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who do you think kissed who the first time?

I can imagine it either way.

I can imagine Cas taking a deep breath and closing that last bit of space between himself and Dean. He’d kiss Dean gently, but firmly, as a statement of his intentions, and then pull back to let Dean process it and react as he may.

Or maybe it’s Dean who is scared and angry because Cas is leaving again (Cas wants to keep the Winchesters safe, he wants to help the angels, he needs to do something other than keep himself safe) and Dean needs him to stay, so he grabs Cas by the shoulders. He pauses just a second before kissing Cas, to search for any rejection, but there is none and then they’re kissing.

dustyjournal Does anyone know how to block icons on the…

You can use adblock plus to block specific images; install extension, right click, “block image” is how I do it

dreamycas Does anyone know how to block icons on the…

i know adblock does the trick. i just blocked yours to verify it and it works

You two are lifesavers T^T

Thanks, that did the trick!

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omg how was it?! the movie i mean!

it was very very well done! the cinematography was amazing and it was a little strange how they Incorporated modern music into it but not in a bad way, it was just different but i liked it a lot. and they captured the fantastical aspect of the gatsby parties really perfectly wow bc when i read the book i almost couldn’t picture the parties properly but when i saw the way they did them, i was like yeah that’s perfect. AND THE ENDING IS SO GORGEOUSLY SET UP AND JUST SUPER AMAZING. :’)