Al’s Baby - “You’d Better Freakin’ Believe It!”

Given a offer he can’t refuse, top hitman for the most powerful crime boss in Chi-Town (future Chicago, USA), Don Luigi Sarcoma, mob enforcer Al ‘The Beast’ Bestardi must produce his Godfather with a grandson within 4 years.

Married as he is to the boss’ daughter, this may not be seen as too much of a problem. Unfortunately for Al, his wife, Velma is used to getting her own way, and decides that she doesn’t want to have a baby, believing it would get in the way of her busy social life, and (ghastly) recording career!

Faced with this huge dilemma, Al pleads with his wife to reconsider, having been told by Don Luigi, who is terminally ill, that unless he gives the boss his grandson it will be Al that will be terminally dead - however Velma refuses, and Al has only one other option..

Set in 2018 - the series was first published in 1991! - medical procedures had come on leaps & bounds, and it had now become possible for men to carry a child, although only one other man had successfully brought one to full term.

But, Al had little choice - undergo the procedure, or get fitted with a concrete overcoat for swimming lessons!

So, ‘Al the Beast’ must contend with rival mobsters, machine gun attacks and morning sickness, in this hilarious romp, brought to you by the team that created Judge Dredd: John Wagner (A History Of Violence) & Carlos Ezquerra (Just A Pilgrim).

  • AL’S BABY (JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE 1.04-15, 1Jan-1Dec’91).
  • BLOOD ON THE BIB (JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE 2.16-2.24, 28Nov-20Mar’93 )
  • PUBLIC ENEMY NO.1 (PROGs1034-44,18Mar-27May’97).

Classic 2000AD - pure Thrillpower™!

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Judge Dredd: Dark Justice - Gallery & Extras

If you haven’t yet bought your copy of the Dark Justice graphic  novel - why not?! 

Here is further incentive, if any were needed, to get your hands on this brilliantly scripted and beautifully illustrated, Thrill-powered™ screamfest..

However, this ultimate face-off between Dredd, Anderson and the Dark Judges very nearly didn’t happen.

Dark Judges’ creator John Wagner felt that he had done all he could with the characters, so it would take a pretty special collaborator to convince him to tackle his vilest villains again.

I’ll let them explain…

From: Greg Staples

Subject: Dark Judges Date: 7 Nov, 2011
Hi John,
I wanted to ask about the possibility of working on a new Dredd book with you.

It’s been many years since I have drawn Dredd as a strip but in a radio interview recently I was asked what I would like to do next and my first thought was a new Dredd tale, perhaps the Dark Judges? I know you must be sick to death of them but they are just such a great creation. I would love to go back to their roots and make it dark, scary and atmospheric like the first few Bolland strips. Is this something that you might be interested in?

From: John Wagner Subject: Dark Judges Date: 9 Nov, 2011

Greg, it would be good to work with you but I don’t feel I have anything more to offer the Dark Judges. I don’t know, maybe there’s an angle that would get me interested, like a political satire - the DJs timeported to George Bush’s White House. Something like that. Anyway, I’ll give it some thought.

From: Greg Staples Subject: Dark Judges Date: 22 Apr, 2012

Hey John, I thought I’d give you a nudge about the Dredd/ Death script we discussed. The original Judge Death strip is what made me want to draw comics at the age of 9, it would be a real honour to do this. I’ve attached a Judge Death commission painting I did a few years ago. I can promise you the strip would be to this quality if not better.

From: John Wagner Subject: Dark Judges Date: 22 Apr, 2012

Bloody hell, Greg, that’s beautiful. Okay, I’m convinced. I’ll start to give it some thought, see if I can come up with something that’s worth writing.

From: John Wagner Subject: Dark Judges Date: 22 May, 2012

Just a quick note to let you know that I think I’m getting somewhere. It’s been a struggle. The problem with the DJs is the plots always run along the same lines: they show up, confront Dredd, get blasted, end of. I had to get something different or it wasn’t worthwhile doing. Well, I think I’ve got it. With luck there’ll be a script next week.

From: Greg Staples Subject: Dark Judges Date: 3 June, 2012

On holiday in Sicily but I couldn’t wait to get back home to read it so I sat down here with a nice coffee and read the first episode. It’s utterly brilliant, everything I hoped for and more. Perfect tone, perfect character introductions. It feels like it has depth already after just six pages, which is what made those first Dark Judges stories so memorable.

Thanks so much, John, I’m a very happy man!

So, there you have it, without Staples’ blistering artwork and Wagner’s masterful storytelling, this modern classic would never have got off the ground - never mind go into space!


To Tom Frame,
whose lettering always did Dredd justice. John Wagner

For John and Brian. Greg Staples.


by Jonathan Knight. #Love it!

Creating artwork in a wide range of media such as graphite pencil, watercolors, colored pencil and acrylic paint. mainly focusing on portraiture and the human form inspired by popular culture and fantasy.

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Introducing the Dominator Maxi Munsta!

If you are a fan of Psycho Pass then get Cerevo’s transformable “Dominator Maxi” smart phone based on the futuristic smart weapons from the anime. As you hold the grip and pull the trigger, the phone expands itself. It also comes with LED lights,  a camera built into the muzzle, 100 sound clips featuring Noriko Hidaka (the voice of the Dominator weapons system in the PSYCHO-PASS anime), and Wifi access. It will cost about $860 coming out later in 2015. 

*Think of Judge Dredd with a flashing light weapon

*Minority Report 

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