dress like a boss

Reborn: I always enjoy going undercover.
Tsuna: W-why does it have to be the both of us?
Reborn: The boss needs to do this once in a while, too.
Tsuna: But pretending to be civilians…
Reborn: On that note, you don’t look twenty-four.
Tsuna: S-shut up! This is how I normally dress.
Reborn: You should dress more like a boss.
Tsuna: But we’re undercover! Whatever. You look stupid without your hat.

*ring ring*

Tsuna: Ahh, Hayato. Yeah, we’re at the park. Right. Mission details? Yes I did read it. I missed something? WHAT?! 
Reborn: So you finally realized.
Tsuna: Why do we have to pretend to be a c-c-couple?!
Reborn: You know, for a boss, it’s irresponsible to not read the mission details carefully.
Tsuna: You read that and you still agreed?!
Reborn: I enjoy going undercover.
Tsuna: W-whatever! Let’s just get to it.
Tsuna: … Hold my hand.
Reborn: The boss should always take the initiative.
Tsuna: … I hate you.

im constantly stuck between dressing like ive a 11:00 breakfast date with my boyfriend who works @ goldman-sach whose boss is my sugar daddy or dressing like i just made out with the skater girl that lives 3 houses down & gets me smashburger casually like its nothing so



dressed like 30 years old boss, act like 5 years old boy who is going to McDonalds

  • I'm the type of girl who can go from a little nerdy, shy, coffee shops and books, candles and a night in listening to the sounds of rain, to dressing like a boss ass babe, outfit on point, going to the gym to workout like a beast, working every day to be independent, going to parties on the weekends and dancing the night away with friends. Balance my friends.