dreamy and nova

Underrated and forgotten OUAT couples that I love and miss

1. Grumpy and Nova

This is the biggest one on the list. God I OTP these two so much. Their love story was just so beautiful and I’m so mad about their breakup. Hopefully the kind of serious, cliffhangery kiss scene in Good Morning Storybrooke is a hint that they might interact again in the actual show.  Please writers, let these two have their happy ending!

2. Ruby and Peter

These two were clearly true love. With Ruby, a lot of fans are aboard the FrankenWolf train, but honestly, these two will always be my fave when it comes to Ruby. Peter’s tragic death was so heartbreaking. I really wish there was a way that he wasn’t actually dead, even though I know its impossible. Honestly I think I want this guy back alive as much  I do Graham, maybe even more so!(sew me)

3. Cinderella and Thomas/ Ashley and Sean

Cinderella and Prince Charming have never been one of my favorite classic Disney couples, but they were so sweet in OUAT. These two were adorable, especially in Storybrooke. The scene where Thomas/Sean defies his dad and comes back to Cindy/Ashley after Alexandra is born get me every time. I would just like to see what happened to these two. I would’ve loved to see how they reacted when the curse broke. After all, the last time she had had her memories, Cinderella was pregnant and had lost Thomas,she thought forever! I’m sure their reunion was precious. And I would love to see their family. But hey Cinderella was in OUAT in wonderland premiere for like 2 seconds, and I don’t think she would’ve come to film in Stevenson just for that. So who knows? Hopefully we’ll get to see them again.

Fav Guest Stars Day 2: Lee Arenberg

Do I really need to go into massive detail about why Leroy/Grumpy is one of the best supporting characters on this show?

Not only is he the town crier…


He delivered some of the best lines in the early seasons.

The moment I saw Lee Arenberg I was thinking “where have I seen him?” Turns out he’s Pintel from POTC. That alone is a reason to love him.

Honestly, Lee just has such fantastic comedic timing and that interaction with Hook just cracks me up.

“I’m watching you, pirateYes, dwarf”… Also this kinda looks like the cover of a romance novel, yeah?

But there’s an episode I forget to mention in last week’s favourite episodes topic but I was glad that others put it there. 1x16 Dreamy is, in my opinion, the most adorable, fluffiest story in OUAT history. If I had to pick a couple that I think is just perfect, it is Dreamy and Nova/Leroy and Astrid. Just…oh, fuck you, Blue!

His scenes with Belle back in the Enchanted Forest were just adorable and I was so happy that in Camelot, they got to talk again.

I’d dance with him! Go on, Belle!

I really love how Lee plays these three characters – Dreamy, Grumpy and Leroy. And i swear, this scene just sums up my feelings towards the whole dual roles/identities