drei wedges

Post-Scarif Headcanon [warning : SPOILERS FOR ROGUE ONE]

 - After the Battle of Yavin, after all the euphoria has died down and they’re dismantling the base to move to their next location, Wedge has a sit-down with Luke and what remains of the Rebel Alliance starfighter pilots.

- They’ve lost so many – Dreis, Dutch, Biggs, Porkins…Wedge stops himself from naming them all because the survivor’s guilt from having to pull out of that trench run will never stop haunting him, he suspects.

- “We need to reform the squadrons, re-organize the remaining pilots and the new recruits into units again.”

- And he remembers, remembers the ones who gave their lives for that one-in-a-million chance to destroy the Death Star. The ones who gave them just the barest glimmer of hope that they could save other worlds from the fates of Jedha, of Alderaan.

- Wedge remembers the pilot, the Imperial defector, the wide-eyed man with a nervous voice who nevertheless had eyes blazing like newly-molten steel when he stood before the council with Erso’s daughter and plead their case.

- An Imperial defector, just like him. No, not really. Wedge had been sprung from Skystrike Academy by a Rebel cell who had heard his desire to defect. This man, this cargo pilot, had acted alone–alone, frightened, facing untold dangers, arriving at Yavin bruised yet unbroken.

- He’d heard the last transmissions from Scarif, recognized the man’s voice for its urgency and its determination.

- He’d heard Admiral Raddus’ last words, “Rogue One…May the Force be with you.”

- It took everything inside Wedge to command his astromech to enter the hyperspace calculations when he knew what they were leaving behind.

- So now, days later, in a conference room in Yavin 4, surrounded by the other pilots, Wedge turns to Luke and says, “I think I know what we should name this new squadron.”