dress from india


So, in the order of the sparrow episode, max is implied to be a native american, and i was like “okay cool” but then i realized….wait.

in camp cool kidz….max says
“This is the kind of peasant work my parents left their home country to avoid”
(i’m on mobile so i don’t have screenshots)

but,,,,camp campbell is presumably in america? they all have american accents (except dolph) and camp campbell is just a pretty american concept.

so then i started putting together pieces and…they never say native american in the episode. they’re always referred to as indians.

and at the beginning of the episode, neil asks david
“….you mean like max?” (referring to davids mention of indian chiefs)
and david says
“no, like the cherokees”
and at the end of the episode, after david wakes up.

they’re dressed as indians. like from india.

so in summary

i think max is from india

You ever look at a woman from India dressed in her beautiful gowns, jewelry, bindis and etc, and think “Wowww, her culture is so beautiful and although I wish I could be that beautiful dressed in all of those garments that I don’t know the meaning of, I would never even think of being that disrespectful to her culture by mocking something that is not mines.”? That’s culture appreciation, and deciding not to culture appropriate. You see how easy that is? You see how you can admire something so beautiful but respect it enough to not appropriate it. Wow. It’s kinda amazing right?