dredge bridge

This is an initial draft of a 1"=100’ site map of the first phase of tierra plastica.  It shows a new sediment basin located in the lagoon site, opposite the existing Rocha Turning Basin. The red indicates pedestrian and small vehicle circulation within the towpath and extending up the side streets, through the industrial zones and into the neighborhood; the industrial zones are indicated with an aerial photo, slightly masked with a white tone; green rectangles suggest small soccer fields, yellow areas are tree groves, the white rectangles within the black canal are barges and the very long, lattice rectangles in the canal suggest the “dredge-bridge”.  The grey zones in the black canal suggest a channel network for transit boats, with a central channel and smaller connections joining points on land where important streets hit the canal.  The brown spots throughout the city are existing open spaces, some are parks, most are little plaza areas.  The black zones in the canal are the hyacinth gardens.

There are serious issues with this design- the dredge bridge does not seem efficacious yet in terms of taking out sediment, but it is also not generating recreational or industrially productive space, and the rest of the landscape is diagrammatic at best.  Nonetheless, the idea that dredgers might be affixed to armatures or stay in place altogether and do their work, generating a landscape in which people and sediments and water and hyacinth bubble and weave all around them according to specific dimensions and rhythms is suggested, and intriguing.