dress like flappers

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Could you imagine if Harry and grace were to go to that great gatsby ball and Grace is so excited to dress like a flapper but Harry is so snarly but she makes him wear a super dapper suit and he sees her in her costume and can't keep her hands off her and they're so 😍😍😍 in all the red carpet pics?

THIS IS THE RUDEST THING ANYONE HAS EVER SENT ME!!! Grace would have been soooooooo excited!!!!! And she would have spent the whole night telling Harry how handsome he looks and maybe he’d get a little blushy!

Danielle Campbell Dress for Less!

Danielle posted this photo to Instagram on April 11, 2015, after attending a decades themed party. She wore a flapper dress, opera length gloves, a pearl necklace, fascinator clip, choker necklace, and Mary Jane pumps. Here’s how you can get her look for less!

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Dress 1 ; Dress 2 ; (Another Dress Here) ; Gloves ; Pearl Necklace ; Hair Clip ; Choker ; Heels