It is ABSOLUTELY fine for someone to have a STRAIGHT ship. I keep seeing things about how much people hate certain ships mainly because they are a straight ship. And people keep using the age card to justify their hate for the ship. We DON’T actually know how old these characters are so STOP uses that excuse to boss people around and to hate on their ships.

I’m going to say this again, I don’t like the show because of ships. I like the show for the characters individually and the family-like relationship between the characters. Romance is too complicated for me to want to get caught up in. Although I wouldn’t might a little romance in the show later on (hopefully it’s at a minimum and doesn’t take away from the plot).

If you have a certain ship that’s your OTP then that’s great. I don’t care if it’s straight or gay or whatever, just stop hating others because they interpret the show different than you.

I’m pretty sure Heather already knows about Hiccstrid...

I’m hearing everyone say they want to see Heather’s reaction to Hiccup and Astrid’s relationship in S5. But…she already knows, right?

Remember the scene in Shell Shocked P2 when everyone’s exiting the arena at nighttime, and Tuffnut asks if Hiccup and Astrid are coming too? Heather was pretty quick to say they should be left alone. Sure, this could be her just trying to get the two alone in general. But it’s immediately followed by Ruffnut stating that Heather probably knows what’s going on.

I’m just saying, from a writing standpoint, it seems most logical that this was their way of saying Heather knows about them.


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This might be an unpopular opinion, I’m not sure, but I kinda wish they would keep the voice actors from the series in the new movie. (How to train your dragon 3) (Everyone except Stoick and Gobber’s that is) I love Snotlout’s voice in the series so much! He has really captured Snotlout as a character and I wonder if it will sound (or be) the same when the original comes back again. Also, even though I love Kristen Wiig; I actually prefer the voice actress form the series.

It’s just a little wish I have, or am I wrong in this?