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The Light We Share

Synopsis: Jeon Jungkook, the most known greaser in town. Every girl would do anything to stand by his side, but you? You’re wiping tables and spending every single day brushing off his flirtatious self. It’s just one date… right?

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Pairing: Greaser!Jungkook x Reader (Outsiders AU)

Genre: Fluff/Smut (oh boy)

Word Count: 6,363


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Jeon Jungkook. As if his name isn’t said enough around this dusty town. He has a reputation that’s effortless for him to keep up with bright smiles and charming looks to devious motives and inhuman skills. From the way he dresses all slack, black, white, and red color scheme as his signature, down to his playful personality; he’s literally the golden boy of the town and everybody knows it, striving to be him or be with him. Sour glances from absolute strangers are always tossed his way when a flock of girls surround him at the local diner he visits from time to time. Girls would fawn over the tiniest things, whether it would be brushing his shoulder or tussling his hair, and you would have to deal with the annoying chatter every second during work.

You work at the quaint diner that became oh-so-popular due to his frequent visits. The crowd’s annoying, but you aren’t complaining because money’s money. As much as your boss would love to yell at Jungkook and his “gang” to simmer down, he bites all of his rude remarks back because he’s aware of the possibilities that could happen from defying any one of them. Sure, their smiles are as angelic as ever and the move swiftly with a hint of grace, but one wrong move and you’re a goner.

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One time, Bruce was violently awakened at stupid-early o’clock (7.30am) by his cell-phone, and he was bleary and cranky and he answered it; “Ngnnghmf? Tim?”
And Tim said, “…how casual?“
Bruce, resisting the urge to smother himself with his own pillow and/or toss his phone against the wall, managed a (reasonably) coherent, “What.”
“It’s business casual Friday, Bruce! Seriously, how casual is too casual?”

Just Jack

listen…..i have zero good excuses for this. when i saw this prompt in my inbox, i just couldn’t stop writing for some reason.

summary: Jack Zimmermann, NHL Superstar of the Providence Falconers, is on the verge of coming out as gay. His team’s PR Team insists he establishes a social media presence before he does so that he can better control the narrative after. The only problem? He totally has a crush on the consultant they hire to help him. ao3

            “Listen, I mean this in the nicest possible way, but my job here is to convince people that you have some basic emotions about things that aren’t hockey,” Eric Bittle said from across the table. He was dressed smartly in slacks and a printed button-down that pulled across his biceps appealingly. Jack was having a hard time focusing on anything else. “We all know the Jack Zimmermann ‘story’, but no one really knows just Jack. Does that make sense?”

           “Just Jack?” he asked, blinking at Eric.

          “You know.” Eric waved encouragingly. “What you do in off-season or what you do with your friends on days off. What do you do when you’re not being Jack Zimmermann, NHL player?”

           Jack stared at him blankly. He remembered all of the times that he had to swallow the bile at the back of his throat when someone joked that he was a hockey robot, but for the life of him, he couldn’t remember when the last time was that he went out with friends that weren’t also teammates.

           Eric sighed, probably taking his silence for intransigence instead of genuine dumbfounded-ness.

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WHO IS THIS MAN???? i’d give anything to be his shoe/foot licking slave boi. he is absolute perfection. those dress slacks hugging those chubby legs and exposing his big grandpa balls?? and those perfect feet and shoes? wow! just wow!!

Someone should write a fic where Dean gets a job at a swanky piano bar.  He has to dress up in nice slacks and crisp white button down shirts under a bright red waistcoat and bow tie.  All the ladies love his sweet smile and his friendly chatter, but no one can score a date with him.  

What they don’t know is that it’s because he’s in love with the bar’s main attraction.  Castiel and James Novak do their Dueling Piano’s act Thursday through Saturday nights, and only Dean knows their staged teasing is real flirtation.  And when he starts working there, they start teasing each other about how much they like Dean, practically dueling over him with their music.  

They both win tho, because he goes home with them every night.

I’m like 90% sure these two boys at Taco Bell are on a date and it’s cute bc one of them is dressed up with khaki slacks and a dress shirt and a bow tie, and the other one is wearing jeans and a plaid button-down. They clearly did not coordinate whether this was a “special” first date, or a “just-be-yourself-only-slightly-better” first date.

Running Into You (2/2)

Summary: Professor Steve Rogers AU. Steve Rogers is your Biology Professor, you have a huge crush on him.

Word Count: 2,441

Warnings: Smut/ Unprotected sex. Fingering.

Part 1

A/N: Hope you all enjoy the smut! @dacianamusik23 

This gave you a few minutes to compose yourself, give yourself a pep talk, and ogle Rogers from behind. It’s not like you didn’t do it in class already, but this time it was different. He wasn’t wearing his usual dress slacks. Instead, his gorgeous ass was snug in skinny jeans and he was wearing a t-shirt that filled him in all the right places. Seriously, the man was a walking sex dream.

You saw him lean against the counter and tell the bartender his order before turning his head to look at you. His smile was almost playful as he winked at you. It looked like he knew that you were staring at him and you smiled shyly before looking down at your lap.

Biting the inside of your cheek, you felt your heart hammer in your ribcage as Rogers walked back to the table and set the drinks down. His knee grazed against yours as he took a seat and you felt sucked in a sharp breath, wanting not to show your attraction to him too much.

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An ASTRO Halloween
  • MJ: some superhero, magical gimmick. probably Marvel or Harry Potter. He'll have his cape and his honor, and will look forward to practicing his powers on the younger members
  • MJ - "shHH dead people don't talk"
  • Jinjin: aims for an aesthetically pleasing costume like maybe a Greek god, but ends up in a cute dog onesie. Is obnoxiously in character for the whole day and playfully bites everyone.
  • EW - "I should teach him tricks"
  • MB - "But I'm the pup-cat!"
  • Eunwoo: Dracula, vampire, mysterious. They just threw a black cloak on him, dress shirt, slacks, and extra white powder on his face. Looks more like a smiley grim reaper though.
  • R - "so whose blood are you going to suck?"
  • SH - *screeching* "DEFInITELY noT MINE" /pushes Moonbin towards Eunwoo/
  • Moonbin: either goes for a black cat impression which is really only the tail and cat ears or throws on a sheet and calls himself an impromptu ghost
  • MJ - "but where are the eye holes"
  • MB - "ohhh"
  • Rocky: probably tries to wrap himself in toilet paper to be a mummy but actually becomes clumsy af because Sanha wrapped his ankles toGETHER instead of separately
  • JJ - "i never thought i'll see the day when Rocky's tripping over his feet"
  • R - /falls on face for the tenth time today/
  • Sanha: forgets it's Halloween but finds the candy stash very quickly and monopolizes it. Throws out snarky comments with his devil ears on.
  • MJ - "so the kitchen is littered with candy wrappers what do you have to say for yourself"
  • SH - *muffled voice* "defahnnetly waznt meh"

anonymous asked:

Following up on your grad school interview guide, WHAT DO YOU WEAR???

Business casual basically. You want to look put-together, professional, and most importantly, that you care about the interview. Even for non-interview activities (like dinners and socials), I would dress on the side of nicer than too too casual, but also appropriate for the situation (so like.. no high heels if it’s an outdoor activity). 

The motto is usually: it’s better to over-dress than to under-dress for important events. 

So for the interviews themselves think: ironed slacks, ironed dress shirts, knee-length work-appropriate skirts, suit jacket or blazers optional, formal shoes that are also comfortable (there will be lots of walking). I would also dress in layers (so the blazer comes in handy here) so you’re comfortable no matter the room temp. If your interview is somewhere super cold, bring that (nicer) jacket and scarf as well!

Social events: jeans are ok, but in general, wear something like you’re visiting your grandma, or meeting your partner’s parents for the first time. 

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions! Or even to vent your nervousness! I know just how nerve-racking grad school interviews can be, but I also know you’ll going to have a lot of fun too :) Good luck!

Christmas Time

Once a year, namely on Christmas, L dons some alternate clothing. Watari hand knits a sweater for the man, and L simply can’t say no when it is one of the few things that Watari asks. However, he finds his own little ways of rebelling, such as bringing his knees up inside of the sweater and refusing to put his arms through the holes for a while. The sweater therefore changes on his body throughout the day. At the first stroke of midnight, without fail, L immediately flings the sweater off to a forgotten corner of the room. During the time that Light is there however, he flings it straight onto Light’s head, no matter where the younger man is, as payback for his occasional teasing during the day.

Bonus: Though Watari never asks, on the man’s birthday, L will dress up in slacks and a button down to please him, because L knows that Watari occasionally loves to see him in alternate clothing.

A Boy of His Own | Closed

Bucky walked down the stairs into The Widow’s Web - the most exclusive BDSM Club in New York. Natalia had called and promised that tonight’s affair would be unforgettable. Besides, how long had it been since the Dom had found himself a nice boy. Not since Everett left him. Masquerade-themed adult fun would be the answer to his problems.

The Dom was pretty sure she just wanted to ensure his continued patronage, but he had dressed in dark slacks, a black silk shirt, and adjusted the black mask over his face. Black for Doms. White for subs. A combination for switches. At least her dress code made things easy. He got himself a drink at the bar as he looked over the room, starting to stalk his prey.


I just really love the APH girls, whether they are our regular babes or nyotalia like the whole enchilada. They’re just so cute and I hope they get lots of love. Precious babies.

Like. Like the girls wearing skirts.

The girls wearing trousers.

The girls wearing bikinis.

The girls wearing their uniforms.

The girls dressed up for a fancy party.

The girls getting together to go shopping or watch movies or have sleepovers or giving each other advice.

The girls holding world meetings. Just them girls and no boys allowed (sorry, Alfred, can’t lead this one).

The girls cooking together and having a nice dinner.

The girls complementing each other like “I love your dress!” Or “Those slacks look great on you. Look at that bum!”

The girls liking sports and holding events like volleyball or powderpuff games and or other and all sports.

The girls talking about their crushes, whether they like one of the boys or one of the other girls when they aren’t around.

The girls just being together.

I just really love the ladies of Hetalia and they need more love.

y’all I was listening to electro swing yesterday and I started thinking about 1920s scifi (sort of like how fall out is 40s/50s post-apocalypse/scifi[institute])

- Space flappers
- Prohibition never ended? High tech speakeasies
- It’s been the Roaring 20s for 200 years, the economy is A M A Z I N G
- World War 2 never happened?
- Space adventurer/super spies in sick 20s dresses or suspenders and slacks
- Film Noir private eyes (a la Nick Valentine)
- 20s typography instead of high-tech fonts
- 20s color schemes

anyway this seems cool


I decided to combine these if thats alright!

As much as Nishiki and Touka didn’t get along, they both agreed Tsukiyama wasn’t their favorite person and neither were thrilled when he and Kaneki began dating. Still, the two men were adults and they knew not to meddle in their personal lives. 

It was a slow day when Shuu entered the coffee shop, dressed in purple slacks and a green button down. Nishiki was playing on his phone and Touka was wiping the counter. Touka and Nishiki both glanced toward him. The young man didn’t comment on Shuu’s appearance, partly because he was used to it and partly because he had run out of smart ass remarks.

Touka, however, had something to say. 

“All that shit in your thrift store of a closet and you couldn’t find a scarf?”

Nishiki’s eyes inspected the man’s neck. Shuu laughed, his fingers covering a mark on the opposite side of his neck. Nishiki had an idea of what Touka was angry about.

“Sorry,” Shuu sang, not sounding the least bit so. “I came for a cup of coffee for Kaneki and I. Kaneki’s having a little trouble getting out - “

Touka groaned loudly, throwing her towel on the counter and stomping into the kitchen. She began preparing the coffee in a huff, searching for the shops travel cups. 

“We only have small cups,” Touka said, slamming two empty ones on the counter. “I know Kaneki won’t mind, but is that okay with you, your highness?”

Nishiki fought back a chuckle. He’d be lying if he said seeing Touka and Shuu squabble wasn’t entertaining. Shuu bowed to her, causing Touka to roll her eyes.

“I’m not offended,” Shuu promised. “But are you certain Kaneki won’t be?”

“Of course,” Touka said dryly. “He’s a little more laid back than you.”

“Oh, you don’t know the half of how laid back Kaneki is,” Shuu laughed. “In fact, last night - “

Nishiki laughed when Touka threw an empty cup at Shuu, directly silencing him. 

Hope this was okay, thanks for the requests! xo - mun C

Meeting the Family - Isaac Lahey Imagine

Prompt by Anon: Can I request an Issac one where you’re someone’s sister and Isaac has to meet your dad (or brother / sister) who’s super protective over you?

Word Count: 2,102

Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Requests: CLOSED

Warning: A nervous Isaac makes him an adorable Isaac :)

Author’s Note: So I changed things up a bit to fit the storyline I had in mind. I hope you don’t mind but it still has the concept of Isaac meeting his girl’s father. 

P. S. I had sooooooo much fun writing this one :)

My Teen Wolf Masterlist 

“I got it!” Y/N yelled as she ran down the stairs to the front door with a lipstick in her hand.

She swung the door open with a huge smile on her face the second her eyes landed on her blue-eyed boyfriend, Isaac Lahey; dressed in black slacks, a white dress shirt under his black coat, which only brought out his blue eyes even more, and a tie. His brown curls were styled back with some gel. As good as he looked, Isaac was totally out of his comfort zone.

“Babe, I look like I just stepped out of the - the last period of a Catholic prep school.” He groaned as he struggled to fix his tie. “I’m sweating all the way through my jacket. I didn’t even know that I could sweat this much.”

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