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Paused at the Right Moment, part 2

Sometimes I have to stop editing because I am laughing so much!! X,D 

1. The Little Mermaid (1989) 2. Aladdin (1992) 3. Hercules (1997) 4. Spirit; Stallion of the Cimarron (2002) 5. Balto (1995) 6. Sinbad; Legend of the Seven Seas (2003) 7. Peter Pan (1953)  8. Road to ElDorado (2000) 9. Hercules (1997) 10. Aladdin (1992)

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HTTYDxROTG AU - Dreamworks University

If Hiccup and Jack are an ordinary students and they were a roommate XD

Hiccup has a cat ,he rescue this stray cat from the car accident that made this cat lost a tail ,and name him “Toothless” because he has only one teeth. 

Hiccup conceal about his pet from father because his dad hate cat .

He had a simple student life until he met Jack Frost ,a new hot student who become his roommate ,and change his boring life to chaos life but more funny ;D

Oh and Jack has a pet too !

I want draw a DU comic if I have time XD

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New character in Dreamworks University series (x).

The Hamada brothers from Disney University met up with the boys from Dreamworks in a Collegiate Robot’s cempetition !

Hiccup and Guy are the close nerd friends and they’re the member of Robotic’s research club. But Jack isn’t ,he’s just hang out around them (and made damage in a club sometimes..) ,he be here because Jack doesn’t has any friend except Hiccup ..*poor Jack*

I will draw more story about them in my fanbook ^ ^


Trolls Week Day 4, Alternate Universe

I present to you, Poppy Phantom!!! :D :D Poppy as Danny (duh), Branch as Sam and Guy as Tucker. Creek is supposed to be a combination of both Paulina and Vlad in this AU but I only had time to draw Branch insulting him with the famous shallow joke. 

Basic idea: Branch’s family, his dad mainly, is the one with the ghost hunting past and owns the ghost portal. Poppy visits Branch and explores the ghost portal one day while Branch wasn’t looking and ZAP!—a new hero is born. Branch feels extremely guilty this even happened to her so he helps her with her ghost hunting shenanigans even though he wasn’t originally interested in Ghost Hunting. Guy is the one with the secretly rich family and has a big love for technology :3  

Also Ghosts, like in the show, are seen as demonic creatures etc so they keep it as secret as possible about Poppy’s powers so she isn’t discovered and taken away by the government. 

Enjoy :3c

Alright so, let me get this straight. The fandom as a whole has been complaining since season one that we don’t have any filler episodes. Episodes where they get to have fun and relax and even do a bit of character development. But then the majority of season four is considered filler episodes (the scene with Kaltenecker. A lot of the coalition show episode, etc) but yet you guys still go and complain? 

Season four was short, it was six episodes, there wasn’t much they could do to begin with but you know what? They did a lot for a “filler” season. They brought in a major new character (Matt Holt). They gave us a major plot twist with Lotor and his generals. They gave us Allura learning to use her magic a bit more. They gave us a scene with Haggar showing her true form. They created a major alliance. They gave Keith a new motive, major development and all while keeping him in the back. They gave us a lot in this season and you guys are really still going to sit there and complain? 

I’ve seen people say that the writers have no idea what they’re doing. I’ve seen people say that the writers are ruining the show. I’ve seen somebody have the audacity to say that the show has been queerbaiting klance just because they didn’t even interact this season. And so many more complaints. Like, why are you guys wasting so much energy on being so negative about a season that was fun, entertaining and still moved the plot forward? Sure it left us with a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of new questions but so what? They still have a long way to go, and if you’re honestly going to sit there and complain season after season then do yourselves a favor and just leave the fandom and forget the show. Seriously. If you’re that upset about a show then move on from it. 

Because guess what? The show writers know exactly what they’re doing. They know exactly where they’re going and what information they’re giving to us and what they’re not. They know how they want their show to go and you have no right to say that they’re ruining it. Because they aren’t. They’re doing with the show exactly what they’ve had planned since the beginning. Since their pitch. They’re doing exactly what Dreamworks/Universal liked from their pitch and signed them onto do. 

So seriously, please, if you aren’t enjoying it then move on. This fandom is negative and toxic enough, please don’t add to it by dragging down a season that was meant to be fun and entertaining.