Rock Never Dies/But There Are Things Much Worse Than Death

Yeah, so I’m starting with a Dumbledore quote this week, because Dumbledore’s always relevant and also whoa, wouldn’t that an interesting crossover?

[”Bad plot bunny! Down, plot bunny!”]

First things first: this episode wasn’t exactly terrible, but I’m only partially happy with it. Because, like, my problem with Supernatural at this point (and I say ‘at this point’ because I’m feeling generous and fully drenched in Christmas cheer) is really its lack of consistency. And, look, I’m not saying that a show must be an absolute masterpiece in order to be enjoyable - I understand that’s a hard thing to do, and okay - and also, there are shows I consider ‘beach viewing’ (that’s how you call a specific kind of books in Italian: stuff that can be read on a beach) - they’re not particularly exciting, and if they cancel them I’ll probably live, but they’re entertaining and comforting. I know what I can expect, week after week. And Supernatural - I simply don’t understand how a show that can give us stuff like Baby and Changing Channels and Swan Song and Hunteri Heroici and so many other episodes that were as close to perfection as they could get them can also give us stuff which is, frankly, awful to meh. Because Rock Never Dies? Sort of okay, and it sort of improves in rewatch, but only because our beloved Team Free Will + was working together, and that’s such a rare thing it was a delight to watch. Really, sometimes I get this feeling nobody really knows where the story is going or what to make of these characters and their motivations - the only ones to be completely consistent are Wanek and his minions - but, then again, they’re the same ones who wrote a you people read too much into this graffiti last year - and since that graffiti was visible in the background for half a second and we still saw it, I’m guessing we don’t have a leg to stand on. So, well - I don’t know if they drink schnapps instead of coffee during team meetings (if they do have team meetings, that is) or if they’re so focused on keeping everybody happy they’ve forgotten their primary goal is actually telling a story, but, man.

Well, whatever - back to the episode.

My first complaint would be that they’ve forgotten how to write supernatural creatures. Who Lucifer is and what he wants - to me, it didn’t work all that well. Lucifer was supposed to be the first angel to act on free will, and now suddenly he’s falling apart because dad isn’t there to tell him what to do? A few years ago he wanted to destroy the world, and now he wants people to love him? He spent months humiliating Crowley and then almost killed him but now he keeps Crowley alive because ‘you can’t hurt me, lolz’? And, again - enough with the daddy issues. Everybody on this show seems to function exclusively on daddy issues, and I’ll give Sam and Dean a pass, but these are not humans - they’re angels and demons and they shouldn’t be coded on the same parameters of human beings, otherwise what’s the point? Honestly, I’m so fed up I’m even starting to dislike the fact Crowley doesn’t kill anyone anymore, because that, in a way, was a perfect example of him being ‘other’ (being a good guy while also enjoying human flesh muffins, that is). But, well, the thing is - trying to write the unwritable - a thing that is way beyond anything we can imagine as humans - some writers, like Neil Gaiman and Susanna Clarke, can do it so perfectly you can’t sleep at night; and others - others should start considering turning their chracters human, because at least they would make sense.

(For instance, Lucifer beating Crowley with a guitar was suitably horrific, full of demented rage and all, but Cas attempting to attack Lucifer with a guitar was just weird. Is that how angels fight? Really?)

Turning to Destiel - I’m happy Dean changed Cas’ name from Castiel to Cass (even if, for God’s sake, what’s up with the extra s?), and the fact that Cas actually has opinions on what Dean wears was welcome news (not to Dean, since he acted all embarrassed and changed, like, five minutes later - although, I’m guessing he’ll be back in plaid next week), but, again - keeping whatever is going on between them in the subtext is starting to mess with these guys’ charactierization. For instance, infamous germaphobe Dean Winchester picking up a pair of discarded underwear? Yeah, I don’t think so. Literally the only purpose of him doing that was reminding us he’s partial to pink panties (on himself, that is), and having him glance at Cas as he held them, and showing us Cas picking them up next. But, subtext aside, it was a wtf thing for him to do.

(Much love for the fact they had two references to endverse this week - the panties and the ‘fearless leader’ jab at the end. Man, I’m still not over that episode.)

Under the cut: Sam acting weird, Crowley breaking my heart, the Winchesters vs the British MoL, Samson and Ladyheart and some random thoughts and feels.

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I've gotten to the point where I find my mind subconsciously thinking about my bias in BTS the second I orgasm during masturbation and I can't believe how thirsty I am honestly 🙈. Its really bad.

“Do you think about me?”

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“Or maybe it’s me?”

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“It has to be me considering how much I love the way you taste.”

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Ignore them, since we both know it’s me. My thighs get you wet any time you see them, and you get so drenched when you ride them.”

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“What about me? I know how much you love sitting in my lap…”

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“I know it’s me. I can’t stop thinking about you and those pretty noises you make.  If you’re on my mind so much then I have to be on yours that much too. Right, baby?”

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“It’s me. I mean just look at me. You know you can’t resist what my fingers can do. They’re crooked for a reason, after all…”

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Goblin, 1

Epic, thrilling, and blood drenched. Whoever would have thought I’d use those words to describe a Korean drama? But here I am, halfway thorough the supersized premeire of Goblin, marveling at its big-budget aesthetic and cinematic flair. (Also: Gong Yoo as an elegant, distant immortal is all I never knew I needed from life.)

My only regret is that this show is almost certainly going to turn from a dark fairytale into a hijinks-riddled rom-com told in the voice of Kim Eun Sook. Is it too much to hope that she’s really left her problematic romantic sensibilities in the past?

I am that moonflower devoured by the sun the sun you your holy mouth
the nectar petals peeling onto my
skin body astral tongue
your melancholy twists in shape in shape in tender spirit hands
you blossom like the rain
dormant showers in a lilybirthed lake
your fermented outer space lips
the deadly oleander light
moonshine kisses pollen drenched
down my throatmy spine my private moon talk
carefully pulling your beliefs from under the bed
clutching illusion

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Ok, what is the stupidest, yet funniest thing to happen to you while you were originally working under miserix?

It is difficult to choose only one, for his reign was rife with errors. However, there was one time that Miserix was commissioned by Ehlek to develop a new pack Rahi for his territory. Unfortunately, an impurity mysteriously found its way into the creature’s vat, altering its genetic code so the animal would explode fourteen days after creation.

Two weeks passed, and the day came for Miserix to unveil his new Rahi. As our small audience eagerly watched, Miserix proudly unsealed the creature’s stasis tube, and let it lumber out. The animal briefly turned to meet its creator’s gaze… then promptly exploded in his face, splattering its foul-smelling remains everywhere.

Fortunately, I happened to have been standing just shy of the blast. The same, however, could not be said for Miserix: Our dear leader was left drenched in the liquefied entrails of his own creation, with an expression so priceless I had to repress my laughter and continue feigning surprise. It took three weeks for Miserix to finally expunge the stench… but nobody could forget that expression of shock, disgust and humiliation.

I dislike that the pureness of ones body being wet with water can’t be expressed because people equate all the words used to describe watery-ness with sex like :/ can’t say I love being wet, soaked, moist, drenched, slippery, etc cause everyone is like XXX about it

Why ARMY’s Feel Attacked

Park Jimin’s Lip Bites

J-Hope’s Intense Gaze

Jungkook’s Bad Boy Mode

Jin’s Serious Face

Suga’s extremely distracting Tongue

(are you doing this on purpose you littl–)

Rapmon’s Come-And-Get-It Face

Taehyung’s Smug Smirk

Meanwhile ARMY’s:


all they could think about during the concert was what they’d do once they got to be alone with you

lol, Justin Bieber is in Oslo, and it’s been hyped up for soooo long, ofc. He did a talk show earlier, and tonight he was supposed to perform an intimate show for concert winners and the likes. Around 1000 hardcore fans. He did 1 song. Then he told off some fans for spilling water, and he left. He fucking left the stage like a diva. He said ‘I’m done, I’m not doing the show’, took off his hoodie and that was it.. 

Can I just say how happy I am for not being a major fan of a guy who has that kind of attitude problem? jfc, it’s embarrassing..


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