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I just got back from seeing Wonder Woman...

(Note: has Spoilers)

And I am filled with a profound sadness that DC and Marvel don’t exist in the same universe because here is the movie/TV series I want desperately to exist: 

In the aftermath of the movie, Etta the sword-wielding secretary and Diana grow close. Etta helps steer Diana through the war machine to where she can do the most good, and eventually WW1 is over and Diana decides to stay ‘in the world.’ Etta stays close as her guide, cultural translator, and exasperated best friend. 

“And you’re basically immortal. You’re going to be that beautiful for centuries. Well, the rest of us can just may as well pack it in now.” 

Then WW2 happens. And Diana is pulled back in again, Etta comes with her, because Etta is the only person Diana listens to even five percent of the time. Etta is older now. She is supposed to be retired. She is still round and friendly-shaped but she has no time for your shit and her bestie is an Amazon. 

And that’s when she meets a young officer named Peggy Carter.


Savidal - Murs d'Albâtre

This house is based on Peacy’s Casa del Sol, but I only kept the exterior walls. :p

I builded this on for the Conti and Vallone Family : Anna Conti, editor in chief of a people magazine, is the lone mother of Luca, a dreamy guy, training hard to become a professional basketball player. She live in this house with her mother Barabara, a former journalist a bit to involved in her daughter emotional life, and her cousin Renato Vallone, owner of the local theater, and secretly working as a spy.

And by the way… I’m really sorry for my lack of activity, I don’t play my game that much lately, I’m busy on other projects. ^^’


If this is to end in fire

Then we should all burn together


Favorite movies + favorite songs: 4 / ?