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Entwining Your Dominant Energies

I’ve noticed a lot of people seem to make the mistake as taking only the first dominant sign or planet, but your dominance works more as a rank than it does as one true thing.

Everyone has every sign/planet/element/modality within them. Each sign will have some amount of prevalence in your chart. For this reason, it’s key to look at it as encompassing yourself, rather than defining it as one.

For example, my dominant sign is Aquarius, but this would not be enough to understand or study me. I would also take my next 4: Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Taurus. Then, I could start to study these signs and their archetypes, and see how they can relate to me as a whole.

That’s the key to dominants: it is you as a whole. They work as a flash point, a conclusion, to your chart. Each sign or planet has a certain set of values and characteristics, which when you combine with the other most prominent dominants you have, can act as almost a small biography of who you are. 

When thinking of your dominants, it’s key to not take too much or too little. If you have 5 signs all with high percentages, you can use all 5 if you wish, but if you only have 2, then you can just use 2! 

To conclude, here’s a list of characteristics which can be used to describe each dominant. If you’re unsure on how many to take away from this, the default amount is usually considered 3 (3 signs, and 3 planets).


  • Aries - Passionate, Impulsive, Chaotic
  • Taurus - Stubborn, Routinely, Loving
  • Gemini - Social, Dynamic, Laid Back
  • Cancer - Family oriented, Empathetic, Emotionally tied
  • Leo - Artistic, Extroverted, Dramatic
  • Virgo - Analytical, Precise, Helpful
  • Libra - Loving, Indecisive, Peaceful
  • Scorpio - Investigative, Deep, Intense
  • Sagittarius - Intellectual, Travel-oriented, Unsettled
  • Capricorn - Ambitious, Hard-working, Objective
  • Aquarius - Eccentric, Individual, Humanitarian
  • Pisces - Intuitive, Sympathetic, Romantic


  • Sun - Confident, Extroverted, Sure
  • Moon - Emotional, Empathetic, Understanding
  • Mercury - Linguistically wise, Communicative, Social
  • Venus - Aesthetically Inclined, Loving, Musical
  • Mars - Rambunctious, Head strong, Prominent
  • Jupiter - Expansive, Experience-oriented, Unregulated
  • Saturn - Orderly, Specific, System-inclined
  • Uranus - Outspoken, Political, Blunt
  • Neptune - Delusional, Dreamy, Wise
  • Pluto - Ever-changing, Destructive, Revival

Example: Scorpio, Leo, Sagittarius & Mars, Sun, Pluto

“I am investigative and intellectual, I am intense and unsettled. Parts of me are artistic and dramatic. I can be travel-oriented, as well as deep. Amongst these things, I am rambunctious and ever-changing, maybe even head strong and destructive. It is likely you shall see me as confident or sure, even prominent or extroverted. But, I have another side of me which aims for revival.”


he feels so surreal i can’t believe 😭💘💥


why do we pretend that this performance doesn’t exist???

To impress the Prince (Arthur x Reader

Hiyaz! Love your writing :3 if you have the time, would you write an imagine / one shot where the reader is Merlin’s younger sister and she secretly has feelings for Arthur, and wants to impress him by learning to fight. So she eventually wears herself out, and against Merlin’s advice pushes herself too far. Maybe Arthur finds her nearly passed out from dehydration and brings her to Merlin, and blah blah fluff and feels and cute stuff. This is so vague and cheesy I’m sorry >_< Thank you! xx

A/N: So sorry if this has bad grammar/mistakes as I wrote it on my phone, on a flight.

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Arthur. Yes, Arthur. The most dreamy, prince ever, with his sleek blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I was pretty much in love with him, yet I was not part of a noble family or royal. The entire castle knew me as Merlin’s younger sister, and nothing more. If I wanted the prince, I would have to work for it. “How can I impress a prince?” I silently questioned. I spent hours cooking up ideas of ways to impress Arthur, until i finally decided I would start training and show him I could not only be a princess but a warrior as well, a perfect match for him.
Over the next few days, I studied the way Arthur trained the rest of the knights. It was brutal, but it worked. As the knights trained by day, I trained by night, I could not let Merlin know I was doing this, he would kill me. Every night for the next few weeks I trained. I started training so much, it started showing during the day. I looked worn out by noon. The worst part was, later one evening, Merlin caught me almost falling asleep while folding clothes. “Hey Y/N? Are you alright?” Merlin asked me. I awoke with a start, close to slapping him in the face. “Woah? What happened?” Merlin questioned. “Sorry” I spoke grogily. “Would you mind telling me why you’re falling asleep in the middle of the day?” Merlin asked concerened. “Nothing… I-I” I started. Great I was caught red handed. “What?” Merlin asked more harshly this time. “I’ve been training in the night.” I blurted out. “Wait like combat training? Why?” Merlin said. “Yes, okay. I want to learn to fight.” I lied, leaving out the part about Arthur hoping Merlin would not notice. “If you want to train, do it with Arthur, in the day, I advise you not to do this, its killing you.” Merlin explained. “I don’t know Merlin.” I said. “I’m just saying, I wouldn’t if I were you.” Merlin spoke. I nodded pretending I would obey. Merlin smiled and carried on with the rest of his chores.
I might have fooled my older brother, because I was not going to stop training. I was almost mastering the art of the sword. I could show Arthur next. I could not wait to see his reaction. It would be perfect. The night before, I would show Arthur my skills had arrived. I forced myself to puch harder. I swung my sword at the mannicin letting it fall over. I swung fifteen, sixteen times. I kept going until I reached thirty. Sweat dripped off my neck. My lips felt chapped and dry. I suddenly stopped, the world around me becoming fuzzy. “No this was not suppoesed to happen.” I muttered. That was my last thought as I fainted to the ground.
Normal POV:
Arthur walked towards the training ground, the rest of the knights following me. The tournament was a few days from now, and the knights needed all the training they could get. Arthur looked around, only to see a figure lying on the ground. He picked up my pace trying to figure out who it was. His breat caught as he saw Y/N lying on the floor unconcious. The prince gestured to the knights to move back to the weapons room. He  rushed, picking Y/N up, bridal style and finding my way to Merlin. “You idiot! What did you do?” Arthur screamed as Merlin came rushing out of his room, Gaius looking terribly confused. “I told her not too.” Merlin sighed. “What? Told her not to what?” Arthur questioned. “She was trying to train like a knight. I told her not too. I didn’t know Y/N would disobey.” Merlin spoke innocently. “Help her.” Arthur ordered. “It seems she has been dehydrated, Merlin find me some water.” Gaius said. Merlin nodded and picked up the bucket of water and handing it to Gaius. Gaius layed a towel in the bucket and placed it on Y/N forhead. ‘She should be awake in a few hours.“ Gaius assured Arthur. Arthur nodded, picking Y/N up again and moved through the hallways to his bedroom. He layed her on the bed.  A few hours passed as Arthur became restless. "Y/N please. Why did you do something so stupid.” Arthur mutttered. “Because of you, I wanted to impress you, I’m sorry.” Y/N spoke. “You’re awake.Thank God.” Arthur said relieved, pulling Y/N into a hug. “Never do that again. Never try to impress me again. I love you the way you are.” Arthur finished. “You-You love me?” Y/N looked up into Arthur’s eyes confused. “Of course I do!” Arthur replied. Before Y/N could say anything else Arthur’s lips were on hers. His kiss was soft, but passionate. The kiss went on for a few moments, until it was inturrupted “Hey…..” Merlin trailed off. “All that for a kiss? Y/N? Really? I thought I taught you better.” Merlin said. Arthur looked down at Y/N and chuckled. “It worked though.” Y/N replied. Arthur rolled his eyes “Pomise me, you won’t do that again.” Arthur said a stern tone taking over his voice. Y/N nodded. “Alright, now I’ll let you have your fun.” Merlin laughed leaving the room.

Once upon a time, I dreamed of my very own happily ever after. And I’ve got it here in the form of fondant, buttercream, and a multitude of sugar and bliss.

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This record looks + sounds dreamy and it’s the best ever ☁️🌸✨ // @pwrbttmband

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The eyes through a Pisces.

On the outside they may appear dreamy, and mysterious . Have your ever looked in the eye of a Pisces? You can see the whole universe In their eyes. Not just in their eyes, but they’re like the universe. Vibrant, colorful, dreamy and mysterious. They’re the unknown of the crowd but everyone is impressed by the beauty of the Pisces. There is a sense of calmness following them wherever they go. They bring peace to everyone. After a while, you may think you know them well but the next time you make eye contact with a Pisces, and look deep into their eyes, you know deep inside that you know nothing about them. They’re like the universe, they’re the ocean. The universe and the ocean will always be a mystery to the human kind.


โ€œ Can you do one where they are just friends but calvin just starts realizing that he wants to be more than friends :))โ€

I loved this request so much! I hope you enjoy this one. <3 Thank you for your request. xย 

ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  *Calvinโ€™s POV*

I just finished editing up my latest video, getting ready to post it when my phone starts ringing. I move my hand towards the phone, feeling the cold glass back. I bring the phone towards me instantly greeted with a wide smile on my face and butterflies. (Y/n) was calling. I touch the โ€˜answerโ€™ button, quickly greeted by her melodious voice.

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