• Management: so I was thinking maybe something casual, maybe an announcement on the radio-
  • Harry: commercial
  • Management: I mean we might want to start small-
  • Harry: internacional broadcasting. Every single country.
  • Management: okay...well maybe something outdoors, calm-
  • Harry: I want to be drenched.
  • Management: but, the children-
  • Harry: mood lighting
  • Management: being wet doesn't even make sense, you're not in the water
  • Harry: drenched.
  • Management: I mean....
  • Harry: don't forget a close up of my eyes. Bitches love my eyes.

I’m thinking Jackson is a lot sicker then JYP had us thinking. I mean just the fact that Jackson is breathing super hard and drenched in sweat after 1 performance when everyone else in the group isn’t has me like ❓❓❓ Also I can tell he isn’t dancing as well as he use to, like he still doesn’t feel well. Yeah he looks happy but I dunno…. I just don’t want him pushing himself too quickly.

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Ok clearling confessions was soo cute but is there gonan be a part three? Cause what happens between them? Does the reader end up going on the double date? What happens with Lisa since Jimin said they got her to go on the double date?

Clearing Confessions Part 3 (Jungkook Super Fluff Fic (Unrequited love))

Part 1

Part 2

We walked out of the forest, hand in hand, drenched from head to toe together towards Jungkook’s house. 

“My mom is out of the house right now. You can shower and I’ll get you some home clothes.” I mumble a thanks through my chattering teeth and was grateful to be greeted by the warm air if Jungkook’s house when we got inside. I quickly ran upstairs, already knowing the exact layout of Jungkook’s house. In a way I basically already lived here with me coming over breakfast lunch and dinner some days. I grabbed a towel from the linen closet and Jungkook chuckled behind me. “What?” I asked holding the towel to my chest for warmth. “It’s just nice. You know your way around and you know you don’t have to ask.”

I smile and turn into he bathroom but not before I call, “I also know your phone’s password so watch out Kookie.”

Under the hot water and steam surrounding me, I massage m hair and my body trying to rid myself of the cold the rain water brought upon me. My hands brush my lips and I immediately think back to the passionate kiss Jungkook and I had just shared. I shake my head trying to calm myself down as I am just about to hurts thinking about him saying he loves. Never had I ever thought I could be this lucky. 

I step out of the shower and tie the towel around my body and step out of the bathroom. I go to Jungkook’s room to ask for the clothes and walk in on him completely shirtless, towel wrapped around his bottom half. 

“Jungkook do you have my clothes-” I stop halfway, trying to collect my thoughts and prevent myself from turning red. I try not to gawk, it’s not the first time I’ve seen Jungkook shirtless before but with todays atmosphere, it’s a lot more intense. When i look into Jungkook’s eyes racking down me, it is only then that I realize that I am only in a towel. Meeting each other’s eyes we both turn away. “I-I can give you some of my own.” Jungkkok approaches me and hands me a pile of sweats and a sweatshirt. I take them mumbling thank you. I’m about to turn away but Jungkook grips my arm and turns me back around pressing me into them. He looks into my eyes as if asking for permission until I nod and he leans into kiss me. This kiss isn;t as passionate as out first one but it is a lot more heated. I hold Jungkook’s face and caress his cheeks as his hands travel up and down my body. I can feel the tension, the pressure and the-

Jungkook’s phone rings and he pulls away. Over his shoulder I see the caller ID. It’s Lisa.


Hey there! SO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING SO ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT CLEARING CONFESSIONS! AHHH! Its actually the first imagine I’ve ever written so thank you :):)

Okay so I wasn’t really going to write another part because I didn’t think anything could end as cutely as part 2( with them in the rain and all) But like this here is just for you <3 Haha. I know I ended sourly but I promise I’ll make this better.


Zayn’s And PartyNextDoor’s New Song Will Make You Want To Skip Straight To Summer

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Zayn’s And PartyNextDoor’s New Song Will Make You Want To Skip Straight To Summer

External image

External image

We’re only two days into spring, but Summer ’17 is already here, if Zayn has anything to say about it. After getting sultry with Taylor Swift on “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” the former 1D member has returned with a summer-ready new single.

On “Still Got Time,” Zayn and Toronto rapper PARTYNEXTDOOR trade reassurances over a laid-back groove drenched in tropical vibes. “Just stop looking for love, girl you’ve still got time,” they casually croon over smooth production from Frank Dukes and Murda Beatz. The only groaner from this otherwise chill-as-fuck vibefest is PND’s verse, which plays off that awful pick-up line about wearing a shirt that’s “boyfriend material.” Go ahead and shrug that off, though; the rest of it’s a certified jam.

“Still Got Time” is the first single from Zayn’s upcoming sophomore album, due out — appropriately enough — this summer.

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Yet do not forget the simple hour!
When birds sing awake the world
And sunlight glints off fog choked grass
Drenched in a cool morning dew.

The decades old house spoke
Creaking of wood underfoot
Hidden pipes hissing for broke
Antique frames holding on to
Yesteryears memories true.

When father bade instruction
On daily chore and sweat of brow.
Mother hummed her tune
And attending to the garden
Laughter of young innocence
Sails in on wind swept curtains

I pray thee do not lose heart!
Do not forget the simple hour
Least memories dim and the
World is devoured in the dark
Hold on wildly with all might
Rage against a dying love
Bring back the sweet light.

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I just closed my eyes for 15 fucking minutes, woke up, saw this shit and my shirt is now drenched with sweat. His fucking ARM looked so good wet. His SHIRT WAS SOAKINF OH G VL


so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith—that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may have strength to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.
Ephesians 3:17‭-‬19 ESV

  • *Yang enters the dorm room drenched in milk, with bits of cheese and butter covering her.*
  • Blake: Yang, what happened?!
  • Yang: I was walking around town when some guy just threw all this milk, cheese and butter at me.
  • Weiss: That's outrageous!
  • Ruby: How could anyone do that?
  • Yang: I know right? How dairy!
  • *Ruby, Weiss, and Blake just stare blankly as Yang grins before grabbing their pillows and smacking a laughing Yang with them.*