Hey dresdencodak, Cube’s comic wasn’t passive-aggressive behaviour; rather it was what we call ‘satire’, you vicious egomaniac. Please check your own aggressive-aggressive behaviour next time you feel the blood rising.

You’re in your 30s now Diaz, for goodness’ sake. You style yourself as an even-keeled Edwardian gentleman; it’s just a matter of staying in character, surely.

Funny thing is, only about a third of the responses to Cube’s comic that I saw actually mentioned you; everyone else thought it was about Joss Whedon or just general male nerdery. But you took it personally, and now everyone knows. Now everyone knows.

Also, nice try getting your own little stab in and then declaring, “THERE IS NO PLACE IN WEBCOMICS FOR THIS SORT OF PETTY NONSENSE;” like what counts as 'drama’ or not begins and ends with you. Aaron Diaz, and people who are nice to Aaron Diaz: the only adults in webcomics.

now-at-glory-to-cobrastan replied to your post:i do not like the internet drama i do not like…

ehhhhhhh the thing w/ aaron diaz is that literally everything i’ve ever seen or heard of him suggests such a shallow understanding of feminism that it puts joss whedon to shame; there’s “not acting perfectly” and there’s “fucking up constantly”

well, good on you for getting it in one? or, getting one in one. the most currently relevant in one.

really don’t want to have this argument because ultimately it’s going to come down to a meta-discussion about how strictly we need to police ancillary behavior norms, but like. i’m really sick of my closest friends constantly shitting on one of my favorite creators.

but here i go anyway:

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Then do us all a worldly favor and smash your computer with an axe, cancel your internet service, and apply for work at a retirement home where I’m sure they will be much more appreciative of your vision. Your fans will weep over the loss, even after how you just shat on your entire demographic.

I, bosstigger, am a fanfiction writer. That’s right, I’m so low on the creative totem pole that there is in fact six or seven feet of dirt and worm shit between me and the actual pole. But that does not make what I am about to say to you any less valid:

You are not, and never will be, better than your readers. And when I say readers, I do not refer to the people who enjoy your work, though you’re still not better than them. I refer to anyone who comes across your creation-your product. The people who will praise it and deride it alike, you’re not better than them and you never will be.

I say this because as long as people are able to observe something they will have an opinion of it, and as hard and mighty you and others like you will try, there is no hiding the very real fact that there are people who will question, dislike, and even mock your work. That is the outrageous fortune all creators have been dealt and any form of denial to criticism is an anathema to the creative process.

Your arrogance and hypocrisy would be astounding if I wasn’t a fanfiction author, because boy-howdy you’re acting like the worst of them. You owe everything to your readers, your money, your notoriety, everything to them. We the readers have given you everything you’ve wanted in life so far and to treat them all like shit-like you are a better person than all of us and therefore needn’t hear our criticism let alone reflect upon it-just shows what kind of person that you are you cock.

It isn’t envy for your fame nor are you being persecuted because of whatever you want to label yourself as. Sir, you are being mocked for having your head so far up your ass that punching you in the stomach would break your jaw!

Boast about your wealth, take pride that you’ve fleeced thousands to the tune of over half a million dollars. But at the end of the day, you chose to take the path of the head-up-your-asshole and you will never know a day’s peace for it. You will never be looked upon objectively by a broad margin for the quality of your art, there will always be a vociferous number of us readers who will point out the flaws of your character and you will endlessly battle them with your army of sycophantic white knights that grows smaller and smaller the more your disgusting attitude becomes apparent.

Go the way of Fish, Diaz, take the money and run.