Murudeshwara Temple and Statue,Karnataka, India.

Temple tourism is quite popular here in Southern India…People from all over Southern states, try to visit as many temples as possible in their life time to show devotion and seek inner peace. They plan and travel far from different states from all over the subcontinent and stay to visit as many temples as possible. Some devotees, at old age even decide to spend their rest of their lives in popuar temples to seek spirtual satisfaction…



A cultural art performance with stunning face paint and bright handcrafted costumes..This particular devotional art form is performed in North(Malabar) Kerala, India and also in some parts of Karnataka. There are a wide variety of this particular dance in varying costumes and dance movements..It’s believed that conducting such performances in Theyyam temples and even homes destroys the evil and protect the people around with blessings…Each of these dance forms represents Hindu mythological gods and considers to be their avatar..

People gather in huge crowds to watch the performance and hear the loud drumbeats performed by skilled artists. It is conducted during seasons, especially summer like festivals..Theyyam is performed during auscpicious days by men from a particular community who are highly talented artists(both dance,singing and painting). For some this is a means of living during the season.People who are homeaway try to make it for the show as a family gathering..Food, Street shopping, games, carnivals are commonly seen during  a Theyyam performance ..Its usually an annual event and becoming very common that some families sponsor such performance(along with food) in return to the believes that their prayers have been answered during a critical phase of their struggle in life..

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