• Creek: Now, I know that I betrayed you all and left you for dead...buuut, I've changed!
  • Branch: Cry Me a River
  • Creek: but I nearly got eaten
  • Branch: What Goes Around Comes Around, buddy.
  • Creek: But-- wait. What are you wearing???
  • Branch: *Looks at the Mirrors*
  • Branch: a Suit and Tie. I'm bringing Sexy Back

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Am I weird for wanting an argue between Hiccup & Astrid in season 4? Don't get me wrong, I definitely ship them but since the hunters' arrival, "viggo's fiasco" and Hiccup's obsession about him I have the impression that there's a lot of unsaid between them.

I don’t think you’re weird at all for wanting it. I, too, think that there could be some great potential for the two of them getting into a bigger disagreement. 

We do at times see Hiccup and Astrid come to minor disagreements in the show - for instance, Astrid is displeased at Hiccup for trying to sneak away at the start of Enemy of My Enemy - and Hiccup is also displeased Astrid hides information about Heather in S2 - but there hasn’t been a major conflict between the two of them for all of RTTE. The last time they were even seen in a major conflict, honestly, was in the first half of ROB with Heather Report Part 1. That’s been a long time.

It’s only real that individuals with two different perspectives will clash. Astrid and Hiccup, as close friends who are also romantic interests, have a lot of interaction time with one another. And while they agree with lots of things, they also have some differing opinions. And they have some strong opinions. As you say, Hiccup has some current weaknesses going on with how he handles the Viggo “fiasco,” and Astrid realizes this. There are also other areas for them in which the two could easily come at odds.

Hiccup and Astrid aren’t communicating as much as they need to. We know that pretty clearly in RTTE. Heather cajoles Astrid about the fact she’s keeping a lot of her feelings for Hiccup hidden. While Heather is talking about the positive romantic feelings, it doesn’t take away from the fact that Hiccup and Astrid really do need to figure out this communication business. Major time.

Arguments happen when communication breaks down. Arguments can also be the manifestation of people finally communicating - heatedly - what they have been holding back for some time. An argument between Hiccup and Astrid about any sort of topic could actually help them breach their communication challenges. Even if the argument is about the color of Toothless’ tail fin (I’m cheekily exaggerating), it still helps them open up to one another. Once the two of them make up the argument, there should - ideally - be improvements in how they talk to one another and express their thoughts to one another.

So I don’t mind what the argument would be about. I think it could be a good episode if done well. It could bring more much-needed screen time to Astrid and her thoughts, as well as help solidify where Hiccstrid are at (and where they are headed). Even if they don’t have an argument, there still needs to be some episode where the plot is about their problem of communication, and lead to the resolution of them finally learning how to speak up. 


Hunk shown being proud abt his cooking skills, Hunk sharing his food with his friends as comfort/support, Hunk sharing his knowledge about certain recipes, Hunk as a genuine foodie with an articulate taste

Me: The Good™ Content 👌👌👌👌

Hunk only in the sidelines askin bout food thinkin bout food hey what are y'all talkin bout here look im eating food



“Would you like a stick?” Chenille offered, reaching out to hold the pack within easy reach. Suki considered for a moment before reaching for a piece, her wrist lightly brushing Chenille’s fingertips as she struggled with the packaging. She finally managed to grab one, unwrapping it and popping it into her mouth in one smooth motion. 

 They stood in near silence, the sound of their chewing becoming more rhymic by the moment. Their eyes met and held, the synchrony between them undeniable as their faces shifted with each passing second of mastication. 

Chenille let her eyes fall to Suki’s lips, a blush growing warm on her sparkling cheeks. Suki had such plump lips, she had never really noticed. They parted, a small sigh coming from Suki as she stopped chewing. 

Chenille quickly shifted her gaze, not wanting to be caught. The blush remained though, and she found it hard to look Suki dead in the eye as she heard her speak. 

“This gum is awful."