who are you?   Andre A. Tyler, known as DREBABES,  I’m a young man in the pursuit of achieving success, happiness, and the enjoyment of life   What do you do?   I work two jobs diligently, musician, entertainer, and role model father to my son   Why?   To produce for my son and I, along teaching him principals and positive moralistic values through my actions, words, and music   What does cre3Sol mean to you?   cre3Sol means culture, elegance, perseverance, all these terms solidify the feel of the environment, the people, the music, and the experience   How has coming to the monthly open mic helped your artistry?   Attending the open mic has broaden my perspective of music, being able to experience different forms of musical expression enlightened my talent thus far enabling to create different types of music   What do you see for the future of Cre3Sol?   I cre3sol developing into something very meaningful representing the people with a voice, the voice of those who have experienced the beauty of Baltimore as an city of art and life