Hey dresdencodak, Cube’s comic wasn’t passive-aggressive behaviour; rather it was what we call ‘satire’, you vicious egomaniac. Please check your own aggressive-aggressive behaviour next time you feel the blood rising.

You’re in your 30s now Diaz, for goodness’ sake. You style yourself as an even-keeled Edwardian gentleman; it’s just a matter of staying in character, surely.

Funny thing is, only about a third of the responses to Cube’s comic that I saw actually mentioned you; everyone else thought it was about Joss Whedon or just general male nerdery. But you took it personally, and now everyone knows. Now everyone knows.

Also, nice try getting your own little stab in and then declaring, “THERE IS NO PLACE IN WEBCOMICS FOR THIS SORT OF PETTY NONSENSE;” like what counts as 'drama’ or not begins and ends with you. Aaron Diaz, and people who are nice to Aaron Diaz: the only adults in webcomics.

I love when people take someones work and use it as a means to bitch and whine about people.


Just because something was ‘inspired by’, Does not mean that work has any of their involvement, it just means that something that person has said or done has caused a person to react that way.

For example. Antia Sarkeensian has inspired you lot to bitch and whine over something that has 0% to do with and make it a desperate cry for attention.

Also Mr or Ms? “>bad guy is still ‘male’ EQUALITY.” Ganon is always the bad guy and as Dreseden Codak stated he wanted to do this, while keeping the theme of legend of Zelda series. He could of invented a new villain as fans of series would know that there have been non Ganon villains, But in terms of this it is much stronger to go with someone a wide spread audience would know.

Also I’m not protecting Anita Sarkeesian, I don’t know who the hell she is, not bother telling me, because I don’t care.

And neither am I defending DresdenCodak, he’s an amazing artist, but I honestly hate how he has to spend most of his time reminding people how 'bad’ Batman is and redesigning superheros, despite seeming to have no knowledge of the characters.

My point is, if you want to 'hate’ on Antia Sarkeesian, go ahead, honestly don’t care, but don’t use someone elses work as your staple point.

It’s rude, childish and just make you seem like a dick. I’m normally not one to have big vocal outbursts like this, but I’m seeing shit like this far too often.

Leave peoples stuff alone, stop using other people, popular people. To have your big emotional temper tantrums, do it on your own blogs.

Behave like bloody adults for crying out loud.


Love this!