One Direction's Zayn Malik Shows Support For Palestine By Wearing A Keffiyeh

The 21-year-old hearthrob proved that he isn’t just a pretty face when he prepared to board an LA-Australia flight with bandmate Harry Styles, wearing what Directioners were quick to identify as a keffiyeh. 

It might just look like a trendy scarf, similar to those favoured by small indie bands across the world, but a black and white checked keffiyeh is actually a symbol of Palestinian nationalism and an icon of Palestinian solidarity during the ongoing Gaza conflict.

And although you’d be forgiven for just assuming that Zayn picked up the accesory totally unaware of its connotations, the Muslim-raised popstar has previously made his feelings towards the political situation very clear, tweeting back in June: ’#FreePalestine’.

The tweet saw Zayn receive a HUGE backlash from outraged Israeli fans, but this time around Directioners have rallied to show their support for the notoriously quiet and private star making a subtle statement about such an important, worldly issue.

On top of the negative reaction that Zayn received last time he dared to broadcast his views on the controversial topic, fans are particularly proud of the singer for being brave enough to step out in a keffiyeh despite the negative rumours circulating him these last few days.

One fan wrote: “At a time when the media is literally sh*tting on Zayn’s very existence he comes out and wears the keffiyeh.

I am so proud of my politically aware ‘son’ who has come so far and is unapologetic about his beliefs and won’t compromise them for the sake of the media.

Once again, Stephanie has written a beautiful article and also quoted me calling zayn my son lol.

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