I just wanted to throw in a thing about the Perc’ahlia moment last night because a there’s been some discussion about what it shows about their relationship dynamic, especially with Vex really taking charge …

But the thing is they’ve both had moments of boldness and moments of hesitation with each other. Last time Percy was bold with the kiss, and this time Vex was bold with her whole The Graduate thing. And I think all in all what all this shows is that in the long run they actually have a good balance - when one needs a push in the right direction the other is there to do so. Neither one of them is The One Who’s In Charge™ overall - they both have agency in their relationship.

And I think that’s really great.


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes with the squad.

Dredre, Helena, Jayla, and Luka take on progressively more complicated bombs and try not to let ridiculous banter get in the way.

Big thanks to Procket for technical support early in the stream

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