Yup! It is real, my hair is pink! but the sad thing is…it is only a washable hair dye :( If only my school will allow me, I will seriously dye my hair pink permanently. Umm, a lighter shade of pink maybe haha.

PS: spot the remote control. LOL!

(Updated: August 4, 2012)

PPS: Hating on Tumblr right now. Note count appears to be off. In this post, it says 13 notes when I really have 22. Let me feel good about my post and show me the proper note count! Boo you, Tumblr! >:(


Ok, I know I said in my recent self-portrait post that I miss my long hair so much but now, here I am loving my new boy cut hair haha. I’m seriously happy with my new look and I am way more thrilled about the awesome comments I am receiving about it. Actually, I’ve been wanting to cut it like this for soooo long now (3 years, i think?) and finally I had the guts to do so. And btw, just so you know, I had my hair cut at a barber shop and had it razored for the first time LOL.

What’s great about my new boy cut hair is that…

  • Before, showering takes me 1 & a half hours but now it only took me 30-40 mins. 
  • One sachet of shampoo for 3 days. LOL!
  • Usually it takes an hour to fix my hair (I always iron it!) but now it only took 5-10 minutes. Hooray!
  • Feeling fresh all throughout the day.
  • And lastly, tumaas confidence level ko! HAHA

So, what do you think of my hair? Yay or Nay? :)


“I belonged to no one, who belonged to everyone. Who had nothing, who wanted everything, with a fire for every experience and an obsession for freedom that terrified me to the point that I couldn’t even talk about it, and pushed me to a nomadic point of madness that both dazzled and dizzied me.”  — Lana Del Rey, Ride


So this is the story of my hair…and well yeah, obviously, I’m such a risk taker when it comes to my hair. Um, so which one do you like the most?

BEST OF 2013:

  • January 17 - Got featured in TeenVogue.com as Best Dressed of the Day
  • February 5 - Won 3 awards in Trinitian Awards for the Arts + Best dressed
  • March 1 - Won as the President of the Mass Communication Org
  • March 16 - My 20th kiddie party at McDonald's + Dinner with fam at Uncle Cheffy
  • March 19 - Birthday surprise from Brety & Julia
  • April 10-14 - Summer vacation in Boracay + Malay, Aklan
  • April 15 - Got my camera back after losing it for a week!!!
  • May 24 - PhFW! Got to see Nina Garcia + got approached by STATUS for a photo
  • August 11 - Tangerine Manila online shop photoshoot
  • September 14 - Go-See for the Unity in Fashion and I got in!
  • September 27 - Became an official model in House of Mode Elle
  • October 4-5 - First ever hosting gig at SM Nova for the Mode Elle’s Brand Festival
  • October 16 - PARALLAX: A 3-day photo exhibit in Sweet Ecstasy (Photojourn Finals)
  • October 19 - Unity in Fashion! My first ever legit fashion show. 
  • October 21 - Hosted the Mr. & Ms. Runway 2013 with Sir Allen
  • October 23 - Likha Teen Edition: A Walk for Life! Walked + Hosted the show
  • November 9 - Photoshoot for F Magazine
  • November 23-26 - PACSA in Baguio City + Finished 3rd runner up in Ms. PACSA 2013
  • December 11 - Won 2 awards at the Trinitian Awards for the Arts II + Best dressed
  • December 15 - Likha 2 fashion show! Walked for Sir Dave Ocampo & Sir Niño Ramirez
  • December 19 - Student Leaders/OSA Christmas party + Date with April
  • December 20 - Christmas party with FFs
  • December 22 - Mode Elle’s gift-giving at Tahan-Tahan & Child Haus
  • December 25 - Christmas with the family
  • December 30 - Disney on Ice with the fambam 

Thank you all so much for being part of my wonderful year. It means a lot to me that you are popping by to have a read, and that you’re enjoying the content enough to like each post. Keep an eye out for heaps of posts in the future! I’m ready to move up, more and better than before! Cheers to 2014! May the almighty God bless you all with happy and healthy life this coming year :)


I feel some kind of bliss whenever I cut my hair. I am not sure if this is normal but I like to let go of those unwanted thoughts and emotions by cutting a part of my hair or maybe dye it or get my ears pierced. Um…so tell me, is this really normal? Am I normal?


Had an amazing shoot with no other than MYSELF! haha. Just thought of having a self-portrait shot since I have nothing to do and I miss being in front of the camera (lolwhut?! camwhore right here!) Anyway, click here to see my other self-portrait shots and to those followers & anonymous who asked me about the girl on my banner or where did I get my banner. IT IS ME! that photo was taken in Hongkong =) please click here to see related photos of me roaming around Yue York. /lol-ing forever


Just a break from all those fashion week posts. I have this in my draft for two weeks now and I couldn’t believe I didn’t post it when I have nothing to blog about for the past days lol. This is my first self portrait since I chopped my hair off. I miss my long hair so much :C

Well, back to the fashion week, I am so excited to show you guys the photos from the Michael Cinco and Rajo Laurel for Bench show. It is wicked cool! From the runway, the designs and of course the models! Still stoked about seeing Allison Harvard in flesh! Words can’t explain how great it is. So get ready!

PS: Umm, about the title, it is a song by Imogen Heap. This song has been stuck in my head for almost a week now, so yeah.

Hey guys! I’m back! Apologies for being MIA for a month. I’ve been pretty busy with school stuff, student leader duties, photography and painting commissioned works and modeling. I know, busy life is busy!!! I’m fulfilled and happy though :) For now, here’s a photo of myself haha.

Hope everyone’s doing good! Have a lovely night <3


Oh yes! I’m a Readhead now and I am seriously lovin it <3 I actually plan on having a Ombre hair but I doubt it will look good on me especially that my hair is still short. But I would still like to try it! Anyway, what do you think of my hair? tell me :)