RP with Rada and Dreeda

‘Explore beautiful Arimethea, this year’s home to the famous Hyperion Conference!’

Rada sighs, tossing the brochure onto a nightstand. 

<So much for today’s plans…>

Their first full day off-duty since the cruise, and Rick is dozing. As much as Rada wants him to take her around town, it seems wrong to wake him. Especially after the long shift he pulled the day before… He needs this rest. 

<But I can’t wait today. I’ll wander by myself if I have to!> 

After a couple tries, (and help from Elliot) she slips the room key and a debit card from Rick’s wallet. Though she feels a small twinge of guilt, she justifies the borrowing as necessary. What if she gets back late, or gets hungry while she wanders? And she wouldn’t abuse the privilege; 20 bucks and that would be it!

Elliot declines Rada’s offer to tag along and Rhett is content right now to sleep curled in the crook of Rick’s neck. Bairn is busy playing with Madame Stiel. Slew…. Slew feigns sleep, probably hoping he won’t get dragged along.  

<… Looks like I really am on my own today… Sucks to suck, I guess.>

Rada shuffles quietly out the door, tucking the cards into her thick neck fur for safekeeping. They’ll stay put so long as she doesn’t do anything too strenuous. And if they’re out of sight, who could try to steal them?

Proud of her choices Rada skips down the hall, ready to start her little adventure. Maybe she should go see that Star Festival thing going on! Or maybe see if she can’t bump into some of the nice folk she had met on the cruise.

Endless possibilities!