dress like flappers

James March: Birthday Present

It is October 30th AKA James’ birthday. To him, his birthday isn’t a big deal because he looks forward to devil’s night over anything. But to you, his birthday is a big deal. He didn’t expect or ask for anything from you at all. But you insisted to make him feel like a king on his special day. He especially loved receiving back rubs from you and even the kinky birthday sex. 

You know that Halloween is the only time of the year that all ghosts are able to roam around in the real world doing whatever they please. The both of you just finished up with dinner in room 78. Miss Evers is walking around the dinner table cleaning everything up, so this is the perfect time for you to ask James what you’ve been thinking about all week, “I know that your devil’s night soirée is obviously held at night. So I wanted to ask you something?“ 

James lights a cigarette then replies saying, “Anything, dearest.” “Well, I wanted to ask if you want to go outside of the hotel and have brunch with me in the city tomorrow? I know that after all these years, you haven’t even been out.” You know that James is very different, from his clothing to his speaking. But it didn’t bother you. You were quite used to it actually. Plus, it’s on Halloween. People will just assume he’s dressed the part. You were even considering dressing up as a flapper just to match his look. 

“Yes dear, but I have no need for that. I enjoy staying in my hotel. This modern world is quite disappointing in my eyes.” Sitting across the table from James, you get up to sit on his lap. 

“I know baby, but pretty please? We won’t be out for long. It’ll be less than 2 hours. Then you can spend the rest of the day preparing for devil’s night. I’ll even dress up like a flapper for you.“ 

James inhales his cigarette, then exhales away from your face. "Oh alright. On one condition, I choose where we dine." 

"Of course, sweetheart.” You gave James a kiss on the cheek from excitement. “Now, it’s time for me to give you your birthday present!" 

James had a surprised look on his face. He didn’t expect to receive a gift at all. "Darling, you shouldn’t have. You should know that you are my gift." 

"Oh whatever, James. It’s your birthday.” Miss Evers hid his present somewhere that James couldn’t find it. So she brought it out for you to give him. It was a brand new custom made cane with a big red bow wrapped around it. The cane is dark brown, made with a mixture of the finest woods with a solid gold handle. The look on James’ face when he saw it was priceless. You got off of his lap so that he could stand up to get a closer look at his cane.

“This is impeccable! Oh how marvelous. Thank you, dearest.” James says to you while he’s holding the cane, admiring the beauty. 

“You’re welcome. I have a friend of a friend here in the city that makes these kinds of things. I had him make it especially for you. It wasn’t cheap, but it was worth it for you.”

James was so happy. He set the cane to rest on the chair, then he grabs both of your hands and starts kissing at them both. “Now Y/N, let’s go to our bedroom so I can show you my appreciation.”


Happy Halloween, everyone. Hope you guys liked this short story!

This is Halloween

Summary: Dean x Reader - The reader and the winchesters have to go undercover at a halloween party to catch the demon they’re hunting. 

Triggers/warning: None, maybe some light swearing and 1920s slang XD

Word Count: 5354

Y/N = Your name

I’m back! Thank you for all the lovely messages. I have sorted things our (kind of) and will be able to come back and write again now. I’ll try to get the final part of wonderland and possibly a sequel to mirror people out as soon as I have settled again. Until then I hope you enjoy!


“Ugh, do we really have to do this?” Sam asked reluctantly after Dean revealed how you were going to get your next lead on a hunt. You had to infiltrate the next possible victims house, well mansion really to be more precise. And as luck would have it you had an easy way in this time. No B&E necessary. But it did however require costumes and taking part in the merriment usually associated with a Halloween party. Which was why Sam was leaning back in his chair looking unimpressed.

“Well, I don’t like it anymore than you do Sammy. People dressing up as monsters and other things that go bump in the night for their own entertainment doesn’t sit right with me either. But it’s the best way for us to get in there,” Dean said over the long mahogany table in the Men of Letters bunker, his eyes sharing the same despondent look as his brother.

“Don’t bullshit me Dean, you like Halloween,” Sam said grumpily.

“I like the candy part, and maybe the slutty costumes, but that’s it,” Dean said with a shrug. It was true enough. The Winchester brothers weren’t really fond of Halloween, understandable of course, considering their job.

You, however, were elated. You loved Halloween, a quirk that the two brothers didn’t understand. For you Halloween meant pretending to be someone you weren’t. And it also served as a fond trip down memory lane to a time before you knew all of the nightmarish creatures were real. So the idea of getting to celebrate and dress up didn’t bother you as you tried to keep from smiling at the idea of going undercover.

Not smiling became easier when Sam, happily, pointed out one major downside. “We don’t even have costumes though, and the party starts in a few hours. So, I guess we’re better off finding another way in,”

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Before Bendy came out and people gained a bit more appreciation for the old Black and White style of toons, I thought it would be a cool idea for there to be Old-Timey Cartoon skins for Overwatch.

Like Reaper would turn into a generic, Snidely Whiplash type villain, Mei would be dressed up like a flapper, Winston would be wearing a suit and have those generic white gloves that most animal cartoon characters had back than.

Idk, I thought it’d be cool.

Prelude to Love in the Making: Halloween Night

Halloween on the Upper East Side was a big deal. Costume parties were huge, people didn’t half ass anything. Belle sat on a velvet red couch in an old burlesque house, dressed like a flapper from the 20s she was a sight to see. She smiled at all the boys who spoke to her, and chatted with the girl who admired her outfit but she was bored out of her mind. There was a certain stuffiness that enclosed the brunette. She pulled out her phone, biting on her lip. Finally she got up, heels clicking against the floor, and made her way outside. She text Adam. “Hey, I know it’s Halloween, and you’re probably busy but if you aren’t do you mind if I come over. This party is so boring.” Her hand hesitated over the send button but pressed it waiting for an answer.