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Can you show us all the dremurs chatecters. I love your art!

Dremurs haha oh gosh. <3 Thank you for the compliments love!

Well, the main characters from Dreamers have all been drawn at least once, but I’m not gonna post everything on a single ask, the post would be wayy too long.

So I’m going to link you to this folder instead:


It contains the references and aditionnal fanarts of Aherän, Soar, Meke, Glynn, Libra and Tricky (Tricky is less important though)

As for the not-so side characters, theres Kijün

An angel and a lawyer like Aherän, except that he has an opposite opinion and that makes him his political rival. (for Angels in Dreamers, lawyers don’t take care of murder cases, but take part in the law-making/society debates. Different to humans kinda)

Here’s Gilbert (rather called Gil), a dragon skeleton that lives in Bonapalm, the skeleton city, hidden away from everyone. He’s an explorer and creator of the flying steam train. He’s very british like and just a really TALL (taller than Soar) and pure sweetheart, he loves baking scones for everyone and I love him <3 (I have to redo his ref though)

I also have skeleton twins (idk yet), Vendredi and Treize (Friday and Thirteen in french haha get it). That’s Vendredi but I didn’t make Treize yet. She’s always hanging around with Gil, he loves them both very much. And as you can see Vendredi loves wigs or just hair in general. (yeah she’s gonna get crazy over Libra lmao)

Their mom is a turtle called Jibu, she’s very mystical but EXTREEEEMELY slow when she talks, but if you dare to interrupt her she just yells at you and calls you names - she’s really REALLY rude and omg I love her too really. The way she shuts Soar up is amazing.

These guys are gonna be part of it as well! I definitely didn’t give them a good place in their Undertale AU, and I think they really have potential and hell they barely look like Sanses. <3 I’ll need to change their names though, Heats, Temperate and Holiday are UT OST names and that just doesn’t work.

Finally, yes, Ink is in Dreamers! He’s Gil’s good friend and a very appreciated skeleartist. He’s exactly the same as his Undertale AU for now. I wrote him to still be a very “out” character that kinda manages to break the fourth wall because that’s what makes him interesting in the first place. <3

Here, that’s all I have for now! I’ve got plenty of other ideas though, more are on the way :DD

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Full Name:
 Accalia dremur

Gender and Sexuality:
 Female, bi

Pronouns: she/her

Ethnicity/Species: very white half wolf

Birthplace and Birthdate:

Guilty Pleasures:
 learning fictional languages, and food.

bugs, and less of a phobia and more of ‘i would prefer not to,’ confrontation

What They Would Be Famous For: 2 soft for this world

What They Would Get Arrested For: No clue

OC You Ship Them With: zell!!

OC Most Likely To Murder Them:
 Void prob idk. or [spoiler]

Favorite Movie/Book Genre:

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: 

Talents and/or Powers: She’s good with spraypaint, and she can speak draconic, specifically the skyrim version

Why Someone Might Love Them: She’s an absolute sweetheart, adorably oblivious, and unimaginably soft.

Why Someone Might Hate Them:
 She’s oblivious and tends to be a lil too quick to forgive, which i can see pissing some people off.

How They Change:
 she starts off extremely paranoid and wary of everyone, but eventually learns hey, not everyone’s an asshole, but some people are, but she tries her best to absolutely not be an asshole and maybe try and make an asshole stop being an asshole.

Why You Love Them: softest!! pudge wolf!! thicc!! adorable!! pure sweet cinnamon roll!! smol!!!