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There are many things I love about How to train your dragons movies. But what I love most  is in the first movie despite being an animation movie for kids  told that war and bravery have consequences : Hiccup lost a leg. 

Now the second movie is going to portray a young disable hero! it’s rare and it is portraying in a postive way. 

I also love how the female characters in httyd movies are strong; badass but they can be sweet , loving and feminines too. It’s not one way or another , they are both.  it’s rare too.

While most Big hero 6 fans are mad that the movie didn’t get the Golden globe because of his POC characters. 

I want to remind you : How many heroes are with a disability in animated movies? Here we have both Hiccup and Toothless being with an handicap. Along with others characters.

It’s a role model too for all people and kids with a disability , to have a hero like them and who is a leader.

Dragons 2 also possessed strong female characters in their own style.

To say that HTTYD 2 got the award because it has no POC character make you forget that important fact.

How to train your dragon 2 is an amazing movie, not only it was visually wonderful, the plot was good, the characters aged!! and a minority is represented . A minorIty which is very rare because they are disabled people and they are not shown in a pity way.