dress dursday

i am REALLY feeling the hairy legs sticking out from underneath his patchwork oklahoma housewife dress in this. are you letting it all grow out because your husband has been away for so many months, hitching rides in the cabooses of trains and searching for work tilling the fields? do u get cold during the long oklahoma nights with the coyotes and the prairie dogs crying out in the distance? i am here chri55ybaby, just a romantic drifter who is a skeleton, here to sooth your aching loins with my banjo music and honeyed southern drawl

This is a very special Dress Dursday because it is really hot. Look at how perfectly Erik rocks that frilly coral limited too skort. Look at those long white stick leggies. Look at the tiny one piece bathing suit. Please, for everyone’s sake, go to the beach dressed exactly like that. Everyone will love it. I love it and I have great taste so you know it’s a good idea. [kisses Erik on the forehead]

hello friends and fronds and followers. we at HATEBOY have a very special announcement for you today. from now on we will be having DRESS DURSDAYS every week, wherein we post a nice boy wearing a dress or otherwise feminine accouterments. since today is in fact dursday that means you can keep your eyes peeled for some gender bending adventures. thank you and stay based