dress crisis

i got commissioned by my good friend @snaileyart (if you havent checked out her art, its super amazing and worth a look) to draw widowtracer date where tracer obliviously dresses like garbage and widow has to spend a 30 minute argument with herself on whether or not she should break up with tracer for wearing that to her date 


How have I not seen this anywhere until now?!

a slighty more serious kavinsky [fanmix]

  1. apashe - sand storm [feat. odalisk]
  2. kesha - tik tok
  3. die antwoord - fatty boom boom
  4. eminem - without me
  5. neon jungle - bad man
  6. 3oh!3 - deja vu
  7. cobra starship - my moves are white hot
  8. die antwoord - i fink u freeky
  9. 3oh!3 - house party
  10. boy crisis - dresses to digress [nero remix]
  11. kesha - your love is my drug
  12. coyote kisses - six shooter
  13. cobra starship - the church of hot addiction
  14. kanye west - stronger
  15. m.i.a. - paper planes
  16. 2ne1 - 멘붕 (CL SOLO)
  17. neon jungle - trouble
  18. mindless self indulgence - on it
  19. twenty one pilots ode to sleep
  20. m.i.a. - y.a.l.a.

bonus: 3oh!3 - starstrukk


Gillian Anderson who had a pet iguana that drowned…