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So while doing some pirate research for the play I’m writing I stumbled upon one of the most amazing things I’ve ever read. In the 5th century A.D. there was a Scandinavian princess called Alwilda who’s father tried to set her up to marry Alf, the Prince of Denmark. Alwilda wasn’t cool with this so she and some female companions dressed as men, stole a ship, and sailed away. Eventually they met a company of pirates who were in need of a new captain and they were so captivated by her that they elected her as their new leader. Her crew became so infamous that Prince Alf was sent out to stop them. When their ships met he took Alwilda prisoner and she was so impressed by Alf’s skill that she agreed to marry him after all and eventually became the Queen of Denmark.


ALL NIGHT LONG - model: Amilna Estevao - photography: Olivia Malone - styling: Henna Koshiken - hair: Dennis Gots - makeup: Karo Kangas - manicure: Michelle Saunders - Glamour July 2017

featured designers: Area dress & gloves -  Issey Miyake stole (worn as dress). Agmes earring - Balenciaga coat. Syren gloves

beauty notes: Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshado in Stargazer - Clinique Chubby Stick Cheek Balm in Robust Rhubarb - NYX Color Mascara Blue

Mess with them - Epilogue

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: This is a re-write of Chandler and Monica’s secret relationship.

Word Count: 1,169

Warnings: Language, Smut, Semi Public, Thigh Riding

A/N: Happy Birthday @bicevans ♥ ily 
Inspired by Friends S7ep16 The One with the Truth about London.(also quotes from that episode) AKA ‘the first time Steve and Reader hooked up’

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The quinjet was oddly silent, a sign that the mission didn’t go very well. Your teammates were fast asleep in the back of the jet. You were knackered, too, but you kept replaying the failed mission over and over in your head.

With a heavy sign, you crossed the jet and slumped down in the seat next to Steve. He threw you a side glance, but his hands were still on the control panel, his attention focused on the dials. You glanced at the sky and its pale pink clouds. Steve saw the forlorn look in your eyes.

“It wasn’t your fault.”

“No?” You scoffed. “You gave me an order and I failed. Don’t go easy on me, I’m not a child.”

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Jughead asking you out on a date

“You, me, movie, tomorrow, 8:00, dress nice.” Jug stole your sundae winking.

“Is Jughead Jones the Third asking me out on a date?” You asked.

“Pick you up at 8:00?”

“See you at 8:00.”

Jughead handed back over your sundae before heading out of Pop’s.

You giggled as Jughead tripped over the curb, wondering how you got a date with Jughead Jones.

Bound to Happen (Part 2), Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: The chronicles of being Lin’s assistant to maybe something more.

Words: 1,078

Author’s Note: I wrote this at 2 AM with the West Wing playing on a loop in the distance. I hope you’re enjoying reading this as much as I am writing it! This moment came from S2, E7 ‘The Portland Trip’. I’m bouncing around the timeline to make it fit, but it’s making sense in my head. I’m thinking about cross-posting this on AO3?

Warnings: Burn so slow you could smoke ribs with it.

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Your heels clicked rapidly against the concrete sidewalk as you weaved past bodies in your way. Your head stayed down to not call attention to yourself, as if your wine colored dress in the middle of the day wasn’t enough of an attention grabber.

Finally, you were met with the door of the Richard Rogers Theater, quickly ducking in just before you would have to pass a large group of men. You shed your overcoat - it was way too warm today to be wearing it out, but you enjoyed the coverage it gave you.

Making your way backstage, you brushed off compliments of anyone who you happened to pass, eyes set on one dressing room in particular.

I’m coming in, don’t be naked.” You called through the door, barely giving Lin time before you swung it open.

He was perched on his couch with his Play Station controller in his hand, eyes unmoving from Grand Theft Auto.

“Not naked.” He murmured, “Unfortunately.” He added with a smirk, pausing the game to give you attention. He shifted in his seat and you noticed that he was already in costume for the television appearance.

“I can only give you twenty minutes.” You reminded him, cracking open your purse to retrieve your memo pad.

“Well, I’d normally prefer more time for foreplay, but I’m sure we can make due with twenty minutes.” His smirk disappeared with your heated glare, “What I meant to say is that you look very beautiful in that dress you stole.”

“I didn’t steal it, I’m borrowing it.” Your arm moved to the back of the dress, ensuring the label was tucked away.

“You bought the dress with the intention of wearing it for one night and returning it the next. That’s stealing.” He informed you.

You huffed at his attitude today. While you were normally ready to go up to bat against his witty banter, you really wanted to save all of your energy for your date.

“I haven’t read the dictionary recently-”

Do people sit down and read the dictionary?

But-” You punctuated your interruption with a light punch to his arm, “That is not the definition of stealing.” You kick off your shoes to relieve your feet of the grip your unused heels had on them, “And if this date goes as planned, I won’t be wearing this dress all night.”

He groaned at the information as everyone was called onto the stage for their ‘pregame pep talk’. This mostly consisted of a choked up cast member rambling on about how far they’ve come and where they still have left to go.

You checked your watch and tip-toed towards the door, eyes meeting Lin’s for a second to ask ‘Can I go?’.

‘Get out of here,’ he mouthed, shooting you a thumbs up for luck. You really hoped you didn’t need it.

Your date lasted precisely forty minutes, and there was exactly zero movements to shed your expensive dress. You bolted so quickly with such a half-assed excuse that you were still able to catch the tail end of their performance outside a Radio Shack window display.

There was no volume, but you stood in awe of the performance as people brushed past you with no care as to what you were watching. You could hear Lin’s voice in your head, playing along as you deciphered the lyrics by reading his lips.

Without thinking, you mapped the course back to the Richard Rogers in your head, rushing up and over and few blocks to return to the theater.

They hadn’t arrived at the theater yet, but the doorman was nice enough to let you in after hours. How he was able to recognize you despite the extra layers of makeup and general aura of disappointment was beyond you. 

You sat onstage with your purse and coat perched next to you, twiddling your thumbs until the chaos that was the cast and crew of In the Heights clamored through the door.

They greeted you in kind, the post performance excitement still bubbling from each of them as they passed you to change out of costume. Lin was the last one through the door, the lightest of smiles gracing his lips.

Hey.” You called out, catching his attention away from Alex, who was quickly spitting out notes to an exhausted Lin who wouldn’t be able to retain any of it. Alex excused himself, much to the relief of Lin - they could go over that tomorrow when Lin had a fresh mind and a few hours of sleep under his belt.

“What time is it? You only left like an hour ago.” He stepped toward you as you stood from Abuela Claudia’s stoop, just outside his false bodega entrance.

“He sucked.” You admitted, “He was boring and rude and he sucked.

“I’m sorry.” He smiled, and you knew he wasn’t. “You deserve a good night out.”

“Yeah.” You sighed, glancing around the stage. For someone who spent nearly every waking moment at the theater, you hardly got to admire it from center stage. The dim lights were warm against your exposed skin, and the yellow tones of the stores made your heart swell. “Wasn’t meant to be.” You shrugged.

“I’m gonna-” He nodded to where the rest of the cast had disappeared as he gestured to his outfit, “Costume department will kill me if I forget to take this off.”

“Right. I just wanted to make sure everything went alright without me there.” He tilted his head and cringed a bit, as if to say ‘How did we survive?’. “I’ll call you in the morning for your lunch order.”

He watched you collect your bag and coat from the stoop, heels echoing through the empty theater as you crossed the stage towards the exit.

“Y/N.” You turned back just in time to see something unidentifiable flash across Lin’s face. It was gone before you could investigate further. “You look amazing in that dress.”

You thought so too this morning - now you couldn’t wait to toss it back on the rack at the nearest Macy’s.

“You should buy it for yourself.” He nodded once before turning on his heel, disappearing backstage without another word or a proper goodbye.

You stood for a moment, glancing at where he stood. With a sigh, you turned and exited the theater for the second time that day, your mind shifting around funds so you could keep the dress in your collection.

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B99 Prom AU

Imagine an AU where Jake and Gina met Amy and Rosa while prom dress shopping.

• Gina was planning on winning prom queen so she needed to wear the most extra dress possible. Screw being the Belle of the ball, she was gonna be the BEAST! She brought her best friend Jake to help her pick out a dress. He knows her well, so he knows her taste in dresses.

• Amy was on the prom planning comittee. She planned the whole entire thing. Took care of the snacks, entertainment, decoration, etc. All that was left was to pick out her dress, so she brought her friend Rosa along. Rosa hated prom. She thought prom was stupid and a waste of time. Rosa was planning to help her friend Amy pick out her dress and not even show up to prom.

• Jake was rummaging through the dress rack when he found a blue and green sequined dress that he thought Gina would love. As he reaches to grab the dress, another hand shoots for it at the exact same time. Jake looks at this hand and turns to the owner of this arm. It’s Amy. “Hey, I know you aren’t you the class president? You’re like in every single club at school! You’re all over the yearbook!”

• Amy looks at him, not bothered by the fact that his hand is still resting on top of her’s. “Yeah, I’m Amy. I know you’re Jake. Principal Holt complains about you all the time. I always see you in his office.”

• Jake smirks, “Yeah, we spend a lot of time in his office. I’m kinda his favorite student.” Amy scoffs at this absurd statement. “Principal Holt doesn’t like delinquents who get detention every single day. He likes straight-A students that are on the honor roll, like me!”

• At this point, Jake removes his hand from Amy’s. “Oh yeah, if he likes you so much, then why doesn’t he threaten to send you to summer school like me? He likes me so much that he can’t stand to be apart from me over vacation!” Amy rolls her eyes at Jake’s absurd reasoning and starts to remove the dress from the rack. Jake stops her. “Whoa, what are you doing? I saw the dress first. It’s mine. It’s for my friend, Gina. Everybody in school follows her on Instagram. If you take this dress away from her, she will destroy you,” he threatens.

• Amy scoffs and rolls her eyes. “Oh yeah, well my best friend is Rosa Diaz, and if you take this dress away from me, she will kick your ass!” Now Jake rolled his eyes. Amy was bluffing. Rosa Diaz is the scariest person at school. No way that someone like her is friends with a goody-two-shoes like Amy Santiago. Jake is about to yank the dress out of her hands when Rosa walks up to Amy. “This guy giving you a problem?” Rosa asked as she glared at Jake. Jake gasped and immediately let go of the dress.

• Amy gave Jake a smug smile at her victory. Jake scoffed. “Oh yeah well…I didn’t even want that ugly dress! That dress makes you look like a mermaid!” Amy smirked as Jake sighed in defeat. Gina walked up to the three of them. “Jake, did you find my dress? I want to look like Rihanna at the Met Gala!” Jake hung his head. “I was going to give you that mermaid dress but Amy stole it from me.” Gina looked at Amy’s dress. “Thank goodness she stole it, that dress is fugly! I thought you knew me better than that, Jake!”

• Rosa looked at Gina. “Are you looking for your prom dress?” Gina replied, “I’m not looking for a prom dress. I am looking for THE prom dress.” Rosa suggested, “Maybe I can help. I’ll help you find a dress if you help me find one, too.” Amy was confused. She asked Rosa, “I thought you said you weren’t planning on going to prom?” Rosa shot Amy a hard look. Amy knew to shut up. Gina thought that was a great idea. She grabbed Rosa by the arm and they headed towards a new rack of dresses.

• Amy goes into the fitting room to try on her mermaid dress. She scurries out of the dressing room and knocks into Jake. “Sorry, I tried to get out of there fast. I could hear Rosa and Gina hooking up in the stall next to me.” Jake didn’t hear a single word she said. His jaw dropped. He gazed over her. He realized he was staring, and was probably coming off as creepy. He stumbled on his words. “N-no it’s f-fine…you l-look…good…”

• Amy blushed. “I thought you said this dress makes me look like a mermaid.” Jake replied, “Yeah, well, who doesn’t like mermaids? Mermaids are beautiful! You are…b-beautiful.” Amy blushed even more at his compliment, yet still oblivious to the heart eyes that this smitten boy was making.

• Jake cleared his throat and took a deep breath. It took all the courage in him to ask her this. “Amy…d-do you…by any chance…have a date t-to prom?” Amy smiled, “Yup, I do! His name is Teddy, he’s captain of the football team! Jake stared at his feet, feeling like such an idiot. He thought to himself, “How stupid was I, to think that somebody as beautiful as Amy would actually give someone like me a chance?” He managed to muster out, “Oh…I hope you and Teddy have fun.” Amy smiled. “I hope to see you at prom night! We better dance!” she told him as she ran off to get Rosa and Gina back on task.

• Prom night came and everybody was dressed on point! Gina wore a Victorian-style purple gown, and by her side was Rosa Diaz, in a sleek black dress! Gina obviously won prom queen by a landslide. Prom king was, to everyone’s surprise, Rosa Diaz! “I guess proms aren’t so stupid after all” Rosa considered as she was handed her crown and looked at her queen, Gina Linetti, in her tiara.

• Jake was dressed in his best tuxedo. He scoured the crowd for Amy and noticed Amy sitting by herself by a table, looking upset. Jake hurried over to her. “Amy, what happened? Prom is a success! You did an amazing job putting this together!” Amy smiled as she turned her head away, not wanting anyone to see the tears welling in her eyes. “My date never showed up.”

• Jake was astonished. “That’s impossible! How could anyone do such a thing!” He sat next to Amy. “Amy, you are smart, and beautiful, and amazing! Any guy would be lucky to have you! Teddy’s an idiot for doing this. He has no idea what he lost.” Amy smiled and looked up at Jake. Jake extended his hand. “I believe I owe you a dance? You spent so much time putting this event together. You deserve to enjoy yourself.”

• Amy placed her hand in Jake’s as he led her onto the dance floor. They danced to DJ Terry’s mix tape with Gina and Rosa. Then a slow song came on. Amy wrapped her arms around Jake as he placed his arms around her waist. They swayed to the music, looking into each other’s eyes. “Thank you,” was all Amy could say. Jake responded by placing his lips onto hers. Amy kissed him back. They pulled apart and placed their foreheads together. “This was the best night ever,” Amy smiled as she leaned her head against Jake’s. They danced the night away.


I Know My Place

Summary: The roaring twenties are often remembered for the extravagant parties and the novel The Great Gatsby, but what did people who weren’t white men do? They didn’t always go to the parties, no, they fought. They fought for equality, for the rights they deserved. And they never gave up.

Warnings: Bucky x Reader (light) sexual tension, slight mention of sexual assault in the beginning (nothing happens to the reader), smut in later parts

A/N: I really wanted to write an AU fic, I wanted to write something different than every other Bucky x Reader fanfiction. Enjoy! (Expect multiple parts, just not anytime soon.)

My apologies if the gif doesn’t work for some reason. Tumblr’s goofing up.

Who am I? I’m (Y/N) and I’m a feminist. And this is my story. 

The Beginning

“Get back into the kitchen!” The words were spat at me as I stood my ground, picket sign in hand. “You know where you belong and it’s not here in the street!”

You were cemented to the concrete below your tattered shoes. Your clothes hung loosely on you as you watched sharply dressed men trek into the courthouse. You despised each smile on their smug faces; on their money making, easy voting access, privilege having faces. 

Now, don’t get me wrong here, not all men are the scum of the Earth. Some can be decent human beings that don’t view women as property or as sexual objects. There are nice, likable men out there. They’re just rare.

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Give Me the Thing That I Love

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Johnny Storm x reader

Request: Can You Do A One Shot where Reed Richard’s Little Sister Is Caught In Bed With Johnny? Very Smutty if You Can! (: Love all your work!

A/n: oh my god, yes! Lol, thank you so much!

Genre: Romance

Rated: mature

Warning: smut, swearing

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

Your lips moved in sync with Johnny’s, your hands held above your head against the fluffy material of the plush pillow of yours. Johnny’s tongue was slithering around your mouth, running all along your tongue as you tried to fight for dominance. You were rubbing your wet sex against Johnny’s hard on, begging for friction. He grunted and held your wrists with one hand while unbuckling his belt and tied the leather around your wrists. He gave you a sly smile when he pulled away and he ran his hands down your sides.

“Do you want me?”

His voice sent shivers down your spine as he unbuttoned his dress shirt that you stole from him, his fingers moving agonizingly slow. You answered.


His gaze was dark as he watched you, inspecting your reactions. He prowled up to you like an animal would on his prowl, a feral look in his eyes as he roughly to a perky nipple in his mouth, sucking and tugging back a little. You gasped at the sensation of Johnny’s tongue swirling around your nub then flicking over it. His other hand ran down your hip and outer thigh, holding your naked thighs. He fingered the string of the thong you wore, the material silky along your skin and his callused fingers scratchy. His hips rolled against yours, grinding harshly into your pussy while his mouth let go of your nipple with a pop. He switched and you watched, moaning lightly and arching your back, pushing your chest into his mouth. Johnny chuckled and whispered.

“Patience, firecracker.”

You whined and Johnny looked up at you, his hands sliding up and hooking his fingers around the material of your thong. His gaze never left your face and eyes as he slid your undergarment down your legs and stuffed them into the pocket of his jeans. He then started laying kisses along your skin, leading a trail from your chest to your stomach. He sucked a mark on your stomach right below your breasts then kept moving, leaving hickies here and there. He moved to your inner thigh and bit a dark mark into it, making you gasp and writhe a bit. He then got bold and pressed his tongue flat against your soaking slit. You gasped once more and watched as he flicked his tongue over your clit, his eyes focused on your glistening cunt. Johnny started to lap up and down your entrance, making you squirm and buck your hips up. Johnny positioned your legs in the air, your thighs pressed against your body, effectively holding you down. He rubbed circles into your thighs as he lapped upwards again. His nose was pressed against your clit and his tongue was darting expertly in and out of your sex, flicking upwards with each thrust. You moaned and arched your back, pulling against your restraints as you wished you could touch him. The frustration of not being able to touch him intensified the feeling of him tongue fucking you, making you arch your back high than normal and cry out. Johnny thrust faster, his head shaking back and forth as his nose rubbed against your clit. You gasped and moaned, your orgasm inching closer to you. Johnny sensed that and pulled back, making you squirm and whine. Johnny chuckled and put on a strip tease for you, swaying back and forth as he slid his shirt off and over his head, throwing it at you. It landed on your chest and you grinned a bit, biting the material and bringing it up to you so you can smell the scent that belonged to Johnny. Johnny seemed to like that as his smirk widened and he unbuttoned his jeans, fingers dipping along the waistline. He let them slide down and stepped out of them. You spied the tent in his boxers and blushed, rubbing your thighs and arching your butt of the mattress a bit to create some friction. Johnny’s smirk faltered as he watched your thighs and he slid his boxers down, revealing a hard, swollen dick that was leaking beads of precum. You felt proud that you could make him feel that way and he grabbed a condom from the dresser beside him. He ripped open the package with his teeth and rolled on the condom slowly, the sight so hot that it made you even hotter than you are now. He crawled up to you with that feral look again and asked you, kissing your neck.

“You ready, baby?”

You responded by bucking your hips and Johnny grunted. He slipped in slowly, moaning at the feeling. You gasped and pleaded when he didn’t move.

“Please, Johnny, fuck me.”

He started to thrust, whimpering a bit at the pleasure and you gasped, pulling at your restraints. Johnny then started to go faster, the slick sound of your fucking loud and the sound of skin slapping skin even louder. You moaned and called Johnny’s name, arching your back and Johnny ordered.

“Look at me, (y/n).”

You looked at him through half lidded eyes but they widened when he went harder, slamming into your sex mercilessly. You screamed Johnny’s name and arched your back, still looking at him. He moaned and then dropped his head to suckle on your nipple. Both of you gasped when the door was busted open and there stood a pissed off Reed. His eyes widened at the sight of you two and he yelled.

“What the hell are you doing with my sister?”

Johnny deadpanned.

“Fucking her, obviously.”

Reed growled and Ben had to grab hold of him to keep him from Johnny.

“Let them get cleaned up then yell at them, alright?”

Reed slipped from his grasp and Johnny covered you two up, yelling.

“Get the fuck out, Reed!”

“Get off My sister then, you bastard!”

Johnny responded by thrusting harshly into you and you moaned. Reed growled and jumped onto Johnny, making you gasp. The covers slipped from you and you yelped, trying to figure out a way to cover yourself. Ben untied you and then wrapped the blanket around you, giving you an embarrassed smile. You thanked him and watched as Reed and Johnny fought, too scared to try to stop them.



I helped socialise puppies today but I got mugged! Oh no! They took my beanie, my sunnies and my heart.

Thankfully they all fell asleep and I was able to escape