dress selfie


I’ve been sewing all day, here is the result! 😊 The underdress is made from scratch today. The apron was given to me, but had to be taken down 4 sizes for me to be able to use it. 😅 So with that, my Viking/archeress kit is done! Now I just need a lot more accessories and jewelry to bling it up. 😍

No its not Tuesday, but this is a transformation that i feel really proud of! I never thought i could lose this weight if my life depended on it. In the left i weight 165 on the right 135! Although when i started this i had a goal number in mind and im still not at that goal, i feel confident to share my change. This is hard to post as the image on the left has never been seen by anyone else really, and i have insecurities about it. Recently i have been trying to break those insecurities and tell myself i am and always will be beautiful.