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When someone walks in on me while I’m in bed with my ikemen

Round Two - Voltage Men

The constant friction of his hips grinding flush against my own was nearly enough to push me over the edge – the moment his dry lips made contact hot against my skin, sucking hard enough at my neck and collarbones to leave a mark I knew I’d be able to wear proud as a trophy for the next week I was thrown straight over.

A lullaby styled symphony of moans, groans, cries and painting had filled the motel room for the last hour with a soft, velvet style sweep. Thin layers of sweat dripped from our bodies ungracefully – pooling with the odd drop of blood to stain the once soft and clean sheets.

Nails drawing tender, deep lines down his back which would leave him sore for days – his last few thrusts sent me further and further up the bed; shifting uncomfortably on my back as we rode out our highs that weren’t expected – that weren’t meant to happen; we were both happily married and this meeting, this catch up, this run into which wasn’t planned, wasn’t on the cards, wasn’t meant to happen – threw everything askew.

Gripping at anything I could around me to keep balance and biting my tongue; my efforts weren’t enough as a softly murmured beneath my breath, ‘Fuck… I love you’, escaped me.

It had been years since such words had slipped from between my lips; years since such words held any meaning yet tonight – a night that shouldn’t have happened and that I had no real excuse for their meaning held true. Resting his forehead gently on my own; my fingertips dancing as they trailed like fireflies up and down his chest, I forgot about the rest of the world – forgot about my obligations and my expectations – forgot about my achievements, my sins and my tragedies – I forgot about the one who I’d convinced myself was right for me after the world threw all that it had to skew my rose coloured glasses view on everything and relaxed, unwound and came undone to the only person I knew that like this I wanted them to see me

 A gentle, lingering kiss as the sunrise we weren’t expecting to greet filtered in through the half open windows – our eyes made an agreement in silence that this wouldn’t ever happen again – that tonight, even after all these years of lust, of want, of desire for one another would definitely be the end; yet as long as we were locked up, held captive by each other within the four walls that surrounded us, our fun could still continue; I squirmed beneath his body as to hope that he wouldn’t get too comfortable.

Nipping at his ear, playing with the back of his hair and breathing hot against his cheek, my efforts earned a chuckle that was the least thing I was expecting.

“What’s gotten into you?”, he asks in a mere whisper, playing with the ends of my hair.
“You”, I respond with a cheeky, school girl like grin.
“No really”, he asks with a chuckle, the tip of his nose swiping against my own like lovers do after a quarrel.
“I’m just waiting.”
“Waiting for what?”

The answer is simple.

“Round two.”

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Voltage Inc.- Holding Onto You 

“I’m falling apart, I’m barely breathing.
With a broken heart, that’s still beating.
In the pain, there is healing.
In your name, I find meaning.
So I’m holding on, holding onto you.”

Holding Onto You - Lifehouse

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