumbling for a light.

When you had flipped the switch, the breath was stolen from your mouth. Rose petals littered the floor, trailing from the door to the bed. Another trail lead to the bathroom, petals pooling in the bath tub. On the counter was a bottle of red wine with two glasses sitting next to it. You turned to Sam and threw your arms around him, crushing him to you. He laughed and squeezed you back, taking care to unzip your dress before pulling away.

Sam turned on the faucet as you left the bathroom, letting the tub fill up as you removed your dress. You made sure to hang it up as Sam joined you, removing the pieces of his suit and hanging them next to your dress. You watched playfully as he undressed, smirking when he caught your stare. You turned around and removed your panties slowly, making sure he was watching before tossing them at his head. He laughed out loud as you walked back to the warm and waiting water.

You eased yourself into the steaming liquid, the rose petals floating on the water and mixing with the bubble bath Sam had dripped into the water. You heard him enter the bathroom and turned your head slightly, watching as he poured the wine into the glasses. He handed one off to you before also stepping in the water. He lifted you up and placed you in between his legs, your back resting against his chest.

Sam kissed your shoulders as you soaked in the water. You took small sips of the wine, becoming intoxicated by Sam’s actions more than the alcohol. He ran his hands down your arms, tracing patterns against your skin as he went. He was massaging and caressing, taking the time to make you feel good. He spent extra time running his fingers across your bruised middle section, withdrawing his hand when your flinched. You drank the last sip of the red liquid before turning your head, trailing kisses up Sam’s jaw before reaching his lips. He traced your lips with his tongue, forcing a moan from your lips.

You reached up to cup his face as his hand broke the surface of the water, pushing downward to stroke your clit. A whimper escaped you, and Sam smirked against your lips. He worked your clit for a while before pushing two fingers into your entrance. You practically screamed and wound your hand into his hair, your other hand digging into his thigh as his fingers played. You threw your head back against his shoulder as he adding another finger, speeding up his movements as warmth pooled in your stomach. He flicked his thumb over your clit once, twice, and a third time before you exploded, chanting his name as you came.

Sam let you come down from your high as he resumed his earlier work kissing your shoulders. You slumped against him as he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you against him and out of the water at the same time. He wrapped a fluffy white towel around you before grabbing one for himself. You smiled and helped him dry off, taking time to rub him slowly from the tops of his shoulders to the V between his hips. He shuddered under your touch, and you felt him harden against you.

Once you finally had Sam dried off, you dropped the towel and swayed your hips as you followed the rose petals to the bed. You heard Sam groan behind you and you knew he was following close behind you. When you reached the bed you felt his hands turn your body. His hair dripped droplets of water on your face and neck as he leaned down, placing a tender kiss on your lips. You wound your arms around his neck and his found your waist once again.

Sam lifted you with ease onto the bed. You moaned as his hands traced the curves of your body. He cupped his hands around your hips as you kissed his neck, sucking dark marks into the tanned flesh. He groaned against you, hands moving to the insides of your thighs before digging his fingers into the soft flesh. Moaning as his hands spread your legs apart, you took the time to wrapped your hands around Sam’s muscled back.

He looked up at you through his gorgeous lashes before whispering in your ear, pleading for you to let him continue. You bit his lip in response, and he wasted no time in pushing himself into you. You moaned and scratched at his back, his size never failing to shock you. He placed butterfly kisses across your collar bones as he started to move ever so slowly. You moaned his name and begged him to go faster.

Sam responded to your pleading with one hard thrust to against your hips. You started to grind against him as he picked up speed. He let his head rest in the crook of your neck as he thrusted, whispering sweet nothings as the familiar warmth built up in your stomach. The knot tightened as Sam’s hips stuttered, one of his hands trailing down to massage your clit once again. You called his name as you came, nails leaving deep scratches in the contours of his back. The feel of your hands working against his body sent him over the edge, voice breaking as your name spilt from his lips.

Your breathing was erratic as Sam pulled out of you, laying next to you in the hotel bed. His large hands caressed your sides as he pulled you into him, your body conforming to his side. You rested your head against his chest and listened to his heart beat slow. You looked up at Sam, whispering words filled with love as he ghosted his fingers up your arms. He smiled and kissed your forehead, eyes slipping shut as you laid back against him.


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“Get away from me.”

We were all, at one point, too naive to understand what the world was about. We were all too optimistic against our own will to see that the little things in life that brought simple happiness then would no longer give pleasure but a dull hope. Somewhere in us all, the small child we use to be would be more desirable than the cute boys that once rotted with cooties till the end of time. That once delinquent eight year old mind being more wanted than the now depressed mind of a teenager that spoiled with death rather than beautiful sprouting flowers.


We were all, at one point, too naive to understand what the world was about. We were all too overdosed on the new hip music blasting through our fuzzy headphone set. Somewhere in us lived this sprouting desire to be better than the next, to be more ‘popular’. The sprouting desire to be better well dressed than the sleazy nerds with high waisted jeans that were over the normal low waist, shirts loose from the inside. We desire that delinquent twelve year old mind that had no care in the world besides what’s new over the thoughts delusional to all things.

“What a freak!”

We were all, at one point, too naive to understand what the world was about. But now our minds hung low with the thought of our downgrading schooling average dropping to a solid zero, failure the only thing we accept. Being pushed, demanded, made to believe this is the time where competition is most valued, most needed, most demanded. But when our minds ran sleep deprived with the need for competition to be the only thing providing us with progress, will they then see that the failing zeros will be the only acceptance we take in the cruel world?

“Why are you here?”

We were all, at one point, no longer naive to understand what the world was about. We were no longer needed to push through, this neediness of hope drying thin with the thought that everything would get better, falling flat like a deadline.


The once young eight year old boy with so much hope ran happily around by himself, not a thought that the other kids would not like him. The simple ‘get away from me’ meant nothing to the hopeful rising child, knowing they were just picky children that wanted what they wanted. He knew and he was smart for his age but once everything hit peak and tipped over, he lost this hope that’d rise like the tide on the seaside as he hit every rock after sinking like an anchor to the bottoms of nothing but dread and pain.

The once young twelve year old boy with so much pain slumped heavily down the halls, a thought of everything in the world upon his shoulders, resting so downgrading it weighed his shoulders to a drop of nothing but grief to wakeup every morning to be welcomed by a hell he was not much accustom to. ‘Move,’ past the jocks lips as they pushed the slumped boy with holed clothes and off topic brands of worn down shirts and shoes that no one wanted to look at, soft headphones resting upon his ears, the once dreadful hope that maybe he’d get hit by a car today crossing his mind.

‘You need to pay more attention and get your work done,’ was all he ever heard from his money hungry teachers as they tried pushing him beyond his capacity, hoping the words would stick to his brain like it did for the kids that thrived on being better. But he was never in the same mindset as all the lousy kids that wanted to be better than everyone else. 'What a freak!’ What a freak he was. A freak from the way his thoughts rested with his sickening demons unlike everyone else. A freak he was for being pushed and yelled at for not being normal. A freak he was. What a freak.

'Why are you here? If you’re not going to try, why waste my time? You know what, just get out of my class,’ scream after scream from his uncaring teachers, he fell apart. Snatching up his old notebooks and shoved them in his holed up, hand-me-down book bag and headed to the door happily, the small snickering in the background getting to his head. His breathing became heavy with the need to punch something. 'Freak,’ the kid next to him snickered, eyes hungry for hurt to passed his once beautiful eyes but it never came. Without thinking, his hands smashed into the kids face, walking off like nothing happened. 'Office, now!’

'Why?’ Why after why came his way. Why would you hit him? Why have you stopped trying? Why are you even here? Why are you here? Why are you living? Why haven’t you killed yourself? Why haven’t you slit your wrist? Why are you here, kid? Why, kid? Kid. Why aren’t you listening, kid! Listen to me, kid! Listen to me. Why?

“S-stop,” his body twitched in his sleep, wanting the words and pictures flooding his mind to go away, to not be on his mind at every inch of time possible in the cruel world. A sound of pain left his mouth, wanting nothing but it to stop. Stop.

'Wake up,’ it whispered, hands delicately touching his body. He became warm with the need to get away, to face reality for once. 'Wake up,’ they yell, clawing at his delicate skin. 'Wake up,’ they scream, everything turning black as he sat alone, looking for some kind of escape. 'Wake up,’ they whisper, teasing, taunting him to rise from his slumber. They laugh, pushing him over with memories, everything slowly dying down into a faint nicking that ate at him, making him go insane.

'It’s all in your head, darling.’

You move from your spot, taking your blanket with you that you brought when you packed your bag beforehand. You move across the old pavement to his curled up, shaking figure that laid heavily against the cracked street. After your fight, you both went your separate ways, not saying a word and doing whatever to keep yourself occupied but you couldn’t help but glance at his slumped body as he twiddled his fingers the whole time, most likely thinking about odd things. You waited till he finally fell asleep to fall asleep yourself, wanting to make sure he got some rest. You knew he was a sleep deprived mess and you only wanted him to be ok. He was, in fact, your only way out at the moment.

“Sh,” you crouch down to him, rubbing his back a little as he tosses in his sleep, the nightmare still messing with him. You sat by his side, moving his hair away from his sweating forehead and push it out of the way, his eyebrows twitching. His eyes pop open, surprising you. You scrunch your blanket to your chest for some security, some comfort, not knowing what to do. You don’t know what to say to the broken boy in front of you, at lost for words since your fight.

“A-are you ok? You seemed like you were in pain,” you whisper, eyes moving effortlessly across his pale, sweating face. His own eyes searched you, wanting nothing more than your comfort at the moment. He was not one to hug people but he wanted to be in your arms at this time more than anything, everything between you two off to the side and behind him. He wanted your soft rosy lips to move across his body in comfort, planting kisses in hope they’d sprout love that’d move through his veins and to his breaking heart, hoping to mend to the splitting pain.

But he had the decency to hold back his own needs and give you the space and time you needed. He may seem off balance, dark thoughts clouding his mind but there was more to it than just that. He had feelings and knew when someone would want to be left alone when they are with someone they find no comfort in. He may find it in you, but he’s watched and absorbed that you may say you want him to show he cares, show something someone has never gave you nor him, but you didn’t find it in him; you never would.

Then again he was not good with judgement. Like the fact he found it ok to enter your house illegally, then taking you to some hidden, unlawful tunnel that beckoned you to enter, and now all he wants was a simple gesture of comfort from the girl he kidnapped and practically fell in love with in a matter of half a day. Better judgement was not something on his lists of having in his traits of personalities.

“I’m fine,” he growled, grabbing at his head as he sat up. You move to sit on your knees, your blanket still in your hands.

“You’re not,” you barely get out, scared he might get mad that you’re the one the must admit to his faults.

“I said I’m fine,” he pulls his hair in frustration, the thoughts coursing through his brain. “I said I’m fine,” you barely hear as he breaks down, chest moving at a pace you’ve never seen before.

“Breathe,” you move closer to him, rubbing at his back once again in hopes he might calm down a bit. His hair stood in all directions, making him just the more attractive with his eyes still drooping with sleep. “It’s ok,” you move even closer to him, the side of your thigh touching his. Though you wanted to hug him in some kind of sense of security that he was in fact on earth and not a dream, you knew it would do no good.

“I-I’m not ok,” his chest heaves with the fact you are not grabbing the concept of him not being ok in any way. “I’m not ok,” he chopped out, jaw ticking angrily. His hands leave his hair, head snapping to look at you. His eyes ticked angrily across your face, a look of darkness passing his features. You involuntarily back away from him in fear, words of encouragement long gone in your mind and your fight or flight kicking in.

“Calm down,” your eyes widen, tripping backwards to hurry and stand away from him, hoping space would give his mind some sense to open up and clear over. He stands up himself, slowly beelining straight to you, your feet stuck in place.

“Why? Why do you insist everything is ok? I have forces of every kind on my ass, mills out for me. Have people chase you, believing your a psychotic mess, while you kidnapped a person because they calm the voices that eat at your mind every fucking second of the day. Please, then inform me, tell me that everything is fucking ok,” he screams for the first time, spit flying spitefully from his mouth, making you shake in your spot. “Fucking tell me everything is ok,” his teeth clamp together, nose scrunched and eyebrows almost meeting in fuming feelings you couldn’t pinpoint. “Have dreams every night that remind you of your horrible childhood. Have their voices screaming at you, demanding you give a fuck about their harsh words of encouragement. Kill yourself, kid. Slit your wrists,” his pointer finger smoothly gliding down his tan arm. “Kill yourself. No one likes you anyways. Kill yourself. Fucking do it,” he thunders, hands harshly pulling his dark hair. “Just fucking do it. No one cares,” his eyes move to your, the glazed look alarming you. “No one cares,” he whispers to you, sounding as though there’s more than a meaning just to himself. “No one fucking cares.”

“Ashton,” the sweet sound of your voice, the way his name rolled of your tongue lightly into a bliss of noises he could only describe beautifully pass your lips. The way it was like a sin calling out to him, making him weak to the knees and every other part of his soulless body. They shimmied through your teeth and pass your plush pink mouth that ached to be treated right. His mind ran blank for a second, his body shaking in need of this addicting sound that filled his brain with nothingness and at the same time all things wonderful. He ached for it to fall past your lips one more time.

“One more time. Say it one more time,” he sneered, trying to quiet the voices in his mind. “Say my name,” the voices died down, waiting, beckoning for the sound to fill their senses with the sweet, velvety goodness that caressed them and quieted their demands. “Once more.”

“Ashton,” you say in confusion, not quit understanding his random outburst. You watch as he slowly falls to his knees in exhaustion, his legs resting under him as his elbows rest on his thighs, his head in his hands. “Ashton, are you ok?” Though this whole time he’s demanded not being anywhere near ok, maybe some odd sense filled his mind and he was as normal as he was going to get.

“No,” he heaved, wanting nothing more then just to hear you talk till he fell back asleep. “I’m not ok. I can’t pretend that I’m ok; I can’t take it anymore. I’m hopeless, helpless and I’m afraid I’ll never get better. Is that what you wanted to hear? How weak and hopeless I am?” He wasn’t hopeless; just a little lost at the moment but nothing a cause couldn’t fix and you knew it. You weren’t aiming for the words to pass his lips but they did and it made you feel awful you made him feel he had to explain himself.

“You’re not weak,” your eyebrows twitch, knowing your words were going in one ear and out the other.

“I’m a lost cause. Let it be,” he grumbled, sitting up and scooting his back against the wall. “No one can save me; not even you,” his back slumped forward and his hands played with his holed jeans. You always wondered how he had normal clothes but you only guessed they let him bring a few items.

“I can only help if you want me to,” you slowly move to him, not wanting him to think you were going to hurt him. “Let me help you,” you touch his shoulder, hand sliding down to his back. Your fingernails slowly glide across his back in a calming manner, palm falling against it every once in awhile. “Please, Ashton,” you mummer in his ear, his mind going crazy with the sound of your voice so close to his ears. “I promise,” you kiss his cheek, his scar softly grazing your lips.

His heart hammered in his chest as they made contact, surprising him. His head snapped up to yours, eyes hazily following down your face, the voices in his head demanding their needs, demanding for her to be his, you to be theirs. “Don’t make a promise you can’t keep.”