why the fuck are we fighting the dredge in GW2? @anghraine do you know? they seem to have a better claim to the dwarven ruins than the Norn or the Priory do!

there’s a kind of horrifying trend in GW2 of displaced people returning to their ancestral homelands, or just migrating to new territory, and immediately kicking out/killing the other people who live there. the Charr and the Ascalonian humans being the most obvious example but pretty much every low level “enemies” are this- the centaurs, the skritt, the hylek, the dredge.

Listen. I apologized a loooong time ago for some of the things I said that people found offensive. I don’t understand why this is all getting dredged up again. I apologized, end it. I will not apologize for supporting Lin, someone who literally kept me alive during some of my hardest times this year. If supporting him makes me racist, so be it. I won’t feel badly for continuing to be a fan of his. That’s the end of it. Please everyone stop.

Heath is one of those actors who, in his best work, completely transforms himself and that sort of consumes his star quality. He’s creating something that’s entirely original for himself and so he’s never done anything like this before. I can’t say that I was hugely surprised or worried about the reaction because whoever we would’ve cast, it’s going to be tough for people to know how the palette is going to work. Particularly with Heath, who’s dredging something up from a side of himself that you’ve never seen before.

— Christopher Nolan on Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight (2008)

Please sign this e-petition to prevent development in our area/home in Palau!!

We the undersigned, understand that Fish-n-Fins dive shop (dba Eco Green Palau) is seeking approval to reclassify the waters of Nikko Bay from AA to B in order to develop this fragile and pristine area. They have a proposal to relocate their dive business from M-dock to Nikko Bay in Ngermid. Their plan includes dredging and filling 9,000 sq mtrs of undisturbed reef flat and mangroves adjacent to the property they have leased, in order to create a 20 foot deep channel into a private dock that they will build for their dive shop operations. We oppose this proposal and ask that they find a more suitable location. Nikko Bay is both a scientifically and ecologically important area in Palau. Furthermore, PIRIC researchers have published a study which shows that Nikko Bay is poorly suited for development due to poor water exchange in the Bay. Building a dock, and locating a dive operation would adversely affect these pristine waters. Therefore we the undersigned oppose the reclassification of Nikko Bay and oppose the proposed development of this area. 



Evidence for China's Great Flood Found

Researchers have found the first evidence for the legendary Great Flood on the Yellow River, a massive, catastrophic event that occurred about 4,000 years ago and ultimately produced the first dynasty of China.

Folk traditions and written records recount how the hero Yu dredged and tamed the destructive floodwaters about 4,000 years ago.

Yu’s decades-long feat earned him “the divine mandate to establish the Xia dynasty, the first in Chinese history, and marked the beginning of Chinese civilization,” Qinglong Wu, a researcher at Peking University and Nanjing Normal University, China, and colleagues wrote in Science.

Until now no direct evidence of the cataclysm had been discovered. Read more.

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“No, I don’t know how I got a boner, It just kind of happened! It’s because of how you were eating that ice cream, I bet!” with luke please!

This is ridiculous FYI I’m sorry in advance

Luke shifted uncomfortably on the bench for the third time in under a minute, desperately trying to hide his growing problem. You, thankfully, were oblivious, licking the dredges of vanilla ice cream out of the cone in your hand. 

“This was a much better idea,” you said, running your tongue over your bottom lip. Luke tried suppress a groan, turning it onto a hum of agreement when it became impossible. “We would have died of dehydration on a bike ride. You ready?” You looked over at him, tossing the last bit of the cone into the trash.

“Y-Yeah,” he stuttered, suddenly faced with the problem of standing. He scooted awkwardly to the edge of the bench and turned so that his back was to you, running through all of his usual thoughts to quell any inconvenient urges. But when even thinking about giving his grandma a hug couldn’t help him, he had no choice but to turn around.

“Uh, Luke,” you coughed. “Um… How did you…?

No, I don’t know how I got a boner, It just kind of happened!” He flushed, defensive. “It’s because of how you were eating that ice cream, I bet!” 

Me?” You blinked up at him, and he swallowed hard. He hadn’t meant to say that it was your fault, but now that it was out there, he couldn’t meet your eyes. “What did I do?” He didn’t answer for a minute, gathering his courage to look at you again. When he did, he regretted it instantly. You’d pulled your lip between your teeth, cocking your head and looking up at him from under your eyelashes.

“Well,” He muttered, “that certainly isn’t helping.”

Blurb day/night!

you do not need to contort yourself and dredge up extra reserves from your limited pool of energy and time to hang out with or make nice with people who drain you

this applies to life in general but especially fandom

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My opponent has in play a leovold, emissary of trest. I have an ability on the stack that wants me to draw a card. Can I dredge that draw, or does leo stop that whole effect? my instinct is that yes, I can, because they are both effects trying to replace the draw, but I'm not certain.

Leovold’s ability isn’t trying to replace your draw, it’s just telling you that you can’t draw anymore cards at all. 

Since you can’t draw a card, you can’t replace that draw with a dredge effect.


I know I have been a little distant recently. There’s been a lot going on my life these past few months which has kept me from posting here on Tumblr, and from updating my shop, and from keeping up with friends online. 

I figured I should fill some folks in on recent events. 

A couple months ago, I was rear-ended up a truck while waiting at a stop light. It wasn’t a terrible crash by any means, but it caused some problems with my neck, which is already in a fragile state from my first (and much worse) car crash back in 2011. The recent accident has dredged up a lot of thoughts and considerations about my PTSD and depression; and coupled with other recent shitty events, I’ve been in a bad state. 

Patreon and the tallow lotions I’ve been selling are my current saving graces. I don’t have time to vend at festivals like I usually do at this time of year, so money has been tight, and my depression created a months-long period during which, I’ve been devoid of creative inspiration. 

I’m doing as much as I can to keep the NaturePunk stuff going, but your patience and support will be greatly appreciated during this time, as I’ve likewise got my hands full with Pack West duties, raising Ivar, and running the Mini-Farm as we get everything prepped for my impending move.

There will be a work party here in early September around the time of my birthday; things should be going much, much smoother after that. I promise.  

Oscar Nominations: Sebastian x Reader

It happens at 5:30 in the morning in LA, and you’re only awake to hear it because you haven’t slept. You tried. You brushed your teeth, set an alarm, climbed into bed; Sebastian did the same. And then you laid there, the two of you, in the darks, for hours. You could see his eyes open and shining for the dredges of city light peeking through the hotel curtains. His mouth quirking.

“Okay,” you said. “We’re awake. Let’s just be awake then.”

And so you were. Sebastian ordered up room service – fries and black coffee – and turned on the desk lamp, to cast the room in a hazy, gentle glow. You slumped in bed together, and the hours crept past: midnight, three a.m. Sebastian collapsed against you, curling close like an anxious, eager kitten, and you scratched your fingernails through his hair to sooth him.

“What if –”

“Shhh,” you said, before he could rile himself up again. There was a bout of manic energy thrumming just below the surface, you could feel it, and you kissed his prickling skin to cool it: across his shoulders, his neck, peppering small kisses at his hairline. This is big for him. It was huge, this moment, suspended just a few hours out of reach.

“Seb,” you began, your lips still buried in his hair, “I know you can’t quite believe it, all the lovely things people have said, all the attention. You’re your own worst critic but, love, I swear to you – you were incredible. Just… it stopped my heart, just to watch you, you were so brilliant. And maybe the Academy will finally know your worth and maybe they won’t, but it won’t change a damn thing, because everyone who saw the film knows now just how spectacular you are. Things will never quite be the same.”

He turned in your arms, his face flush and beautiful, his mouth cracked open in a full wattages smile, and you were his, and he was yours. The world might think he belonged to them, but no. He was yours.

“How did I get lucky enough to have you?” he asked.

“Must’ve done something awfully good in a past life.” A wink, a joke. The alarm on his phone rang out, shattering the stillness in the room. It was time. 

Seb turns on the TV in the room, and you wonder how many people in the hotel are doing the same, how many people around town, warm in their own homes, are doing the same. Just another day at the office for some, and a potentially life-changing one for Sebastian. 

“Do you think I’ve got time to pee?” he asks, and you’re not sure if he’s joking or not. You shove him and grab the remote, turning up the volume a few more notches. He has plenty of time, most likely, but you’ll sit on his chest and pin him to the bed before you risk him missing one moment of this.

“Your mother would kill me,” you say, remembering the yearbook photo, Seb’s chubby baby face. No one could’ve known. Not really. 

You wait.

Ten minutes. Fifteen minutes. You close your hand around his and hold on tight when the category is finally announced: Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role.  “And the nominees are…”

Sebastian Stan.

They say his name. They throw his picture onto the screen. One of a handful. A nominee. 

“Looks like you’re going to the Oscars, baby,” you say into his ear, your eyes prickling with pride. His mouth is hanging open and he barely seems to register you’ve spoken to him. And then all at once there is movement, and Sebastian is positively crowing. You think he could be crying. He launches himself at you and you latch on, never wanting to let him go. 

On the bedside table his phone is going mad, ringing, vibrating. He spares them a glance.

“Yes, yes, answer them if you want. I’m ordering us up some champagne. And then… well. I’ve never fucked an Oscar nominee before,” you say. 

Both of you are grinning. 

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☾ Nico and Percy apart and together (I just have to ask about these babies)

☾ : Sleep headcanon 


He’s very nocturnal, even after he begins to come to camp regularly after the war, so he doesn’t usually fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning. He’s almost always awake until three, sometimes until four or five. He spends a lot of his night hours outside his cabin, sitting on the roof and watching the stars on clear nights, talking to the spirits in camp on other nights. It’s hard for him to sleep in general, unless he’s really exhausted. He hates how silent night can get when he’s laying awake and staring at the ceiling. He almost never makes his bed because he rarely uses it, falling asleep on the roof or in the plush chair that he’s got in the corner of the cabin. When he does sleep, he tosses and turns a lot, dreams stirring up some bad memories and dredging up secret fears. 

He’ll sleep until 11 most days, after noon on others. There’s rare nights that he doesn’t actually sleep at all.


He tries to sleep a decent number of hours but the nightmares keep getting worse. Years of anger, pain, loss, and struggle don’t make for very good dreams and he’s tired. He’s so tired of the nightmares, the memories, and the premonitions of worse to come. He’s been through hell so many times and he just wants one night where he can sleep without it all coming back at him. It’s more tiring than the battles, more wearisome than the struggles when he’s awake, and he knows he can never live a normal life again with each night he sees those images in his mind. The sleep medication helps some times, but he hates taking it. He wakes up in a cold sweat, Kronos’ laughter in his mind, visions of gold eyes lingering in the dark, the suffocating feel of dark water closing in around him when he should never be scared of the one thing that had once been such a comfort to him.

He sleeps maybe a few hours, spending the rest of the night with an Iris Message to one of his friends to just try to talk and distract himself from the dreams.


It’s the only way they get enough sleep. Even before they started dating, Nico would come over whenever Percy called - he’s awake when the older boy calls anyway, so it’s no trouble. They’ll sit up talking quietly in the darkness, trying to avoid the subject of the nightmares and just distract each other. Percy eventually falls asleep, his head against Nico’s shoulder before Nico lays down and hold Percy close. He drifts off to sleep afterwards and everything is quiet. Percy drools a little, Nico mumbles in his sleep, but it doesn’t bother either of them with Percy curled close against Nico’s chest. 

Sally comes in at 9:30 some times with a gentle warning knock and blue waffles for her boys, just glad that Percy’s slept again.

the love song of dean winchester. 11k. nc-17.

Let us go then, you and I
When the evening is spread out against the sky
Like a patient etherized upon a table;
Let us go, through certain half-deserted streets,
The muttering retreats
Of restless nights in one-night cheap hotels
And sawdust restaurants with oyster shells:
Streets that follow like a tedious argument
Of insidious intent
To lead you to an overwhelming question…
Oh, do not ask, “What is it?”
Let us go and make our visit.


They’re exiting a bar somewhere in the middle of Wyoming, and Dean thinks it’s possible he’s never felt this good in his life.

Buzzed, but not drunk–intoxicated enough that he probably shouldn’t be driving, but sober enough that he knows Cas won’t really be upset if he does. There’s a warm glow in his belly and a heat in his cheeks, and he feels positively golden, a king of neon signs and billiards and dredges of alcohol. This is his kingdom; these are his people.

He feels so good that he laughs, happy and loud, and puts his hand on Cas’ shoulder just because he wants it there. Cas looks at him in confused amusement, and Dean is reminded of that night he took Cas to a brothel, and how good that had been, too. How he’d laughed as something within him shifted and suddenly he looked at Cas and saw his best friend.

How easy that had been. Everything in his life had been turning to shit and Cas was there and just–easy.

And it’s easy now, too, in a way it isn’t normally. Cas sways slightly into his touch, Dean feeling his shoulder under his coat a bit more firmly. He’s looking at Dean with kind eyes and a creased brow, like he also shares Dean’s happiness but isn’t sure why. Even though he’s an angel he’s got a little color in his cheeks, with his hair mussed and sticking out in about twenty different directions. It reminds Dean of how electric he looked when they first met.

There’s a street lamp that’s backlit him in a way that forms a sort of halo around the crown of his head, and Dean notices this just enough to think to himself huh.

“What’s funny?” Cas says, voice low as ever. A small shiver climbs up Dean’s spine.

He smiles and feels it with his whole body, lit up like a firework.

“Nothin’,” he says. “Just happy, s’all.”

Cas’ smile ventures out of him slowly but completely, turning up the corners of his lips but really softening his eyes. Beautiful, Dean allows himself to think. Just this once.

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Meet the Animal That Lives for 11,000 Years, and other tales in animal longevity
We live an average of 71 years—a drop in the bucket compared with some of nature's life spans.

Estimates of sponge longevity vary quite a bit, but are often in the thousands of years. One study in the journal Aging Research Reviews notes a deep-sea sponge from the species Monorhaphis chuni lived to be 11,000 years old.

Ming, a quahog clam, died at the age of 507 when researchers tried to dredge the bivalve up from Icelandic waters. The quahog’s life-span is usually about 225 years…