dreamworks crossover

I remember the “Rise of the brave tangled dragons” crossover from 2013ish and i am so fucking mad now because everyone keep saying Merida was a freacking griffindor and Jack frost was slytherin cause of the “bad kid” trope, and lemme tell you now

Jack frost is a griffindor

Merida is a obviously slytherin

Rapunzel is a Hufflepuff

Hiccup is totally a Ravenclaw

fight me in that fuckers

Trollhunters/ How To Train Your Dragon/ Rise of the Guardians aka the Dreamworks crossover

song: Imagine Dragons - Whatever It Takes

(sorry for making it this short. also I have a slight Imagine Dragons obsession)

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Ngl, I’ve been thinking about how these two worked together and… help.. please… I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.

*slides dreamworks and studio mir $5* If you remake Macross and make it so Roy doesn’t die, I will pledge my life and soul to you.


“Ok, now tell me something. Something you’ve never told anyone” 

“Well, in school none of the other kids really liked me. I was always  last one picked for everything”

“Hmm, it’s too bad that we didn’t go to the same school” 

This is a old crossover :D trollhunters/megamind I’ll do more of this hope you like ^^ Strickler and Bernard have the same clothes XD 

here’s the final piece i made for the fanart booklet! i’m just about to leave for the service bureau to go get it printed! as soon as i get home i’ll take a video of me flipping through it so you all can get a nice idea of what it looks like before i mail it out tomorrow

anyways, i discovered that after almost a year i still got the gravity falls style down. also this was my first time drawing late teens hiccup in gravity falls style. he’s too precious. they both are.

“Find the bad guy push ‘em aside,
then move on forward with your friend at your side
It’s a two player game, so when they make an attack, you know you got a brother gonna have your back.
Then you stay on track, and I remain on course
If they give you a smack, you gotta use your force
And if you leave your brother behind its lame-”

I fiNaLLY LISTENED TO BMC and i can confirm this song is definitely Toby and Jim in a nutshell ;;;D Thank you so much to the anon that suggested this broadway/trollhunters crossovers are my jam