If you can look @ the news...

… and think “if Black people only obey the law, they would live” or “a White person doing the same thing would be shot to death as well,” you really need to take off your blinders.

I think it’s a REASONABLE request to bring us in ALIVE, don’t you?

I think it’s a REASONABLE request that the police are not playing JUDGE DREDD, right?

I think it’s a REASONABLE request to arrest us without KILLING us, you know what I mean?

I mean… if all you’re getting out of this is that “if you don’t want to be killed by the cops, obey the law,” then you’re not really paying attention to what we’re asking for. 

Sure… there’s a matter of what happens during the trial, evidence tampering, and such… but the fact that we have to break down this SIMPLE LITTLE REQUEST before we can even GET TO THESE OTHER PARTS is kinda sad.


OMG! The rioting after the #BreloVerdict has begun…oh wait.

This is the #BreloVerdict protests, that other shit was from that time when LeBron James took his talents to South Beach. But you got the fucking #CSIJudge (watch for the show on CBS this fall, y’all!)

and everybody and their momma in the local #Cleveland government, including Cleveland Mayor

“Prospector” Frank Jackson, talking that bullshit about staying calm and the low tolerance for “rioters”  


THIS was the aftermath of a police sanctioned “riot”, GTFO!  Brelo was the last chance for SOMEBODY to be held accountable for the death of two unarmed people who’s only crime the night they died almost 3 years ago was running away from the police. The last I checked, the only place where that’s a punishable by death offense was in Judge Dredd’s Mega City

But, here we are, again, kids.  

Two more dead black Americans (Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell for those of you keeping count) 

You know it’s a fucked up situation when someone from Congress steps up to the mic and says something…on a Saturday before a Holiday, too? 

Two more lives that didn’t matter, that we are adding to the list and I hope you know Algebra, we’re getting close to using fractions and shit to keep up with the dead count and the justifications;

A young man walks to the store to get snacks
A cop wannabe is looking for “some action”
Solve The Following:  When will the wannabe come across the young man and kill him?  When will the wannabe get away with murder? 
NOTE: Please don’t forget to factor in Stand Your Ground.

And the “Those Negroes probably didn’t deserve it for this but…” justification has begun (The following from One of Belo’s attorneys, Patrick D’Angelo)

and the “get out of here with your Civil Rights, Black America” patronizing

…and the usual “yadda, yadda, yadda”.

Don’t get me started yet another case with complicated rules and laws that make it impossible to convict anyone of wrong doing in situation like these. 

I’m sure that’s the point. 

I wish that Cleveland would borrow Marilyn Mosby from Baltimore for the Tamir Rice case, I know she wouldn’t put up with this bullshit.  

It took almost 3 years for the Brelo case to go to “trial” and we’re at 6 months since Rice was shot and killed and the officer who fired the fatal shots has yet to be questioned about it.

But you stay calm, Black America. Yeah. 

anonymous asked:

What type of music do you think your top ten favorite comic book characters listen to? Like, what do you think their favorite bands would be?


i gave this some though today and i have some answers for you.

I couldn’t think of some


Here is my top ten comic book characters of all time

In no particular order

John Constantine - He loves his punk. He’s got to be a fan of The Clash.

But he can no longer listen to his favourite song because of the shit he’s had to deal with.

Cassie Hack - She’s a Schoolyard Heroes fan. Simple as.

The best band you’ve never heard of tbh. One of my fave bands ever. (they also have some of the best song titles ever)

I also like to think that when her and Vlad were traveling the country hunting slashers they played a game where they’d play the worst songs ever and see which one of them would skip first.

Midnighter - I look at Midnighter and straight away i just think ‘Rammstein’

BUT i also reckon he enjoys classical music.. he blames his husband, Apollo (fuck you new 52), for that. He complains when he plays it but secretly he loves it. 

Black Panther - Paul Simon. T’Challa heard Graceland by Paul Simon when he was a young boy and immediately fell in love with the mixture of western and South African music.

Wolverine - Sigur Ros. When he’s not being the best at what he does (and what he does isn’t very nice) Logan likes to chill out by listening to one of the most amazingly beautiful musical experiences of all time.

I listen to this song every night in bed. It just chills me out so much that i very rarely make it to the end. 

Deadpool - He loves Hocus Pocus by Focus. Just that one song. He likes to play it on repeat for hours at a time.

it wont let me post the video. So here ya go.

Batman - he has no time for music because HIS PARENTS ARE DEAD!

Judge Dredd - He has no time for music because there are perps that need judging.