Lord of Night and Darkness. {Intro}

Introducing my newest fanfiction, Lord of Night and Darkness. These are excerpts from Rhysand’s diary, beginning when he is Under the Mountain, and will continue through scenes of all three books, giving us a glance at the story from Rhys’ point of view. Enjoy!

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Day 18,112. I’ve lost count.

It’s too early for me to be awake. I shot up in bed almost an hour ago, drenched in sweat and chills. At least I’m alone, in my own room.

Not hers.

I can still feel her hands on me - an eerie, physical creeping on my skin, eating away my dignity.

Amarantha’s whore.

That’s who I am. That’s what they call me. That’s what I will be known for until the day I die.

I take a deep breath and think of my family. I wonder what they’re doing. I wonder how much they’ve changed. I wonder if they think about me, talk about me around the dinner table. I wonder if they lose sleep over me, as I lose sleep over them.

Morrigan. Cassian. Azriel. Amren.

I hope they are safe. I hope they are happy. I hope they are taking care of each other, and of Velaris.

I look up at the clock hanging on my wall, the only way I can keep track of time in this deep, dark hell.

5 a.m.

Everyone will be up in the next few hours to waste another day in this atrocity.

I suppose as an important piece of this game, I should join them.

I may as well get an early start.

Morrigan. Cassian. Azriel. Amren.

I love you. I miss you.

Let’s hope Tamlin gets his shit together.


We’re running out of time.

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AKECHI BLOG!! This give me life, thank you!! I so close to Shido's palace and I already suffering. Can I ask for headcanons of Akechi having a really REALLY bad day and his s/o (they are not dating yet) confort him, give some cuddles and give his first kiss, please?!

Aaaaa I’m glad it does!! You are so welcome! (ू• ౪•ू )

- Work is usually a strong effort to impress his adult coworkers every day, so even the smallest mistake or slip up ruins his day.

- It’s a even worse day when he forgets his umbrella on that day, or a car runs through water and drenches his clothes. Basically, being drenched puts him in a bad mood to begin with.

- So when he does mess up on those days, it’s Hell on Earth for him. Because he wants to be perfect and flawless all the time.

- He’d run into his future S/O on the way home from work, who asks if he had any time to hangout. He (unintentionally) gives them a rude “No,” and continues on his way home. No eye contact.

- They’d follow/walk back to his apartment with him. When they get there, Akechi snaps at them, telling them to go home.

- Future S/O knows by now he’s had one of those days. So they ignore his words and help him get comfortable and relaxed in his living room.

- They brew up some hot cocoa for the two of them and wraps Akechi up in a soft, warm blanket (after getting his peacoat and shoes off).

- The two of them have been friends for a good amount of time, so Akechi has little to no problem speaking with them and getting his frustrations out of his system. 

-  He’s saying stuff like “I’m such a useless person”, “Nobody wants a failure around”, et cetera.

- They respond with “You’re not useless. And I want you around,”

- When Akechi doesn’t respond, they take their chances and shoot closer to him on the couch and wrap an arm around his shoulder. 

- Our damaged pancake boy is in shock by this affectionate gesture. What a wonderful feeling oh w ow this is amazing.

- He’s blushing as red as his eyes ;P

- Akechi leaning into their arms tells them he’s grateful for their love and kindness and they hold him tighter.

- They stay like this for a while, sharing body heat and listening to each other’s breathing and heartbeat.

- Akechi is such a shy baby. He’s stealing glances up at his soon-to-be S/O, looking away when they look his way. <3

- Eventually, they catch him looking and there is nowhere this boy can run now. He was in their grasp, charmed by their dashing eyes.

- It’s only a few moments before S/O leans in and gives our boy his first kiss.

- The kiss is awkward, but soft and cute. A little, slow peck.

- They pull away and Akechi is even redder omg who knew a human could get this red in the face???

- He pulls them in for more soft pecks. S/O loves how brave, yet nervous he is with his own kisses. 

- Maybe turns into a fluffy make-out session??? :3c

- Try imagining the awkward silence afterwards hehehe

- “I want those lips everyday, S/O…” <3

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Nope, you’re not, sorry. You have to find yourself in the rain in the mud AND  in the cemetery.  Btw im doing that tonight if it rains, wanna join me?

Storm Witch Tip:

A storm is likely to come when:

  • deciduous trees flip their leaves due to wind direction
  • birds fly low in the sky, and go quiet
  • there’s a southerly wind (in the US)
  • there’s a red dawn in the east
  • layers of nimbus clouds move in opposite directions
  • the morning grass is dry of dew
  • an earthy scent rises from the soil and flowers
  • pine cones remain closed
  • a halo rings the moon at night
  • nights are warm in winter (cloud cover insulation)
  • smoke swirls and descends, instead of a steady rise

Remember, low pressure brings wet weather.

its au time you sons of hecks

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Grasping the Obvious

Bucky Barnes was in love, and it seems that everyone figured it out but you. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Fluff, tiny segment of angst. 
Author’s Note: Don’t you love fluff? I do. After writing angst for three days straight I could use a little fluff. Enjoy! This is 3000 words long! 

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