dreamy nerds

hello friends pls do yourselves the favor of imagining an american high school ginny/luna au in which ginny is the popular sporty 90s cheerleader, luna is the dreamy nerd. ginny is the only person who hangs out with her and no one knows why but she thinks she’s so smart and fascinating. everyone in school knows that you Do Not fuck with luna lovegood if ginny weasley is anywhere nearby and if she hears you say “loony lovegood” you’re leaving with a bloody nose. ginny weasley will r u i n you. They do science projects together and ginny carries luna’s books to all her classes even tho it makes her late to like half of hers (like 90% of them are about cryptids ufos and aliens, 5% weird spec fic books, 5% class books. ginny Adores this ratio). luna invites ginny to come ufo watching one night. they kiss under the stars (and maybe a few ufos but at that moment luna could not care less as long as none of them dream of interrupting that kiss)

unsuspecting new coworker: oh, so you’re a Star Trek fan? What do you think of the reboot movies?
me, trying to warn him: don’t get me started.
coworker, sealing his own fate: no, really!
[three minutes later]
me, finally pausing for breath: -and casting aside, they went and made Into Darkness unnecessarily edgy! it was darker than Deep Space Nine, and that was the one where they deconstructed the utopian presentation of the Federation!
coworker: ……………wow
me: I did warn you.
coworker: so….uh….. how about Star Wars?

ahh, the night, that special time of the day when many great minds try to find answers to the big questions of mankind.
Since I am not a great mind, I devoted myself to find out how I’d look like if I were elven.

dreamy nerd apostate with a bad case of dark circles. Always visiting some creepy ruin. Which means I’d probably know Solas. That doesn’t bode well.

Humans would pick on me because ‘oh well, tiny’ and I’d probably play along, just to set their pants on fire as soon as they turn away. oops messere. apostate OUT