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dean and seth cuddling in bed on a rainy day dean tries to get up but seth wont let him leave the bed. extra points if it turns sexual. also hi ilu :D

Title:  fingers trace your every outline
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 1,435
Warnings: Blowjobs, slight gagging, dirty talk, PWP.

Summary:  Dean’s fingers trail lightly down Seth’s back, reveling in the way it felt under his fingertips. Seth’s muscles twitch and ripple under his touch and Dean takes a moment to appreciate the way they move under his fingers.

psychrollins dreamycas I’M SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG.

The crack of thunder can be heard after a strike of lightning is seen, rain pelting down angrily outside that gives the morning a gray light, effectively keeping the world in a state of sleep. At least, that’s what it feels like. Dean and Seth are still lying in bed, curled up next to each other with no intention of getting up anytime soon. Normally, they would already be up. Seth would be at the gym and Dean would be doing something he wasn’t supposed to be doing. It was the rain that led to the decision to get some extra rest. This is why Seth’s cheek is resting on Dean’s shoulder and Dean’s nose is pressed into Seth’s nest of bedhead.

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who do you think kissed who the first time?

I can imagine it either way.

I can imagine Cas taking a deep breath and closing that last bit of space between himself and Dean. He’d kiss Dean gently, but firmly, as a statement of his intentions, and then pull back to let Dean process it and react as he may.

Or maybe it’s Dean who is scared and angry because Cas is leaving again (Cas wants to keep the Winchesters safe, he wants to help the angels, he needs to do something other than keep himself safe) and Dean needs him to stay, so he grabs Cas by the shoulders. He pauses just a second before kissing Cas, to search for any rejection, but there is none and then they’re kissing.


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dustyjournal Does anyone know how to block icons on the…

You can use adblock plus to block specific images; install extension, right click, “block image” is how I do it

dreamycas Does anyone know how to block icons on the…

i know adblock does the trick. i just blocked yours to verify it and it works

You two are lifesavers T^T

Thanks, that did the trick!

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I can't believe how big this blog has gotten in such a short time. It's lovely! Thanks for all the work you put into it!

Thank you very much and you’re welcome! I honestly can’t believe this either. We’re actually close to 900 followers! It’s crazy.

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in love with your necklace, face, etc etc

Bonus chest shot:

I think I got this at Lord & Taylor’s? Or maybe Macy’s or JC Penney? It was like ten bucks in the clearance bins because nobody wanted it? I really like it though, I always get compliments on it. It’s a great statement necklace!

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omg how was it?! the movie i mean!

it was very very well done! the cinematography was amazing and it was a little strange how they Incorporated modern music into it but not in a bad way, it was just different but i liked it a lot. and they captured the fantastical aspect of the gatsby parties really perfectly wow bc when i read the book i almost couldn’t picture the parties properly but when i saw the way they did them, i was like yeah that’s perfect. AND THE ENDING IS SO GORGEOUSLY SET UP AND JUST SUPER AMAZING. :’) 

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how ugly do you have to be to re-post that hospital pic with the child and crop renee out and post it in the tags? amazing

It pisses me off even when people crop fans out of the pics, let alone when they’re actually as disgusting as to crop out someone’s significant other. The fact that they were visiting a children’s hospital in that pic makes it even worse. It’s like saying “fuck the kindness behind this pic and fuck the thankfulness of the hospital staff, I’m gonna ignore it all and crop her out just because I am jealous, immature trash.”

And then those same people will later act all high and mighty and claim that “they don’t hate her because of Dean!!!1″ 

Get the fuck out.