dress like eleanor calder

Fashion wall

As requested here is a picture of my fashion wall. What does it mean? It’s a wall with pictures from outfits that I really liked on people and I just love watching. And maybe get some inspiration from. The people that I have on my wall are Ariana Grande, Eleanor Calder, Vanessa Hudgens and Cara Delevingne  Here is a high quality picture of the wall for more details you can zoom in the picture.

So how i got the pictures the same size and next to each other. The first thing that I did was searching for pictures online. The ones that I liked I collected in word and cropped them so only the person with the outfit is visible. Next I put them all next to eachother and made sure that they had all the same size. Then I printed the Word page and cut all the pictures out of the paper. But I kept the rows intact. My bedroom walls are painted so I could stick them on the walls with tape. Which is easy to remove.

I saved all the cropped pictures. So if you also like to make a fashion wall and you like one of the styles that I chose. Then you can save them here. The only thing you have to do is copy the picture to Word. Make the picture larger. Into the size that you want them to be on your wall and just print them. Cut them in rows and attach them to the wall.

I hope this helped x