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-Especially Les Mis an Phantom of the opera
-Any Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks account

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First trailer for DreamWorks Animation’s Captain Underpants,  a film based on the novels by Dav Pilkey. Coming to theatres June 2.

THIS IS AMAZING!!! THIS IS BY AN ATRIST ON INSTAGRAM. I RLLY DONT KNOW HOW TO PUT A LINK SO SOOOO THE ARTIST IS BETZGI AND OMG ITS SO CUTE AND AMAZING. (the song is called “Chöre” by Mark Foster WHO IS THE SAME GUY WHO VOICED BRANCH IN GERMAN) ••• These r the lyrics: As i see you, it’s not understandable for you, Come, I’ll tell you, I let it rain confetti for you, I’ll give you a lot of it, Call your name through all the boxes, The best person is you, I roll out the red carpet, Through the city, till the front of your house, You are the thing for me, And the choirs sing for you, And the choirs sing for you, And the choirs sing for you.

My dash is dead... double dead.

I came back after a long long hiatus and I do not see any interesting me things on my dash so… could you help me? ♥

I’m looking for blogs with:

~ BioWare games - dragon age and mass effect - games in general - undertale?
~ Disney and DreamWorks!
~ Quotes
~ Animals - wolves, cats and dogs and foxes and bunnies and… - canines mainly - DACHSHUNDS!!! ♥
~ Chocolate and other food porn
~ Sweet and funny things
~ B&W blogs
~ Photography
~ Hannibal and Primeval and game of thrones maybe
~ Marvel movies
~ A little bit of anime - ghibli movies, noragami, natsume yuujinchou
~ Art
~ Pokemon
~ Fantasy, dragons
~ jurrasic park, jurrasic world, dinosaurs!

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Hello all! Mod Savvy here! I’ve been thinking lately that maybe aside from only have the story time posts maybe we can also hold mini-contests of our own too. They wouldn’t be anything huge of course, or require much work (since we know that a lot of you editors may have a lot of projects currently in the works) but maybe something along the lines of we give you a prompt and the one who creates the best image based off it wins, that sorta thing, or maybe something else…if you have any suggestions let us know!

Thank you!

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God forbid a group of people demand accurate representation. It isn't equal if it's 1/2 white and 1/2 other, not all races and ethnicities are the same!! Respect their cultures while giving them representation in media and stop whitewashing!! @VLDFANDOM: Lance McClain is a different character from our CUBAN VLD Lance, stop tagging the wrong character, admit your mistake, and find an appropriate placeholder name until Dreamworks gives us the canon one! And learn how to use your mass post editor!

it’s like my Superego has manifested into words. it’s beautiful.