drenched in light

I arrived drenched in morning light
and it churned my guts unless I closed my eyes.
Made it up the stairs to the bed inside
without puking up a fantastic time.

And everything so unexpectedly started to feel like a dream
but I couldn’t stop drifting out when the magic would spin.

2:00 PM: I missed my class again.
Did you miss yours too because you’re sleeping in?
Are the two of us both imagining
seven-hour round-trips into each others’ beds?

'Till then You're beautiful, and I Just Stare

Okay so @frenchibi   and I talked about this fic like months ago and now I finally wrote it!! HOPE YOU ENJOY THE FLUFFIEST FLUFF OF LIFE!!!

Rating: M (non-explicit sexual content)

Ship: Iwaoi

He tastes like the popcorn, the salt still on his tongue as it presses into Oikawa’s mouth. His hands flatten against and grope Oikawa’s body, pulling at his clothes as they back into the bed, kissing like he wished they always would.

“Are you sure?” Iwaizumi breathes, and Oikawa falls back, looking up at the red tint of Iwaizumi’s cheeks, his shirt already pulled off and he can’t find any reason in his head to say no, so he nods.

When Iwaizumi smiles Oikawa wonders if he knows how bright it is, how light his head feels looking at it and when he kisses his chest he hopes Iwaizumi can’t feel the butterflies fluttering where his heart should be. He giggles, letting a butterfly escape and Iwaizumi looks up, paused.

Oikawa just stares at him, his cheeks progressively getting hotter as Iwaizumi smiles. He kneads his thumb into Oikawa’s ribs and watches as Oikawa squirms, laughter bubbling out in strained gasps. His chest feels as though it might pop and he struggles to find air. Even when he stops the giggles keep coming and Oikawa can’t stop smiling.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry-” he gasps and Iwaizumi just smiles and shakes his head rolling off of him onto the bed.

“Noooo- don’t stop-” Oikawa whines, and he turns on his side, looking at Iwaizumi in the dim lamp light, the white sheets making his eyes even brighter.

“Well if you don’t stop giggling-”

Oikawa sits up, sliding over into Iwaizumi’s lap and sliding his palms up his chest.

“Take me-” Oikawa teases, biting his lip and pressing close.


Iwaizumi kisses him softly, running his fingers through Oikawa’s hair, and feels his lips turn up in a smile when he rolls him flat again on the bed. He chases after him into the center of the bed, trailing kisses up his stomach and chest. He unbuttons Oikawa’s jeans and tries to strip them to the floor, but his ankles get caught in the folds and tangle his feet. Oikawa laughs, and Iwaizumi groans having to pull away to fix it, their burning chests growing hotter with embarrassed laughter.   

They pull everything apart, from their clothes to the very fabric of their hearts, pressing closer and closer until they can’t feel any space between. The dim light falls gently into the night, and Iwaizumi kisses Oikawa in every spot and on every part until nothing and no one but each other fill their minds. Until dawn breaks the black sky, and they fall asleep in each other’s arms too tired to even say goodnight.

Oikawa wiggles his toes in the morning. When he wakes up to the soft light drenching the white bed in warmth, he wiggles his toes and moves slowly. He rubs his eyes and feels the tension in his bones release, waking up alone among the pillows.

“Hajime?” He sits up and looks for him and the moment he does Iwaizumi walks through the doorway. His smile brightens when Iwaizumi sees him and the soft sound of his steps coming closer make Oikawa’s cheeks burn pink. He crawls between the sheets to Oikawa, capturing his lips and cupping his cheeks. Oikawa clutches the blankets and tries not to giggle, the butterflies in his chest dancing again until Iwaizumi yanks the white sheet over them. Oikawa falls back onto the pillows and Iwaizumi’s follows, limiting their world to just the two of them.

He opens his eyes to Iwaizumi hovering over him, biting his lip and breathing in the hot air trapped between them.

“Morning-” He whispers and Oikawa can only smile, letting his cheeks push close his eyes as his face numbs with joy and Iwaizumi sits back on his lap.

His hands are warm when they grace the curves of Oikawa’s body in the faded light. Iwaizumi brushes his thumb over Oikawa’s navel pressing in a little and making him squirm and giggle, then plays his ribs like piano keys and watches him sing.

“Oh does that tickle?” Iwaizumi says and Oikawa can’t speak the words, his breath so scarce in his lungs he can barely even breath.

“Iwa-” He gasps, and Iwaizumi keeps laughing.

He turns from side to side and pushes at Iwaizumi’s hands until he just gives in and covers his face, laughing in their small space and Iwaizumi stops letting Oikawa catch his breath.

His laughs are smaller when they kiss again, and Iwaizumi trails his lips across his cheek to his lips, pressing deeply into them and making Oikawa’s heart stutter.

“Keep your eyes closed-” He whispers against Oikawa’s lips, and he pauses, holding his breath before nodding and then feeling the aftertaste of Iwaizumi pressed against him when he leaves.

He scrunches his nose at the bright light when Iwaizumi lifts the sheet away but keeps his lids closed. He tries to figure out Iwaizumi’s movements by the sounds around him, by the feeling of the bed dipping farther down and then the kiss of something light landing on his head.

“Okay- open your eyes…” Iwaizumi crawls close again, watching Oikawa’s eyes float open and look up into the air.

In the waves of the morning light dance small white feathers, drifting down onto Oikawa, scattering across the bed like snow. Iwaizumi throws more into the air, holding his ripped pillow to his chest and watching Oikawa’s eyes. Their brown irises shake with excitement, and his lips part for a breathy laugh and a smile.

“What- why… Iwa?” Oikawa just shakes his head, feathers falling from his hair and into his lap. He picks one up and twirls it between his fingers, looking all around him at the falling white down. When the feathers have stopped falling and rest around them on the bed Iwaizumi settles closer to Oikawa.

“Hajime…” Oikawa can’t seem to say anything else, his heart overwhelmed and swollen with a warmth like the sun. Iwaizumi slides down on his side, propping himself up on his elbow and staring as Oikawa throws the feathers in the air, his smile so wide it almost hurts.

“Do you remember the first rated R movie we ever watched?” Iwaizumi asks.

Oikawa tries to remember, but he can’t think of it so he shakes his head and lays back next to Iwaizumi.

“We were like 14- and we stole it from your mom’s room. It was some old cliche love story with a lot of cursing and a sex scene.” He chuckles,

“But in the morning after they had sex, the woman woke up in the bed covered with feathers, they were flying everywhere and it ended with her being perfectly happy.”

Oikawa can’t seem to stop blushing as Iwaizumi talks, the mention of sex clicking in his head, his body feeling warm all over and his heart remembering again too. He turns over onto his stomach hugging his pillow closer to hold onto the feeling.   

“Well, when the movie was over you got up and said that’s how you wanted to wake up- after your first time you wanted to wake up and watch feathers fall from the sky and just lay around and cuddle with the person you loved until the sun went down.”

Oikawa tries so hard to remember that moment, and he can feel it, he can feel the reality the thought of it all but he can’t picture it.

“Hajime, why do you remember that?” Oikawa’s lips break into a grin as he presses his face into his pillow then looks over his shoulder at Iwaizumi. 

“I’ve been planning on being that person ever since-” His voice is soft through his smile, and he picks up a feather and runs it across Oikawa’s butt, the sheets kicked down to their legs, and up his back following it with his eyes until they meet Oikawa’s again.

“I wanted to give you that perfect moment- that perfect first time.” He whispers and lets his fingers reach out for a strand of Oikawa’s hair. He just stares for a moment, charting the stars in Oikawa’s eyes, and memorizing the curve of his back as he’s spread out naked on the bed. He leans forward, pressing his lips to Oikawa’s shoulder and breathing in his scent.

“I love you,” He says, and Oikawa’s heart sinks, his smile still wide at everything the morning has brought, at the memory of the night before and he feels giddy. 

“I love you too,” He whispers and his smiles grows bigger, their foreheads pressing to each other and their noses bumping. His insides are restless and tight, his toes curling and his smile growing; he can’t control his rapture, the realization of everything warming him from the inside out.

“We had sex…” his eyes are wide as he giggles. It sounds so childish but his heart feels that way too- like it’s filled with air and laughter and so much joy it’s going to pop and he can only smile through it. 


Iwaizumi nods at him, and Oikawa rubs his face into the pillow making Iwaizumi laugh. He watches his giddy wiggling, and his expressions as he laughs, picking up a handful of feathers and sprinkling them over him. When he’s calmed down and just stares at him Iwaizumi leans closer and presses his lips to Oikawa’s melting forward into him.

“I love you,” He whispers and Iwaizumi slips his tongue out, pulling their bodies closer and letting their hearts beat erratically; pressed together as close as they can be.   

anonymous asked:

I was reading your rendition of Just Hold On, (which was simply marvelous), and I wondered. Sweet Creature was made shortly after Harry's birthday. And the letter of SOTT, also passes a message that is to hold. Do you think these songs have any relation? It's hard to think of coincidences when it comes to Harry and Louis.


I had some vague thoughts about the relationship between JHO and SOTT, and this question forced me to focus my thoughts. So here they are. 

Previously, I had talked about JHO as a song of affirmation and reassurance following Jay’s death. But JHO is also a love song, as the music video showed us. Not merely a love song, but a love song with pointed references to Harry and Louis (the jacket colors, the baseball cap/ fedora, the first meeting in a concert and then meeting later outside of the concert, the travel to multiple music venues around the world, the love that is not only intoxicating but domestic and ends in marriage).

SOTT also has pointed references to Jay. Harry says in his Rolling Stone interview, “The song is written from a point of view as if a mother was giving birth to a child and there’s a complication. The mother is told, ‘The child is fine, but you’re not going to make it.’ The mother has five minutes to tell the child, ‘Go forth and conquer.‘”

I had sort of dismissed this quote, but after reading this post, I could be convinced of the song as a description of Jay’s wish for her child’s career to blossom– as a way of saying good-bye, but also giving her blessing to her child. The child’s “birth” is the career coming to fruition.

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Word Count: 1583

Genre: Yandere!Taehyung

|| He’s not crazy, he says. He’s fine, he says. Kim Taehyung tells himself the craziest things while he watches her from afar. He’ll do anything to keep her, anything to keep other men away from his precious angel. After all, he’ll always be with her.

Jimin Ver. | Tae Ver. 

Originally posted by taestylips

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i am drenched in color, awash in light- brilliant rainbows
of cobalt and scarlet and vermilion and saffron and rose and violet,
melting into lilac and blush and deep deep cyan,
supersaturated and sharp and incandescent,
set up against each other, flung across the land.
the sun paints the clouds in burning streaks and touches the cliffs,
the spires, every crevasse and every sweeping precipice
with swathes of glowing gold fire; i have spent all my life
living each second in fuzzy dim grays and
i have seen the sun set into the water,
but here it sets over the edge of the world.
here color seeps into the rock and the light and the shadows,
radiates out from them, shines into my eyes
so that i cannot look away. it spins awe from thin air,
sketches wonder like a glass palace, takes
waiting and turns it into weightlessness. i am become
the distant sky, the long dusk shadows, the broad canyon thermals.

this is to a sunset
as a real person is to a photograph. i have never felt anything
so clear.

—  so this is what it means to be present//ast.

You know, right after Peter stabbed Mag, he was described as being covered in blood, and drenched in that weird red light, with a fucking body at his feet. And then he starts chatting amicably, like they’re having a pleasant afternoon on the square, with that aforementioned dead body smell hanging in the air, and then vanishes in a puff of smoke.

No wonder he’s a bogeyman on Brahma.

Those guards must have thought they were talking to the devil himself. Peter couldn’t have come up with more demonic imagery if he’d planned it.


Junya Ishigami is known for his enchanting concepts which attempt to dissolve the boundaries between architecture and geography, the delicacy and lightness of form in his work stretching far beyond the minimalist aesthetic.

The Kait workshop in Japan is a physical embodiment of such ideas; a barely-there glass box supported by 305 unique steel columns to create a fresh interior space drenched in natural light. The interior is an artificial forest of white columns, with sunlight filtering through skylights which run the entire length of the building. 

Ishigami’s obsession with celebrating the beauty of nature within artificial form is expressed in the exterior, where the glass reflects the site’s surrounding trees and the lack of exterior walls furthers the building’s transparency. This subtlety and tentativeness is present in all of Ishigami’s work. 

Photos taken by Iwan Baan and Rudolph Escher.

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#4 pretty pleaseee!!! Ps: Love your blog ❤❤❤

thank you, sweetheart!

i combined it with @flourishandblotted‘s prompt “stay with me, like this” and went with ten x rose! i hope you like it – it’s angsty at first but i promise the ‘gets better’ ending <3

that we whisper | AO3

The first scream cuts through the drowsy air, echoes down the corridor.

Air leaves Rose’s lungs. Sleepiness is electrocuted from her body, or so it seems. She drops the tea mug onto the grating, tea spilling over with a wet splash.


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Jasper Hale imagine requested by anon. “Could you do a Jasper imagine, where your his human mate who just learned about vampires and you still haven’t seen one in the sunlight yet. So you ask Jasper to show you. ” Hope you like it!

In a way, you were willingly signing yourself up for what was certain to be an excruciating death sequence. As you left your home, you found yourself forcing your mind away from finalities. This was likely the last time you locked your front door, yes, but it could very well be one of many more fumbles, just another search for the gleam of brass in the shrubbery. You were quite literally risking your life today, and for what? To answer with love would be a tad too drastic; you’d only known the man for a few months, and the time you’d spent in the know had been an even smaller amount. No, it was not for love, but for something else entirely you couldn’t assign a word to. It was fiercer than curiosity, stronger willed than desire, choked by something close to fear (a cousin, maybe), fueled by an undying urge to see. It was about vision. It was about trust. As you found yourself walking away from your childhood home, you couldn’t help but catch your breath in your throat. The familiar concrete of the path connecting your doorstep to the sidewalk… would you ever see this again? Would you ever scrape your knees on the porous material after one too many ambitious tests of an icy sheen? Would you ever return for the holidays with your family? Would you teach your child how to walk on the very same plain you had learned? Death was a high-ranking probability, but the unnamed emotions driving you onward overwhelmed any lust for a thought as tedious as self-preservation. You needed to see it.

He wasn’t waiting with a car, which you had expected. He wasn’t exactly on board with the idea of being in a cramped, confined space with nothing but the beating of your pulse and the delectable (nay, irresistible) aroma of your blood warming the cabin of the vehicle. He didn’t bring his motorcycle at your request; your parents were likely to blow gaskets if they so much as hard the sound of a Harley’s pipes moments after you left the house. It would be a similar reaction if you had told them you were about to lope off into the forest with a vampire, only slightly worse if you were to mention that said vampire was the most unstable vampire within a ten-mile radius. You had to give him credit; if he was willing to be alone with you, he must consider himself in control… and he really was trying. Jasper was standing beneath the expansive shade of the forest’s edge, his hands clasped behind his back. He couldn’t quite shake the military, could he? His smile was strained, as it usually was, to be in such close proximity with his natural food source, but his butterscotch eyes were brighter than you’d ever seen them. He nodded in your direction, smirking as he dissected your face.

“You’re nervous,” he observed, rooting around through your brain, tasting your emotional atmosphere. You inhaled the scent of the forest, exhaling slowly, your eyes on his. He must have hunted recently. His eyes were as golden as they’d ever been, but there was a vibrancy to his irises that you’d never witnessed. The bruises beneath his eyes were barely visible. He almost looked… well, no one as inhumanely beautiful as Jasper would ever come close to looking human again, but he looked healthier, happier. His charming southern voice crept forward from between his lips, quieter than you had expected. “Y/n, we don’t have to do this today. Perhaps if you’d rather wait…?” You shook your head, dismissing his recommendation the moment he spoke the words.

“No, Jasper, really. I’m good. I’m… I’m excited.” His brow furrowed slightly, his head turning as if to hear you better.

“More so than you are afraid?” He inquired, his voice lilting somewhere between fascination, humour, and regretful understanding. He was aware of the risks he presented; he was the newest vegetarian, that much you knew, and being alone in a secluded location far from town was as close to a perfect recipe for a slaughtering as you cared to imagine. Regardless of the danger, you wouldn’t live your life without having seen this strange feat Jasper’s family had inherited alongside their immortality. If you didn’t go, you’d regret it for the rest of your life. Even if you died today, you’d have fulfilled a gaping curiosity festering in the pit of your stomach.

“Way more. I’m ready to go when you are.” You were glad to hear the strength in your voice. Surely, Jasper could sense a falter in your composure, but he declined to mention anything. The South raised their gentlemen well. He smiled, his eyes glimmering in what little sunlight shimmered through the cloud covering.

“We have twenty minutes before my sister Alice has promised a sun shower,” He lifted his eyes to the overcast skies, grinning to himself at the uncanny accuracy of his meteorologist sister’s precognition. His eyes returned to your face, glowing like evening sunbeams through a crystal jaw of amber honey. He shrugged his shoulders, peeling his rain jacket from his body, extending a rigid hand in your direction, offering you the coverage you’d forgotten. “You may need this. You may be… cold.” Again, he smirked. You rolled your eyes, accepting his offering, careful not to make contact with his icy skin. He would not be bothered by the weather; your touch, however, he may not be ready for. You donned Jasper’s coat, relishing in the chill the fabric carried, overwhelmed by the heady scent of him. You turned, as if in a daze, your eyes searching for your mode of transportation, your attention caught by the uncommonly smooth sound of Jasper clearing his throat. “We’re running, if that’s alright with you.” He extended his hand towards you, his jawline rigid, controlled. He wouldn’t hurt you. At least… well, it wouldn’t be intentional. You slipped your palm into his, watching his shoulders cease to move as your skin warmed the frozen alabaster of his callous-less hand. He had ceased to breathe. He moved, ever so slowly, calculating his every step, until you were a hair width away from his dazzling eyes. He smiled briefly before spinning you in his arms, cradling you to his chest with ease. He lifted an eyebrow, wordlessly asking permission to continue. You nodded him on. You had never regretted a decision more in your entire life.

By the time the forest stopped spinning around you, Jasper had been still for a good five minutes. Running with a vampire was not your favourite medium of travel, that much was certain. You weren’t prepared for the supernatural speed at which Jasper carried you through the wood, dodging tree limbs and fallen trunks at the last minute, seconds before you managed to see the threat. It was… dizzying, for lack of a better explanation. Jasper, however, was completely unfazed. He cuffed and rolled his sleeves, exposing the pale skin of his forearms, his eyes raking the skies as they began to clear. Sure enough, the peaceful sound of splattering rain against the waxy leaves above began trickling to your ears, wrenching you back to reality. He stood a fair distance away, though not quite far enough to ice you out of the picture. He was respectfully acknowledging that you were so very human, and that standing too close might, at the moment, have meant an end to your human life. He was cautious, that was it. The rain began to fall evenly now, advancing from stray droplets to waves of water soaking down the tree bark around you, moistening the moss underfoot. Jasper eyed a river to your right, walking out from beneath the protective cover of leaves you shared, strolling into the open air. His clothing began to darken as the water struck the cloth. His hair suspended raindrops like gemstones among his golden curls. He was absolutely beautiful. He shot you a wary, almost testing gaze, likely attempting to read your scattered brain for any scrap of fear. He didn’t have much time to search, and you didn’t have much time to compose yourself before the sun peeked out from behind the heavy gray clouds. A sun shower, just as Alice had predicted.

All at once, the vampire changed. His skin, which you had thought of as marble, alabaster, could only have been crafted from diamonds. His every pore was faceted like a jewel, refracting light and colour as if he were made of some precious stone unknown to mankind. The rain fell on, continuing to soak through his clothing, the form-fitting cotton shirt he’d worn stained a much darker blue than before, clinging loosely to his carved physique. His eyes fluttered closed, his palms turned upwards as the sun drenched his body in light. You watched on in mystified awe as he glimmered, what little remained of the colouring beneath his eyes erasing entirely. In fact, he seemed to flush beneath the sun’s rays, like there was blood coursing through his veins once more, flooding his cheeks with the palest of rosy colour. He was far more beautiful than you could have anticipated. Quite honestly, to have this creature end your life would have been a blessing. To perish at the hands of an angel rang with promises of Heaven. Jasper tilted his face to meet the rain as it plummeted from the clouds above, his shimmering skin reflecting different light as he moved. He seemed to sigh, contented, basking in the warmth of the sun.

You lifted yourself, slowly at first, from the mossy forest floor, watching Jasper’s eyes flash open as your scent stirred in the air. The guilt you felt for disturbing such a magnificent creature was disregarded instantly, overpowered by your desire to stand beside him beneath the sun. You walked forward, abandoning the promise of drier land as you stepped beyond the reach of the trees, striding closer to the river, to Jasper. He tensed slightly, following your every move with his eyes, his face immobile as he read your emotional state. What he must have found there… the wonder, the awe, the delight… surely it had some impact on him. You trusted him completely, and in sensing that strength within you, he began to trust himself, if only by a fraction. You were standing before him, not quite as close as before he’d pulled you into his arms, but not as far as your greeting earlier in the day. His skin was even more glorious at a close range, if such a feat was possible. Slowly, cautiously, you began to raise your hand, allowing Jasper plenty of time to prepare for what you had planned. He didn’t flinch away, didn’t relocate, didn’t warn you against the movement; he wanted this experience, either to test himself or to test you. Something in him still wondered why you had agreed to come at all, and now was the last place he’d risk scaring you off. Your eyes left his, following your fingertips as they made contact with his dazzling cheekbone. He closed his eyes, sighing into your touch, his face tilting ever so slightly in the direction of your hand. You trailed your fingers to his jaw, encountering unseen ridges there. His eyelids fluttered open momentarily, watching as your brow smoothed out and you continued downward. As you traced along the patterns the sun created on his sparkling skin, you discovered many similar ridges, but Jasper didn’t seem to mind them. Your hand fell to his chest, your palm placed over his heart. Part of you waited for a heartbeat. Part of you waited for death. All that happened was that Jasper overstepped the boundaries he had set for himself, surprising you. His hand closed over your own, holding you to his chest. He inched your hand upward until you were once more cradling his face, this time more completely. He inhaled deeply, his eyes fluttering closed again.

“This is wonderful,” he whispered, more so to himself than to you. You smiled, practically exuding happiness. Even without his abilities, Jasper would have picked up on your joy. His eyes opened, burning low with calm enjoyment, his lips pulling upwards at the corners, lifting his features from the stoic you were used to. “Y/n, words cannot express…” his voice trailed off, his unoccupied hand reaching to your waist, his palm smoothing over your hip. “I hope you can understand me when I tell you that I haven’t felt this human in a very long time.” He paused, drifting closer to you, his chest resting against yours. How strange, this proximity was. You weren’t complaining, of course, but to see Jasper so… uninhibited, so free, it was something foreign to you. He hadn’t been this close to you, even when he shot through the forest with you in his arms. No, he was restrained, pulling away from you, if subtly. Now, however, he was close enough to breath you in, to count your eyelashes, to snap your neck, maybe, but more importantly, he may be close enough to kiss you. His voice filtered through the mayhem that was your mind, his smile tainting his tone with a lightweight dye, granting feathers to his tone and flight to his words. “It has been too long since I’ve last allowed myself…” he trailed off, shaking his head in wonder, his smile growing. “And to feel what you’re feeling! Y/n, you can’t imagine how I feel. I could sing.” At this, you laughed, a motion that brought you closer to him, somehow. Perhaps he had pulled you in, you couldn’t tell, but he was accepting of your shift.

“Yes, I’m sure that’d be quite the performance, Jas-” His thumb pressed against your lips, silencing your speech. The unimaginable smoothness of his skin stroked over your lower lip as his fingers tangled in your hair, his body pressing more securely against your own. Your heart raced in your chest, colour rushing to paint your cheeks. He smiled, his eyes closing as he read the erratic rate of your heartbeat, nodding his head slowly.

“I could think of much better things to do with my time. For example…” He ducked his face to yours, resting his forehead against your own, pausing for a moment a mere second away from your lips. His jaw clenched once before the sweet perfume of his steady exhale billowed over your face, enveloping you in indescribable scents. You scarcely had time to decipher exactly what Jasper smelled of before his marble lips were moving against your own. He was careful in his movements, reminding you without words of the precautions you had to take when you recalled enough sense to return his kiss. He angled his face to better mold to yours as his hands tilted your lips to his mouth, securing your body to his as fully as he dared explore. Your mind was absorbed in all things Jasper, from the pinpoints of light that continued to dance from his skin and shone through the darkness of your eyelids, the delectable cologne of his body, the way his height sheltered you from the rain. It was glorious, it was heavenly, and it was over far too soon for your liking. Jasper detached himself, taking a few steps backward, applying that familiar distance once more. The sun disappeared behind a darker, murkier cloud, and the diamonds of Jasper’s complexion went back into hiding. He smiled, warming you despite the chill of his open palm. “Now you know why we can’t go to school on days like this,” he joked, his voice lifting effortlessly as he laughed. You joined him, lacing your fingers through his, your hands suspended between you as you walked back beneath the trees. Your heart was singing, even if Jasper wouldn’t. You’d never been happier than you were in that moment.

You hadn’t known it when you left, but you could have very well gone with Jasper out of love. After all, time meant nothing to an immortal.

~The Rain Fic~ (Hamilsquad x Reader)

A/N: Hello hello hello! I feel hella sick (it’s a mix of stress and the worst period cramps in the world I s2g I’m dying ow), I have ten minutes of internet left, and it’s raining pretty badly outside so I wanted to write something in the moment. Hope you like it! ;)

T/W: Car crashes, mentioned character death, PTSD, flashbacks, thunderstorm

(This is a hellllla long fic oh god i’m not sorry)

The crash had been so long ago that you almost never got flashbacks now.

The occasional one here or there sure, but your days of screaming until your throat was raw and crying until your head hurt every time it rained were far, far behind you.

Not since you met your boys had you had a really bad one. Not since there was always someone with their arm around you when you slept. Not since had felt so loved and cared for and… Safe, even.

You had never told the boys about the crash – hell, you barely told your therapist about it – but they knew. Of course, they hadn’t asked how your mother had died, but it had been an implied question since the first time they had met your family.

They knew that you were there, that you survived, that that scar above your eye was the only thing that had come of this situation.

And they knew that she had died that day. Your mother was a sweet woman, with kind eyes and hair that matched yours. She always said you were her world - that one day you would do amazing things, and that she would be right there behind you when they happened. She loved you with all her heart, and wanted to give you nothing but the best.

That dream wasn’t one that became fufilled, however, and to this day you still can’t bare the thought that those things she once said were now buried six feet under with her.

You were only six, an age that should never come with a story of such trauma. It was raining; raining badly at that. You could barely see an inch in front of your windscreen. The rain came in heavy, white sheets, and the windshield wipers went at full power, slashing oceans of rain to the sides of the glass as your mother drove.

You could hear the drumming thunder over your dream, almost like you were trapped in the world’s strongest cage. You felt like you were falling; like you were moving, almost. You felt yourself kick at nothing; bed sheets rubbing against your legs as your foot collided with someone else’s under the covers.

A song that you had never heard before and would never remember blared over the radio. All the lights were on in and around the car. Why your father’s car broke down all the way out here seemed less like a mystery and more like a suicide mission. It was so bad your neighbors couldn’t even get home, meaning that, with no one to look after you, your mother was forced to take you with her.

Your breathing restricted and you felt your chest tighten. You wanted to open your mouth, but you felt like you had so little to say. You wanted to scream, to cry to let everyone know that you weren’t okay. You whimpered pitifully as you begged to be held, craving human contact – the contact of your boys. Rain lashed against the windows outside, but you could barely focus enough to see it. You felt helpless, and you began to freak out.

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Hi! If requests are still open, do you think you would consider writing about MC and Jumin getting married? Maybe the proposal or the actual thing? No matter what, I absolutely adore your writing, so thank you so much for your amazing work! Keep sharing your talent and passion!

This is that quality content I’ve been searching for ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

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“I want you to have dinner with me.” 

You laughed lightly over the phone, nodding. “Sure, when should I come over?” 

“No, I want to have dinner with you,” He restated. “at a restaurant.” 

“Why the change?” You asked, grinning. “I thought you liked just getting to spend time with me at your home?”

“I do love, but I thought I’d do something special this time,” He remarked. “I know you don’t like me spending too much money on you but I hope you’ll be willing to allow me to-just this once?” 

“What’re you planning?” 

“That’s for me to know, and for you to find out,” He chuckled. “But it will be a lovely surprise darling-at least-I hope you’ll think so.” 

“I’m sure I will,” You assured him. “When and where is it?”

“It’ll be tomorrow, around eight or so, don’t worry about getting there I’ll send someone to drive you there dear.” 

“Really you don’t have to-”

“This is special MC, let me do this.” 

You hesitated, sighing. “Alright, just this once though!” 

“Then I suppose I better make it count,” He hummed. “I’ll see you tomorrow then?”

“Of course you will.” You smiled lightly, a warmth blooming in your chest, preparing to hang up when he spoke once more.

“Oh and MC?”


“I love you.” 

You felt as it the sun drenched you in light, pink sprinkling your cheeks as you returned his words.

“I love you too.” 

Yet until the date, you couldn’t help but admit that your mind was rampant. 

It raced with questions that clawed its way into every waking moment of your life, a mixture of worry and anticipation welling into of you to the point where you thought you may burst.

Until eventually, it came. 

You couldn’t even sit still in the car as you were driven, your feet tapping nervously and hands recoiled into fists, mumbling to yourself, trying to calm yourself for something you weren’t even entirely aware of. 

Yet somehow, as you saw him, those worries seemed to drift away.

And smile replaced them. 

He stood up from his seat and met you halfway, pulling you close, embracing you as if he never quite wanted to let go. 

“It’s wonderful to see you again,” He greeted, leading you to your booth. “I must admit, I’ve missed you dearly.” 

“I missed you too,” You confessed, sitting across from him, leaning back against the cushions. “I was really excited to see you again but…”

He furrowed his brow, a flicker of worry striking his face. “But what?” 

“But this whole surprise has nearly made me explode,” You snickered, embarrassedly. “I’ve been wondering what this is all about.” 

“I didn’t mean to worry you,” He took your hand, squeezing it fondly. “It’s nothing bad, I told you that.” 

“I-I know but,” You tipped your head from side to side, considering. “You know how easy it is to worry.” 

“I do, I’m sorry,” He said to you, running a gentle thumb over your knuckles. “but I would never to do anything to hurt you, you know that.” 

“I do, it was silly I know-” 

“No it wasn’t, I would be concerned too but…” He let out a deep breath. “I’ve never been so sure of anything in my whole life.” 

“Sure of what…?”

He swallowed hard, a crooked smile tugging at his lips as stood up, coming to your side and dropping down onto one knee.

And suddenly it clicked.

“I thought love was an impossible concept for me, I thought-I would never find someone who cared about anything other than what I had.” 

He looked, up, locking eyes with you, still interlacing his fingers with your own.

“And then I met you, and it felt like I had entered a whole new world. One that was happy, amazing, and unlike anything I’d ever experienced-because you were in it. You light up my days like you’re the very sun-and-I simply don’t want to imagine living a life without you in it darling.” 

Tears welled in your eyes as he dropped your hand, and took out a small box from his pocket. 

“I knew from the moment I met you, I wanted to spend my entire life with you so…” 

He unveiled the box, revealing a ring, crystalline and shining in the light, rose quartz dotting the rims, a clean cut centering it.

“MC, will you do the absolute honor of marrying me?” His gaze was shiny, nervousness painting his expression despite everything.

And yet it didn’t even take you a moment to answer.


You jumped onto him, embracing him, burying your head in the crook of his neck as tears dribbled down your cheeks redder than a rose.

“Yes, of course, I will!” 

“You will…” He repeated it in almost disbelief before holding onto you as though you may disappear with the slightest breeze, joy engraved in his voice. “You will…!” 

And even as he seemed surprised you knew.

It would’ve always been yes.

No matter what. 

Lucid Dreaming (M)

Requested by anon♥

→ Reader x Minseok 

→ “You appeared in my dream, baby; I decided what you did to me, and it was wonderful.”

→ Warnings: Smut. Lucid dreaming.

Word count: 813

Expensive satin sheets laid beneath your naked form as you slipped into unconsciousness. Falling into slumber, you were suddenly wide awake yet again, your eyes staring into the alluring irises of Minseok.

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Package Deal

Seth Clearwater imagine requested by casismyguardianangel! “Could I get Seth/Imprint!Reader please? They’re hanging out & Seth just starts tickling her & after a while he kisses her, & just when they start getting into it the pack comes in & starts teasing him that he can’t leave her alone? Love the blog!” Hope you like it!

It was difficult to be beside Seth and feel the full weight of the clouds looming overhead; he was the human incarnation of sunlight, of fire. His warmth radiated through his palms and over your skin like smooth stones warmed by the afternoon’s heat, his smile tore through the overcast skies above, banishing the oncoming rain… if only for a little while. His skin was drenched in golden light as the sun set over the silvery waters, bursting forth through the clouds as it descended over the sea. The storming breeze blew the easy scent of salt over your cheeks in course waves, stirring strands of hair about your face, tendrils brushing against Seth’s exposed shoulder, his eyes catching yours at the contact. He was practically glowing beneath the sun’s shimmering light, his eyes sparkling with mischievous humour as he caught a straying strand of hair between his index finger and thumb. He reached behind your ear, tucking the hair back into place, his lips pressing gently to your cheek. What little gooseflesh you had accumulated from the passing breeze was banished by Seth’s delectable heat, his kiss spreading through to your fingertips and toes. To him, it could have been the silliest, flimsiest, farthest from concrete gesture in the world, but to you… to you, it was everything. You sighed, resting your head against his shoulder, his arm winding around your waist in response. Easy.

It was simple being with Seth, especially after he’d decided to clue you in on why he suddenly spent his limited free-time walking beside you like a hulking shadow. Before, he was merely a force of childish joy, ever-present in your life, always eager and more than willing to brighten your day. You had your arguments and your reconciliations, your disagreements and fervent like-mindedness, but he was never… he was never this intense. After he phased, once his hair had been shorn and his temperature rose… well, once he came bouncing back to brighten your day, his world and yours became perfectly aligned. It was as if he was made to be your protector. His presence was limited now, what with his duties to the pack interfering with how frequently he could superglue himself to your hip, but what little time he spent bipedal, he spent with you. He was a presence glowing like embers, the flames of his companionship lapping around you gloriously. Just today, he’d slipped away from his rounds long enough to knock on your door and drag you down to First Beach, all but throwing you over his shoulder (it’s not like the weight of another human was much of a strain for him anymore, he made that very clear) as you struggled to keep up with his excited pace. He oftentimes forgot you were only human. He lead you to the bluffs overlooking the pebbles leading up to the shoreline, patting a relatively reed-free plot of sandy earth, beckoning you to join him. Your feet dangled over the ledge, your heels occasionally touching back against the wall of sand that held you over the shore.

With his arm around you, you’d never felt more secure. The bluffs could have given way and dumped you both onto the stones below, but somehow you knew Seth would keep you grounded. If you were to fall, you wouldn’t suffer a single scratch. That was in the contract, you supposed, when it came to imprinting. Eternal best friend, cheerful companion, shoulder to lean on when the world threatened to swallow you… Seth wouldn’t let anything hurt you, no questions or doubts in your mind. Even now, he sheltered you from the wind, his body (now heavily muscled) shielding yours from the worst of the off-sea breeze as it whipped around his side of the sandy hill. Your cheek burned still with the borrowed heat of Seth’s quick kiss, your skin blazing crimson from the contact. He’d never been one to shy away from the more intimate side of friendship, be it a lingering embrace, holding hands as you climbed over the forest’s carnage left after a storm, or even stealing a kiss on the cheek when he thought you were in a good enough mood not to chase him down for making the attempt. Lately, though, his every action seemed heavier, as if there was a weight to his movements that he fought to conceal from you. Protector or not, he maintained his mannerisms, but his change in structure had come paired with a noticeable difference. It wasn’t just in the way he moved, his eagerness to see you… it was in his hand as it clasped your waist, his head as it tilted towards yours on his shoulder, and it was in his kiss. It wasn’t the mischievous sort of peck he used to snag when the two of you were on the edge of an argument. It was far more.

“Y/n? You still alive in there?” Seth chuckled, waving his unoccupied hand before your face, his movement blocking out the sun in bursts of darkness and blinding light. When you lifted your face, disoriented, his laughter amplified. “You went glassy behind the eyes for a second. Thought I lost you,” he jested, his smile widening when you heaved your weight through his body, knocking him off-balance for a mere second. You knew he was humouring you, but it was satisfying nonetheless. “There she is,” he mumbled, his voice low on the wind and punctuated with softened laughter. “Just checking.” You rolled your eyes, leaning into his side much gentler this time around, allowing him to support your weight, his arm snaking back around your waist. You snuggled closer to him, inhaling the sweet scent of saltwater and cedar as it lifted from his skin, your eyes closing with contentment.

“I’m allowed to zone out for a while, Seth. Doesn’t mean I’m never coming back, just that my attention is somewhere else.” Seth huffed a sigh, his breath short and tainted by humour. You smiled at his dramatized reaction to your comment, the joking injury in his movement pulling your lips up at the corners. You buried your smile in the smooth expanse of his shoulder, your lips brushing against the warmth of his skin. He exhaled once more, shifting his weight until he could manage to clasp both of his hands around your waist, pulling you into his side.

“Never thought I’d have to fight with a beach for your attention,” he whispered, his voice springy with playfulness. You prepared your retort, but before you could speak, Seth was turning into you, abandoning the beauty of the sunset to focus on your face, his hands now clasped around your back. It was not uncomfortable, being close to him, but there was a warmth radiating from his eyes that had your nerves buzzing with anticipation. He sucked the air through his teeth, nodding his head in what appeared to be acceptance, his eyes closing as if wounded by his situation before they snapped open, locking on yours. “I’ll take the challenge.” He gave you but a second’s notice before he pounced, his hands spreading to either side of your body, finding purchase on your waist and over your ribs, activating your pressure points and fluttering over the skin his movement exposed. Your initial shriek of surprise soon melted into laughter as Seth’s hands tickled over your body, his devilish grin consuming your view, his eyes sparkling as your giggles filtered through the air. You collapsed in on yourself, your spine pressing into the stiffness of the reeds as you fought to defend your abdomen from Seth’s ruthless attacks. Your knees pressed upward to divide your bodies, but Seth quickly shifted his hips and blocked your last line of defense, his torso curling over yours as his hands moved like feathers over your exposed skin. You twisted and contorted to get away from him, your eyes watering from the force of your laughter, his own soon joining with yours, forming a joyful melody in the space above your heads.

His hands slowed then, smoothing over your waist before falling to the sun-baked grasses around you, your body heaving beneath him form the exertion of your defense. You caught your breath slowly, inhaling in quick bursts as you recovered. A single tear broke from the outermost corner of your eye to fall towards your temple. Seth’s expression shifted, his brow furrowing slightly as the sandy pad of his thumb lifted to your face, swiping the tear from its track, his palm molding to your cheek within the same heartbeat. Your cheeks glowed beneath him, both from your previous activity as well as from the heat building in your tightening chest. You watched Seth’s eyes darken as you’d never seen them before, a resolution setting like concrete somewhere far behind his irises. His tongue darted over his lips, his eyes shifting to stare down at your own, and he bent his face to yours. His lips pressed softly to your mouth, your world fuzzing at the edges before you had the sense to close your eyes. He enveloped you in warmth, his torso bending to meet yours as the combination of his lips and hands pulled your body from the earth. His hands secured you to his chest, your arms winding around his neck, your fingers trailing over the newly shorn hair at the back of his head. He broke from you then, his eyes glowing warmly, his lips parting over a victorious smile. You laughed aloud, your heart beating through the bones holding it in your chest, your hand smoothing over the wide plane of his cheekbone.

“Where did that come from?” you inquired, your voice breathy. Seth barely moved, save for the expansion of his already full-to-bursting joyful smile.

“Comes with the package,” he whispered, his lips already set to reunite with yours. Your hands cupped his cheeks, angling his face to mold to your own, his teeth nipping along your bottom lip as you clung to each other, heat flooding your brain as the sunlight flashed on the backdrop of your eyelids. You twisted in his arms, your lips parting from his to press to the curve of his jaw, his hands clenching as they roamed your back, his lips chasing yours until you were together once more. Even as absorbed as you were within Seth’s embrace, you couldn’t ignore the sound of yelling behind you. You pulled from his hold on you, turning around to address the shouting only to find the majority of the pack bursting from the edge of the forest, their mouths upturned at the sight of their brother locked at the lips with his imprint.

“Jesus, Seth, let the poor girl breathe,” Jared chuckled, his eyes rolling as Seth ran his hands through his hair, his eyes screaming apologies to yours.

“Relax, he’ll learn soon enough. You’ve gotta come up for air every now and then. Just like swimming,” Paul added, jogging closer to clap Seth on the back, winking in your direction. “Proud of you, little man.” Seth huffed at his pack-mate’s jokes, his eyes expectant on Jacob as he approached. He merely gave him a pat on the shoulder, noticeably gentler, averting his eyes as he continued on his way. They were gone as quickly as they had come, but they’d done their damage to the scene. Seth met your eyes with a sheepish embarrassment that lifted the laughter from your chest, your hand running through the short strands of his hair. He joined you, allowing you to climb into his lap and rest against his chest, your eyes on the last rays of sun as they dove beneath the surface of the ocean, his arms spreading warmth along your back. You rested, surrounded by fire and salt and cedar, until the world was no longer light.


Magnus looked down at the man in the silk sheets underneath him. There was something magical about the way Alexander looked lying in his -their- bed, drenched in the light of the full moon shining through the the big window, in a sea of light blue sheets illuminated by the light. He just had to stare at him.

“What?” Alec asked.

“You look so beautiful,” Magnus said, a fond smile on his lips.

Alec grinned back:“It’s the moonlight. Makes all the boys look pretty.”

Magnus leaned down to kiss that beautiful man. Sometimes Magnus didn’t understand how Alexander managed to make him fall in love with him a little more each day. But it didn’t really matter anyway.

Title: One More Step
Character: Danny Rand
A/n: This took waaaaaay too long to get out and I humbly apologize for my incompetence, bUT this was a super good request and I wanted it to be a+.

“(Y/n),” Danny said, gently shaking your shoulder to try and stir you from your sleep. “(Y/n).” He repeated, this time drawing it out and poking various areas on your face.

You slowly opened your eyes, giving him a blank look, when you noticed Danny was actually up before you, you sat up. “What time is it?”

Danny shook his head. “Doesn’t matter! Come on, get up. We’re going somewhere today!”

You threw off the blankets and noticed Danny was practically bouncing with excitement, already fully dressed even if his hair was slightly more tousled than usual. “Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise, but don’t worry, you’ll like it.” He said cheekily, giving you a wink before letting you get changed.

It almost never took you long to get dressed, you had developed it down to a science ever since college. But when you pushed open the door, Danny was sitting down on the sofa, apparently talking to someone on the phone.

You were about to return to the room to give him some privacy, but Danny noticed you out of the corner of his eye and motioned you over.

“Who were you talking to?” You asked, tucking your shirt into your jeans while approaching him.

“Joy.” He answered, placing his phone into his pocket.

“Oh, what did she want?”

Danny chuckled a little. “Well, she found out about the whole instance with the Hand breaking into your shop, and to say she was pissed I hadn’t told her was an understatement,” He mused, getting a laugh out of you. “But apparently she had been tracking down one of Madame Gao’s men and basically threatened them if they ever came near you again.”

Your shoulders perked up. “Wait, does that mean I can go back to my shop?” You asked, trying to control the excitement in your voice.

Danny nodded, and barely had time to speak again before you tackled him into a hug.

“That’s great! Can we go now? I should get my things, then we can go. Wait right here! I’ll be back!” You said so quickly Danny almost missed it.

He watched you sprint up the stairs in record time.

You pushed open both of the doors to your shop, smiling brightly at the interior. It was a closed day, but you were ready to spend the next several days completely absorbed in your work.

“I’ve missed her so much,” You said, running your hand along the shelves. “I don’t think I’m
gonna go home for weeks.”

Danny placed his arm over your shoulders. “You call your shop a ‘her’?”

“Of course, why wouldn’t I?” You said, tossing your things on the sofa and running to turn on some of the main floor lights.

You had several rows of string lights littered all over the store, and Danny jumped a little when they all suddenly turned on, drenching everything in a light hue.

“Isn’t she pretty?” You asked, returned to his side while you rest your elbow on his shoulder.

For the next couple hours, Danny listened to go on about how happy you were to be back in your store, and how it felt like years since you had been there.

Not long, the sky started to get dark outside, the lights from the shop becoming more saturated in color. Danny felt an awkward tension settle over him, but you hadn’t seemed to noticed. A plethora of paperwork was scattered around you while you were busy filling them out.

Now that everything was clear on your end, you wouldn’t have to stay with him anymore.

And it bothered Danny far more than he’d care to admit.

He didn’t doubt Joy, but past events have proven that the safest place for you was by his side.

And Danny liked having you there.

Sure, watching you stare sadly outside the window of his apartment while you lived there in some odd guilded cage wasn’t the best arrangement. He wanted you to have your shop and your life, but he didn’t want you to go away.

What upset him though, was how happy you seemed with the situation. He probably got boring after awhile, but he didn’t think he was sobad so as not to elicit some kind of reaction. Your time spent together was probably the most pleasant experience he’s had since returning to the city. Perhaps it was just false hope to assume you felt the same.

“Dan,” You called, looking at him with a quizzical brow. “You okay? You blanked out on me.”

He shrugged and chuckled. “It’s nothing, I think I should probably be headeing out.”

There was a flicker of emotion that crossed your face, and maybe it had only occurred to you know the gravity of the situation.

“Oh, yeah I guess it’s gotten pretty late, hasn’t it?” You said, standing up from your chair and walking over to him.

There as a brief pause, the sounds of cars rolling past and the very subtle hum of music coming from a small club a couple buildings down.

“I just wanted to say thank you, for saving my life and letting me stay at your place till the whole thing blew over,” Your fingers were fumbling together as you tried to get your thoughts out in an eloquent manner. “I was probably the biggest pain, so thanks for putting up with me. And stop by whenever you want, really.”

Danny tilted his head. “You shouldn’t be thanking me, I let you stay with me because I wanted to keep you safe and I wanted you there,” He cleared his throat. “I still want you there, actually. You make the place feel a lot more like home when you’re there and I like the way you think and talk,” He finished with a small laugh. “But if you wanna go, don’t let me stop you.”

You gave him a big smile and jumped up to wrap your arms around his neck, giving him a tight hug.

Danny welcomed the embrace, holding on just as tight and basking in your presence for as long as you could.

It was silent again.

“I like being with you, too,” You answered, hopping down to your feet. “But I think, for now at least, I should stick around here, get some stuff figured out and then we can talk about it again. Sound good?”

The fact that you’d even consider staying with him long-term was all Danny needed. So happily, he nodded his head.

“Sounds perfect.”

One Day. Someday.

an Olicity parent one shot……. sort of.

This one shot is included in my collection of parent Olicity fics found here. All of them include their daughter, Isabella Moira Queen… Issie for short! This is a little one shot I came up with set long before Issie is born or even conceived. 


One Day. Someday.

He awoke and wished he could go back to sleep. The dream was so vivid - so real - that he woke wondering where she was. That curly blonde head bouncing. Those pouty lips letting out giggles. Those blue eyes shining with excitement. She felt so real, but as he looked around he saw a completely different home.

The loft was dark and their bedroom was warm. Felicity was curled against him, naked body curved into his like a perfect puzzle piece.

It wasn’t the home he had glimpsed in the dream, airy and bright and scattered with toys. Photographs all over the colorful walls and on the mantle in the living room. A kitchen fit for an expert chef.

It was their home in Ivy Town - it had to be. It was the life he longed to return to but couldn’t fully justify. His place, his legacy, his new mission… all of it resided in Star City. He was mayor. He was the Green Arrow. He was the husband to the gorgeous goddess asleep against him.

It baffled him. So soon after their marriage he was already dreaming about a daughter. A perfect little girl that already had him wrapped around her finger. She doesn’t exist, he reminded himself as he shifted and curled around Felicity. That little girl does not exist.

Felicity stirred. “Are you okay?” Her voice was etched in concern and he realized that he was tense and on edge.

For a moment he considered lying - giving her a quick, vague answer before requesting that they go back to bed. But he shook his head and answered, “No. I’m not.”

Felicity left his arms and sat up, eyes searching his in the half-darkness of their bedroom, the skyline beyond the windows drenching them in ambient light. “What’s wrong? A nightmare?”

“The exact opposite,” he admitted.


“I saw someone… someone important.”


“A daughter.”

Felicity’s mouth fell open slightly at the word. “Daughter?”

“Yes. And I have this feeling I’ve never had before. I feel like she’s real… or at least that she will be real, one day. Someday.”

Felicity relaxed and curled back into his arms, a hum of contentment surrounding them. “Tell me about her,” she whispered.

“She was beautiful, Felicity. Blonde curls. Blue eyes. Adventurous. A total fire-cracker. Smart. Full of giggles.”

“What was her name?”

He hesitated but then said, “We called her Issie.”

Felicity chuckled. “Issie? What do you think it is short for?”

“Maybe Isabella?”

He could feel Felicity’s smile spreading and a trickle of a tear hitting his chest. “Isabella Moira Queen,” she said, breathy and distant and almost, dare he say, longing. “I like it.”

Felicity drifted back to sleep and Oliver simply listened to her breathing, knowing that, without a doubt, Isabella Moira Queen would be real. But for now he would simply dream of her and the adventures their little family would have.

One day. Someday.


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Best Friend Hook Up

Sorry, it took a while for this, I had a final to study for. I didn’t quite to the whole I love you thing, just because I felt like I was forcing myself to write it, so I cut it out. I hope this okay though? :)

Again it’s long I can’t write blurbs sorry. I also didn’t edit it. I’m sorry I’m just tired. 


The both of you walked into a big banquet hall. The room was loud but not packed.

“Oh god.” You said looking around. It was filled with nothing but mature professional people. You were only a business student at school. You had received an email from your program about a mixer going on welcome to students which you wanted to attend. As you were trying to build more professional connections for after graduation. Figuring this would be a good idea you asked your friend from marketing class to join you, however, she backed out last minute. Which prompted you to ask Shawn to join you. He had no reason to join you but being your longest standing friend you knew he would help you out if he could. “This is going to be a dud.”

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