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sidsass replied to your post “Sid/Geno fic recs???”

what are your all-time faves?

King and  Lionheart: sweet, warm, comforting arranged marriage fic. Fandom classic, for good reason. 

And Never Been Kissed: What if bby sid and bby geno had met as kids and had become pen pals???? Slow burn, so much SNUGGLING. 

Some Other Beginning’s End: BABY.  MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE.  BABY.

Flip Shut, Hang Up: Funny as hell outsider POV. 

Game Plan: Gentle domesticity and breakfast foods

We’ll Be(e) Ok: magic! were-bear Geno!

The Limits of the World: I adore Sid-goes-to-Russia fics. This is one of the very best.

All I Ever Wanted: this is recent and terrifyingly in character. Like, who the hell in the Pens organization is writing fic??

A Gradual Act of Arson: arranged marriage. YES. 

For The Roses: jaw-dropping writing. Like, blew-the-top of-my-head-off good. Horse racing AU. 

An Uncharted Country: Dreamy, Geno-shows-up-in-Nova-Scotia fic. mmm

Just What Was Rumpelstiltskin Expecting to Do with a Baby, Anyway?: Witch!Sid. Dunno. Just really like this one. 

They Say Love Heals All Wounds : ANGST MONSTER. But, so GOOD. Soulbonds, hurt/comfort.

Thou and You: Edwardian/Steampunk-y AU. My happy place fic. Touch starvation. Magic. Ridiculous society manners. 

To start with a few??

also, here’s a rec list I made a while back of my favorite podfics. There are some that are so, so good. 

Dear Newbie Once Upon a Time Writers...

Dear Newbie Once Upon a Time Writers,

I realize how “hard” It must be watching six whole seasons of a TV show or checking it’s Wikia for information but here’s a few tidbits that might help.

1.  Belle already has an apartment over the library.  Rumplestiltskin gave it to her in season 2.  The second floor of the building is an apartment.  There was no reason she had to live in Hook’s ship.

2.   Cinderella’s child is female and was a big plot point in season one and caused the debt that enabled Rumple to find his son in Season 2.  That child should NOT be close to the age of Snow White’s child born two seasons later.

3.   The sword used to wake up Rumplestiltskin in season five…  Not the one that threatened him when he was mortal.   That one was taken by Rumplestiltskin.  The one Hook kept is the one that belonged to Milah.  He took it after she died.

4.   Rumplestiltskin is three-hundred-years-old.  There were several Dark Ones before him.  There is no way Nimue became the first Dark One Two Hundred years ago.  If you acknowledge this is a mistake than fix it.  Not all of your viewers read your Twitter feed.

5.   Even when angry at Rumplestitlskin Belle, in Storybrooke, NEVER called him “Gold.”  It was always “Rumple” even when she banished him from the town it was still Rumple.  Even when they fought in Season 2, it was still Rumple.

6.   Rumplestiltskin DID choose love over power a few times already.   When he died in season three to save everyone from Pan (And yes, he did actually die).  When he dropped the dagger to try to save his son, costing him his freedom, power, and sanity. and even simply going to Storybrooke he submitted himself to twenty-eight-years of helplessness, almost as penance, to find his son.  Please stop erasing and undermining all of season 3 because you ran out of ideas.

7.    Unless there is more than one Genie lamp in Rumple’s shop (And that is possible) the lamp Aladdin took is actually Sidney’s from Season 1.  Sidney was not Aladdin’s Genie.   Sidney was freed by Snow White’s Father, not Aladdin.  Aladdin was no where around at the time.  And then he got himself trapped in a mirror.

8.   Anastasia from Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is Will Scarlett’s love interest.  You took him away from her without explanation in Season four while still insisting Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and his happy ending were still canon.  How? 

9.  Anastasia is THE Anastasia from Disney’s Cinderella, not the Russian Princess.  Anastasia was one of the two wicked stepsisters. That was her name in the movie for Heaven’s sake.  This is established in the first episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.  How can you claim Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is still canon when you just gave Cinderella two renamed stepsisters and stepmother in The Land Without Stories?  Fix this!  The only way both can still be canon is if you decide there are alternate reality versions of Cinderella’s family.

10.    Why would Thomas (Cinderella’s Prince) have thought she might want to kill her step-family if he truly knew her story and knows her?  So much for true love.

11.  In regard to Rumplestiltskin and Belle.  The true love’s kiss nearly worked in Skin Deep in Season One but Rumplestiltskin resisted.   Then it nearly worked in the dream in Season six.  Why would it not work in season four?   You don’t fall out of love with “True love” and it doesn’t stop being true love just because you happen to be fighting with the person.  What the Hell kind of messed up message is that?  True love is just that, true love.  That means eternal, endless, without condition.   Once you put conditions on it, it’s not True Love.   Learn what the terms mean before writing for plot convenience.

12.   You still have the unresolved issue of having corrupted the Charmings in Season Four by having them abduct a baby (thinking it’s okay because she’s not human) and THEN giving the child double potential for Darkness after being told twice that all people have the potential for dark and light.   If the plot ruins two well established characters and is full of contradictions it does not “make for a better story.”   You left this hideous mess unaddressed.

13.  And speaking of unaddressed we have Grumpy / Dreamy and Nova / Astrid.   Blue Stole their happy ending and it’s never, ever been fixed.  Why?

14.  It was Henry who tore out the final pages, not Regina back in season one.  See, we have these new fangled things called DVDs and we can check these things…

15.  Several characters were NOT shown getting their memories restored after the events of season five and that’s just lazy.

16.  “Dark Ones don’t sleep.”   I swear they don’t remember ANYTHING from Season Three.  Do they completely forget Rumplestiltskin’s nightmare / conscience crisis when he had the nightmare about killing Henry?

17.   Hercules saying he could not beat cerberus because he has three heads yet one of his badges from The Trials of Hercules shows that he beat a Hydra.  

18.  Characters with hearts blacker than Rumplestiltskin and older than Rumplestiltskin (like Churnabog) didn’t suddenly drop dead from a heart attack in Storybrooke so why was Rumplestiltskin’s darkness taking over his body after he dies even a thing?!  It made no sense.   After years of establishing that he’s immortal just to retcon it like that with the idea that “The Dark One is Immortal, Rumplestiltskin is not” was just stupid.   It especially doesn’t make sense if we now discover he’s half-faery and Mother (Black Fairy) is more evil than he is but clearly didn’t die.

19.  Belle claimed she always saw the man in the Beast.  Was she lying?  If this is true than he would not have been just The Beast to her in her dream world at the start of season six.

20.  How the Hell did Regina simply magically open Rumple’s cell in The Dream World?  The very reason he can’t get out is because it’s magick resistant.

21.   Rumplestiltskin killed the healer (who knew him when he was human) at the time he was having the affair with Cora.   Cora isn’t THAT old.  Rumplestiltskin is a good three hundred years old.  So this can’t have been more than a hundred years ago…  HOW would the healer still be alive at that point and not aged?  It would be easy to assume he just went back and killed the Healer shortly after becoming The Dark One but Hades himself said it was while he was with Cora. The timeline doesn’t add up.   Rumplestiltskin would have been at least two hundred at the time he met Cora. Why would the Healer still be the age he was when Baelfire was a little boy?!

22.   Excalibur was designed to cut immortal ties and the slightest wound from it is fatal (as proven with Hook).  If this is true than how come Rumplestiltskin can be lightly nicked with the Dark One Dagger on more than one occasion (Same blade) without it being fatal?

23.  How was Pinocchio a child with little Prince James (the twin of Charming) and also a child when Prince Charming’s child is a child?   Was it that he didn’t age when he was wood and he had an exceptionally long childhood? 

Please, please, try to be consistent and fix your previous mistakes…

Fav Guest Stars Day 2: Lee Arenberg

Do I really need to go into massive detail about why Leroy/Grumpy is one of the best supporting characters on this show?

Not only is he the town crier…


He delivered some of the best lines in the early seasons.

The moment I saw Lee Arenberg I was thinking “where have I seen him?” Turns out he’s Pintel from POTC. That alone is a reason to love him.

Honestly, Lee just has such fantastic comedic timing and that interaction with Hook just cracks me up.

“I’m watching you, pirateYes, dwarf”… Also this kinda looks like the cover of a romance novel, yeah?

But there’s an episode I forget to mention in last week’s favourite episodes topic but I was glad that others put it there. 1x16 Dreamy is, in my opinion, the most adorable, fluffiest story in OUAT history. If I had to pick a couple that I think is just perfect, it is Dreamy and Nova/Leroy and Astrid. Just…oh, fuck you, Blue!

His scenes with Belle back in the Enchanted Forest were just adorable and I was so happy that in Camelot, they got to talk again.

I’d dance with him! Go on, Belle!

I really love how Lee plays these three characters – Dreamy, Grumpy and Leroy. And i swear, this scene just sums up my feelings towards the whole dual roles/identities


Underrated and forgotten OUAT couples that I love and miss

1. Grumpy and Nova

This is the biggest one on the list. God I OTP these two so much. Their love story was just so beautiful and I’m so mad about their breakup. Hopefully the kind of serious, cliffhangery kiss scene in Good Morning Storybrooke is a hint that they might interact again in the actual show.  Please writers, let these two have their happy ending!

2. Ruby and Peter

These two were clearly true love. With Ruby, a lot of fans are aboard the FrankenWolf train, but honestly, these two will always be my fave when it comes to Ruby. Peter’s tragic death was so heartbreaking. I really wish there was a way that he wasn’t actually dead, even though I know its impossible. Honestly I think I want this guy back alive as much  I do Graham, maybe even more so!(sew me)

3. Cinderella and Thomas/ Ashley and Sean

Cinderella and Prince Charming have never been one of my favorite classic Disney couples, but they were so sweet in OUAT. These two were adorable, especially in Storybrooke. The scene where Thomas/Sean defies his dad and comes back to Cindy/Ashley after Alexandra is born get me every time. I would just like to see what happened to these two. I would’ve loved to see how they reacted when the curse broke. After all, the last time she had had her memories, Cinderella was pregnant and had lost Thomas,she thought forever! I’m sure their reunion was precious. And I would love to see their family. But hey Cinderella was in OUAT in wonderland premiere for like 2 seconds, and I don’t think she would’ve come to film in Stevenson just for that. So who knows? Hopefully we’ll get to see them again.

Not With A Thousand Swords: an essay on True Love in "Once Upon a Time"

People don’t send me Asks often. But I read other peoples’ asks, and I follow a lot of blogs. This was born partially out of that. Last episode brought a lot of things into focus for me. 

And I have thoughts. Lots and lots of thoughts. 

Below the cut is my meta on the subject of True Love in Once Upon a Time, and how it relates to Emma’s powers and her future. This post is not about shipping, and any ships that are still in the speculative stages are discussed in that context.

This is gonna get long. Just warning you now.


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