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Apparently now DCS isnt allowing people to review their designs unless they pay them more. Wtf?? They dont get to see the design and decide if they like it??

Look, I hardly ever complain about prices of indie (mainly handmade) stores. That just seems like a bitchy move, because often times it’s logically explainable and worth it in the end - HOWEVER, as an ex-potential customer, I have a right to weigh out my options and analyze the situation.

So… hear me out…. let me put this into perspective…

they’re charging $10 for an email. An email about what YOU want on your CUSTOM $30-50 case. 

“But Rini, they have a comment box to describe what you want and where you want and blah blah blah,” um no idk about yall but I actually need to see what I spend weeks saving up for (yes, weeks. I’ve seen people save up for deco cases for weeks because a deco case is a way to treat themselves). Even if I didn’t spend a lot of time saving up for, I REALLY need to see the product I’m buying. This aint no mystery blind bag I’m getting. Even if I described it how I wanted it with my own words in the most articulate manner, I need to see what I’m buying. 

Now, look, I’m not accusing them and saying this is what they’re currently doing (although the last anon about DCS said they messed up on their order and blamed the customer), but this is ultimately a loophole for them to fuck up on your order and say “oh, well, it’s your fault you didn’t buy the TEN DOLLAR EMAIL. :)”  

And trust me when I’m saying I’m trying my damn hardest to justify this. Just as I tried so hard to justify their actions the last time even though they practically spammed and harassed us. And I respect what they’re trying to do as an indie shop and I respect their designs and work. However, their reasons (“high volume of orders and complex customization process” - something that they should limit if they’re giving their customers so many problems) doesn’t justify a $10 email when they’re offering to do a custom job that seems to not be custom. That’s like me wanting to buy my thousand dollar custom wedding dress and after I tell them what I want they say “oh you need to spend x amount more to actually see the dress you saved up for and spending x amount on.” 

That’s just my input on the matter for potential customers. 


Big boy in the big world por Iwona Podlasinska
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Four years ago on a cold wintry night (and I swear it was -20C and plenty of snow) my life turned upside down and from that moment I never felt lonely. Happy birthday to my big boy on his 4th birthday! PS. I know I promised more “dreamer” photos :) and I will keep my word