Chapter 1 of Solemn Graces #1 now available!

That’s right, the first chapter of Solemn Graces #1: Once Upon A Midnight Dreary is now available for purchase on Leanpub and Patreon!

In this story, the witch Grace Morgan is investigating some local legends about disappearances in Blackwood Forest when she gets lost herself…only to stumble upon the unexpected town of Grimstead, nestled into a pocket realm that should not exist. What does she find there? How about a world full of superstitions where monsters walk the streets, shops use abstract concepts as currency, and vampires have everyone scared to death? Oh, and a strangely theatrical gravedigger who seems to be rather fond of horror films…

Published serially, the first chapter of this story is now available - and remember, with Leanpub, you can pay what you want for an entire story and receive all subsequent updates and chapters at no additional cost. So in this case, you can pay anywhere from $1.99 and up and be able to update your copy at any time and receive each new chapter that gets released.

Meanwhile, with Patreon, you get some cool little rewards for pledging in addition to early access to each chapter. So that’s pretty cool.

As always, comments and criticism are fully welcomed and appreciated. Hope you enjoy Chapter 1 and stick around for Chapter 2, due out next week, October 3rd!


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Yeah. Last year, they were telling lies about Iris getting a great solo storyline (Half-assed, by the way) and be the ace reporter (She only spent that time talking to Linda). So I can understand. I told myself that if the Earth 2 episodes didn't deliver, I was going to bounce and leave the show behind. 2x12 got my attention, but the Earth 2 episodes pulled me back in. Now S3 is looking great.

Yup. I was the same way. I’d braced for it to be somewhat lackluster because I knew their focus would be on LoT. But it was even more dreary than I expected. Barry was supposed to be happily seeking escape with his relationship with Patty but he might as well have been called Uninvested Emo Leatherpants instead. Iris was nowhere to be seen. Caitlin’s story with Jay was both insulting and dull. Jay’s mentoring of Barry seemed to be mostly being a wet blanket who only knew how to say “no” and “you can’t do that.” Caitlin only remembered Ronnie when Jay wasn’t around - and even though months of time had passed in show time, for the audience, she went from “I’m too wrecked over losing Ronnie to return to the lab” to “a MAYUN!” in literally MINUTES of time. Zoom was a mysterious threat with an unknown master plan but really crappy minions to throw at Barry while for all we knew, he crocheted in the corner somewhere. Patty made NO damn sense as a character (seriously, a meta killed her dad so she wanted to join a task force to stop them but then she’s talking about the Flash and fangirls like a tween who just learned boys often have dangly bits). And did I mention Iris was nowhere to be found?

I got to the point where I even said to myself, “LoT launches episode 10. I give them to episode 11. If 11 doesn’t remind me why I love the show, I am done with this show for good.”

10 was interesting enough for me to give it ONE more episode, but I drew the line in the sand and said “this is it.” If 12 didn’t do it…

But it did! It single handedly gave me the hope I needed to keep watching the show every week. I’m glad I did, going into S3, but even at the last finale, I was saying we should look at spoilers for S3 with BUCKETS of salt.

I’m quite glad this season looks sunnier than the last. I still think you could absolutely delete the first 10 episodes of last season and, save for the episode where Zoom was introduced and MAYBE five minutes altogether of the rest, NOTHING important would be lost. 99% of the first half of S2 was just a gigantic waste of time.

This season looks SO much better.

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If I could, right now I would knock on your door and not wait for you to answer but just kind of bop across the room and throw my arms out and go "Hey. Hug. Get it." and then just be fine with that for a good long while. I give great hugs, and I'm taller than most folks, so that's a bonus. Let's just pretend that I did that, and now I'm patting your shoulder or smoothing your hair or something and here, have a tissue and it's all going to be fine, I swear. Awkward blogger hug. Pat pat.

*continuing the hug* Hey. Hey, it’s ok. Like, things may look kinda dreary – trust me. I KNOW the feeling. Not so hot on my end right now either. But everything passes? And there are bigger things in life that make all the things that SEEM huge in the moment totally worth it. *rocks back and forth a little* You are beautiful and loved. College is freaking HARD but it’s great in the long run and freshman year is totally the worst of it. (2/6)
*sits down on bed, still hugging* So like, when I first got to college I literally hid in my dorm or the library or this one wooded overlook ALL the TIME. I had no friends, I didn’t know what I was doing… I got a B- in a freaking intro to Theater class where we had to watch Les Mis. Like, it was bad. But I grew so much as a person, and once you find your feet, you will be off like a ROCKET. You already have so much talent and sparkle in you that you have no choice but to be automatically amazing forever. (3/6)
Have fun with that – people like me will happily sit on the sidelines and watch and cheer for you. :D *pats arm* We’re here for you, hon. Even if you don’t really know who we are behind our anon messages or faceless blogs – we’re here for you. And even better, I promise you that there are folks out there who are there for you For Realz IRL. They can be hard to find. I know. Maaaan, freshman year was a bomb. But it gets better. (4/6)
I’m going to stop messaging now, because I feel like I’m bordering on creepy, but one more thing: I’m not sure how you relate to faith or anything, and that’s cool. But I’m a Christian myself, and if it’s alright with you, I’m going to pray that God gives you restful sleep tonight, peace of mind when you wake, productivity in what you have to get done tomorrow, and that He’ll send some things your way – not sure what – to let you know that He sees, loves, and cares about you. (5/6)
Alright? So – to recap: you are amazing, here’s a giant hug from one of your faceless fans, and I’m praying for you and whatever it is you’re facing at the mo. Sleep well, dream awesome dreams that you can remember to tell at breakfast tomorrow, and know that your fans care about you. *final hug* See ya. *tiptoes back out of room and closes door gently* (6/6)

…This is honestly one of the sweetest and most heartwarming messages I’ve ever gotten. (I know you sent them last night but just know that I read them all, and it helped me get some sleep last night.) Bless your soul for sending these, they were so sweet and nice to read. …Thank you so much. :’) (Also I hope your day is going great, and thank you very, very much for taking the time to send me these. To be honest they made me cry harder but at least I was crying more happy tears than sad tears, y'know?)

Thank you and I’m sending you lots of hugs and love back in response. :’)

3.29.16+1:45pm // 26/100 days of productivity // the very kind @men-bong asked if i could post more doodle ideas, so here’s another doodle reference sheet! looks a lot like the first one but trust me; it’s very different! also, it’s a little dreary today. i feel like staying in and snuggling up with just the fairy lights on.

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