This is the official video of the Greek Speed Windsurfing Championship 2011, which was organized at Drepano Beach, Achaia, Greece on 8th of May 2011 by Minos (GRE291), Nick (GRE800), Alex (GRE145),fw2.gr/​2sp , fw2.gr/​2sq . Results here: fw2.gr/​3ho 

Event: Speed Windsurfing Championship 2011
Location: Drepano Beach, Achaia, Greece
Music: Paul Oakenfold
Sponsor: blu-caffe.com , funsports.gr , glaridis.gr , stonero.com , sportop.gr , gps-speedsurfing.com

Filming & post production by Panteliz Photography (arteliz.gr)

Panteliz Photography Copyright 2011 © Arteliz.eu Some Rights Reserved (fw2.gr/​2ss).



2011 Greek Speed Championships
08/05/2011 — Event#2

Weather forecast was long debated the week before the race, but still the wind proofed to be enough (sunny warm day 20C, wind about 20 knots), so we had the opportunity to run 4 full heats of 1 hour each. We managed in that way to run 6 heats total and allowe two discurts for the championships results. For the two events registered in total 37 participants and many more watched from the friendly beach of Drepano.


Event#2 results after 4 heats

Championships final results after 6 heats

Panteliz photo gallery of the race and the full video

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Event report on Windsurfing.gr 

GP3S ranking of the day

2011 Greek Speed Championships
09/04/2011 – Event#1 


Weather forecast was extremely accurate (sunny warm day 20C, wind at noon about 20 knots, later picked up to more than 25), so we had the opportunity to run two full heats of 1,5 hour each.

Again many happy faces on the beach, especially by people who came for the first time in Drepano to taste the feeling of speeding next to the sandbank!!!

Event#1 results after two heats

Video of the race

My Photos

Windsurfing.gr Photo Gallery

GP3S Ranking of the Day

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