Westeros’ Finest: a crime / Reservoir Dogs modern AU of ASOIAF. Some say Ned Stark was the last honest cop on the force and truth be told, they’re not exactly wrong. With his disappearance, his son, Robb, attempts to finish what his father started. His family falls onto the radar of the corrupt cops and with more Starks disappearing, Sansa Stark finds an unlikely ally in Petyr Baelish, an intelligence analyst for WPD, who helps her assume a new identity. Baelish enlists the help of Mr. Black and Mr. Brown (who are actually Oswell Kettleblack and Lothor Brune but assume aliases) in his schemes for money, power, and, of course, to help Sansa restore the Stark name and return home. Or so Sansa hopes. Fortunately, she finds a friend in Mya Stone, who just so happens to be related to a certain former commissioner.

All I ever wanted was home.

modern au daenerys targaryen + jorah mormont
in which they’re on the run (insp.)

B: You’re starting to think the person you’ve been looking for has been close to you all this time.

S: Perhaps he’s been standing right in front of me.

B: Oh, closer than that, Miss Stark. She’s much closer than you think. [grins as Sansa eyes widen] And now the pawn becomes a piece.

petyr/sansa in a film noir au | requested by tywinning

“Between ‘Reek’ and 'Theon Greyjoy’ is a boy lost among the wolves and the krakens. If the Starks or the Greyjoys don’t break him first, I will.” – Ramsay Bolton

BAD BLOOD (asoiaf spies and assassins au) | ft. theon greyjoy reek, a sleeper agent planted by the boltons to betray the starks

Petyr Baelish, an intelligence analyst, gathers a group of men who are given color aliases to aid him in an attempt to retake the corrupt police department of Westeros. Only three know he is the one giving the orders; the others are directed through various puppets that Baelish manipulates. When Sansa Stark’s family is targeted by corrupt cops due to her father and her brother’s involvement in trying to restore WPD, Baelish takes her under his wing and gives her a new name. Also features Lothor Brune (Mr. Brown) and Oswell Kettleblack (Mr. Black), two of the three who know Baelish as their true employer; along with Mya Stone, a bastard girl working as an internal affairs officer that may be more important to Baelish’s plans than he lets on. 

WESTEROS’ FINEST | a crime/reservoir dogs au of asoiaf | alternate description