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ID #14381

Name: Julia
Age: 19
Country: Germany

Hey! I’m Julia and I’m looking for someone to exchange snail-mail with, because what’s best than receiving a handwritten letter?
I’m a dreamy and open minded person with way too many interests tbh :D
But my biggest interests are writing (I’m currently working on my first novel), reading, traveling, movies and series.
Also, I drink way too much tea, buy too much stationery and usually can’t stop starring at the clear night sky.
I am a good listener and like to listen to what other people have to say and I’ll gladly have deep conversations at night.
I love making cute letters and I hope I’ll meet lots of different people. :3

Preferences: Girls from 17-25


— for this spread I decided to make a little p o s i t i v i t y post ✨

// I think that being optimistic helps you live a happier and healthier life and it makes you more relaxed [at least that’s how it’s in my case]
Anytime I feel angry, stressed out or sad I always remember the good things in my life. Remembering that, you focus on what makes you happy,what makes you you and all of those good things are exactly what your life should look like.
💡 try to write a list of everything you’re grateful for and remember to put down even the little things
💡 also write down stuff that makes you happy or smile, maybe even draw them or describe how you feel about them (ex.rain- makes me feel dreamy and energetic, tv shows- I love to watch Stranger things…)
I started bulletjournaling this summer and I can see it that now I’m generally more focused on myself,I don’t stress out that much and am indeed more optimistic.
As you can see on this pic,I put down some verbs,adjectives,nouns.. that sound nice and are positive. Writing them with a brush was very peaceful and while I was doing that I thought about each emotion and what those words mean.
💡write down motivational quotes, make sure you’re exactly where you wanna be, you’re unique; no one is you and that’s your super power!!
// I like to think of bullet journaling as some sort of a therapy for myself. It’s a great combination of unleashing your creativity and for seeing yourself in a different, more optimistic way.

Y O U M A T T E R 🌷

favourite summer aesthetics -

  1. warm, hazy afternoons. bedroom windows slightly ajar; white curtains swaying imperceptibly in silent heated breeze. distant 6pm banter of children playing, fingers sugar sticky with melted popsicles. bare feet on damp grass; the air rich of salt and flowers, nectarous and apathetic.

  2. eyelids heavy, limbs languid. salt dried hair. muffled sounds from a neighbours television. thoughts, dreamy and listless. drowsy bones. phantasmic light swirls at the bottom of a swimming pool. the static laughter of a friend leaning on you.

  3. chlorine soaked epidermis. the unapproachable buzz of chicadas. purple-pink sunsets. earthquake weather, metallic heat. the air still and somehow restless at the same time. knee deep in ocean hues. empty cities. nostalgia burning soft and subtle under sun kissed skin.