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Chapters: 7/?
Fandom: Holby City
Rating: Mature
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Relationships: Serena Campbell/Bernie Wolfe
Characters: Serena Campbell, Bernie Wolfe, Jason Haynes
Additional Tags: Slow Burn, Romance, Humor, some angst in the beginning mostly, mild anger issues, no one dies, Elinor Lives, Canon Divergent, mentions of ableism and sexism but nothing super deep

Bernie and Serena meet in Anger Management therapy.

Starts out a little dark and dreary, moving towards fluffy and uplifting (you know me by now, right?)

AU/Canon Divergent. I’ve messed with the timeline quite a bit to suit my purposes - just go with it, is my best advice. Featuring ProudLesbian!Bernie (no Marcus/Cameron/Charlotte) and OutstandingBisexual!Serena.

Chapter 7 is up.  Hope you dig it. 

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Hi Flock! This is a fan letter of sorts. Your were the first Shipper blogger I came across months and months ago and you were so smart and funny that I abandoned my doubts and took a seat on the lido deck. It has been rough at times but you always make me laugh. So glad to be sailing with you! :)

Thanks for such a sweet message on an otherwise dreary, bah humbug of a morning. The Lido’s a pretty kickass place to be!

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And So We Meet Again

(( based on this gifset, because @dynamics-of-an-asteroid said we should make our own backstory. Under the cut, also on AO3 ))

He should’ve known.

The knock at the door could’ve been just like any other: on a dreary Wednesday afternoon, Jim Moriarty, enjoying tea, perhaps could’ve expected his elderly neighbor, Jemma, to bring by scones and talk of her grandchildren living in the colonies. Maybe the postman, needing him to sign for something. Maybe even the police, inquiring about a noise complaint from the house down the way.

Still, he should’ve known.

Even as he set aside his cross-stitching endeavor (it was of the Eagle Nebula), Jim was entirely unsuspecting. No one from his previous life knew he was alive, and even fewer would know he’d relocated to upstate Massachusetts. He’d left Jim Moriarty, Napoleon of Crime, on that rooftop. He’d never, never intended to be found.

And yet.

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Secret Warriors #2 Review

spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers

Daisy Johnson’s ragtag team of Inhuman heroes continue their battle against the evil Secret Empire in this second issue from the creative team of Mathew Rosenberg, Javier Garrón and Israel Silva.  Full recap and review following the jump.

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The Cynical Calm

Being cynical is really hard,
It’s amazing my mind ain’t broke apart.
You have to hate things you want to like,
And you have to like things as a passing thought.
You don’t live in the past with old regrets
And you aren’t anxious about the future; you have nothing good to expect.
And if hope is wearing rose-tinted glasses,
Then as a cynic I wear glasses misted from fog
Everything is a drab and dreary grey,
and you kind of hope it’ll go away.

The frame in which your conscious mind resides,
Does not fully exist. It’s a void, a hollowed vision of the world at best.

It’s where a tree in the fall with no leaves,
Seems more lively than those regrowing in spring.

Sometimes I think as a cynic, I’m happy. And I don’t know exactly why. Maybe it’s because I think I’ve lost everything I could, or I feel like I can’t fail anymore than I have. It’s like looking defeat in the eye and saying “you know what?, I’m out. You sit here and play this game by yourself”.

There’s a calmness to being sad and down, that feels peaceful. There’s a calmness in feeling as if I, myself, my own mind, is the only true connection I have in this world

Negative Speaking Tones

Accusatory - blaming other people

Agitated - emotionally distured; perturbed

Angry - mad

Anxious - worried or excited; uneasy and eager

Apologetic - sorry

Apprehensive - uneasy or fearful about something that might happen

Arrogant - too proud

Beguiling - deceptive; cheating

Bitter - angry or hateful

Bored/Boring - not interested

Callous - insensitive

Childish - befitting a child; the undesirable and unpleasant characteristics of a child

Cold - lacking in passion, emotion; not affectionate or friendly

Concerned - worried or interested 

Condescending - looking down on other people; feelings superior

Contemptuous - feeling disgrace; disrespectful; scornful

Critical - finding fault

Cruel - mean; hurtful

Cynical - questioning the truth or sincerity; skeptical

Defensive - defending; protective

Defiant - going against authority

Depressed - unhappy; sad

Desolate - solitary; lonely; dreary; dismal

Desperate - frantic; without many options

Despondent - profound hopelessness, discouragement, or gloom

Detached - disinterested; unbiased; not involved or concerned

Diplomatic - trying not to offend people

Disappointed - discouraged; unhappy because something went wrong

Disdainful - scornful; insulting

Dissatisfied - unhappy; not satisfied

Egotistical - thinking only about himself; self-centered

Envious - jealous

Fearful - afraid

Fretful - worried, annoyed or discontent

Frustrated - angry because of not being able to do something

Gloomy - dark; sad; depressed

Hateful - hating something or someone; angry hate

Haughty - proud; vain; arrogant

Hi I’m Jen and I take back everything I ever said about me being an artist

(courtesy of @bakanohealthy for this blessed/cursed au)