So, this is a comic about the @heavenfell-au (made by my super amazing friend)
Chara and Asriel are in Frisk’s head, but Frisk is the only one that can hear them so, yeah.
Sans is worried.

Anyway go check the AU and the fic guys, and I hope you like it ! 

Undertale Characters as Things I Have Done

Frisk: snuck into a life-side monopoly jail to pose for a photo and then left

Flowey: thrown pens at my dad for making my go to the orthodontist

Toriel: baked an entire pie from scratch (crust, filing, etc.)

Napstablook: lied on the floor, trying to figure out my life and what to do

Sans: have an entire conversation with nothing but puns and emojis

Papyrus: given someone a second chance when they didn’t deserve it

Monster Kid: talking to my friend about a show so much and making them watch it and love it as much as I do

Undyne: forgetting to put water in the bowl of macaroni noodles while trying to make Easy Mac and thus burning the pasta, making the entire first floor smell like burnt spaghetti and trying to cover up my mistake by spraying Frebreze in the microwave and around the kitchen, and then proceeding to go to my room to pretend nothing ever happened

Alphys: making memes of my favorite shows and sending them to my friend and complaining on how I’m trash and need to be stopped

Mettaton: worn platform heels, kicked my leg up and placed my foot on the wall, pulled up my pant leg, stroked my leg while making eye contact with my mother and declaring my fabulosity

Muffet: shoved an entire Dunkin Donuts Muchkin in my mouth and was unable to chew it

Asgore: offered food to my friend but only gave them a poptart when they wanted my taquitos

Asriel: wrapped a vine of fake flowers around my neck as a scarf and said I was photosynthesizing

Chara: beat up toilet paper with a broom due to overwhelming rage