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ah, if it's not too much trouble, would you do number 41 for any character from Trolls?

(Sorry about the awkward formatting, I’m on mobile. Also this is human AU. Hope you enjoy!)

“I still don’t get it.”

“I’m not explaining it again, Poppy.”

“But, you’re just going to drink it like that? Plain? No cream or sugar or anything??” She asked, glaring at his mug of steaming nettle tea as if it personally offended her.

“I like it like this.” Branch replied. He took a long drink of the tea, enjoying the horrified look Poppy gave him. “Besides, it’s not like I’m making you drink it, why do you care?”

“I guess you’re right. I just don’t get how you can drink it like that.”

“What, without a bucket of sugar and enough cream to make a whole herd of cows nervous?”

Poppy scoffed, turning up her nose and closing her eyes as she sipped her own mug of sweet, creamy lady grey. But in her dramatics she missed Branch tenderly pulling the ancient tea-tin on the counter closer, smiling at the neatly painted letters on the top which spelled one name. ‘Rosie.’

An AU where Branch is a human and Poppy is still her adorable troll self!!

OMG I thought of a beautiful AU (it’s not really beautiful, it’s really horrific, but still) Where Branch is this teenager who suffers from dysthymia and paranoia because, when he was around seven, he had been singing a wonderful song for his parents so loudly, they didn’t hear anyone opening the front door, too busy enjoying their son’s concert. His parents were killed by the intruder and, for some reason, the intruder let him live. Branch was found the next day crying in a closet and covered in blood by his grandmother, who had promised to come that day.

Ever since then, Branch has been in the custody of his grandma and can’t go a day without worrying something like that might happen again, so he has a bunch of traps around his grandma’s house (sort of like in home alone) that only he and his grandma know about and he carries a taser with him just in case.

I imagine that his grandma lives in a house surrounded by nothing but forest and the closest neighbor is 2 miles away, so Branch’s biggest fear is someone could come through the forest to intrude their house and kill them and it would be weeks before anyone noticed because he didn’t have any friends other than his therapist, if he could even call her that, and his grandma never really had anyone over.

And he turns the basement into a panic room should anything ever happen. He has food stocked down there to last him and his grandma for five years and nice comfy beds to stay in.

He is taking medication for both his illnesses and has a schedule for Talk Therapy, which he tells his grandma is useless because he refuses to talk to a stranger. He does it anyway because she tells him it will help and she’s the only person in the world that he trusts.

All these things often get in the way of his social life and that’s why he has no friends. Everyone at school sees him as gloomy and aggressive except this one darn group of overly preppy teens that don’t know the concept of personal space and are sometimes the causes of his breakdowns because he refuses to tell anyone the real reason he doesn’t like to be touched.

Poppy is a seventeen year old and the princess of her troll village. She loves to sing and dance and hug and the one thing she loves more than that is her citizens, who she does whatever it takes to make sure they are happy. One day, she insists that she go to Bergen town alone after a whole ordeal that happened when she was just a baby. There used to be a thing called Trollstis, a holiday where Bergens would eat trolls to feel happy, but that stopped seventeen years ago when her father, King Peppy, helped them all escape from that life. Apparently, the new king of the Bergens had found something he was sure was happiness in a  relationship with a nice girl and he wanted his people to be able to feel that. So he sent out a search party to find the trolls and make peace and to hopefully have them teach them to be happy.

It was a little scary for the trolls at first, hiding at the first sight of a Bergen. But it all went well when Poppy was the first of them all to come out of hiding and talk to the Bergen and accept the invitation if a peace party between the two rulers.

Her father was reluctant to let her go alone, but he gave in eventually.

On the way to Bergen town, she met this weird cloud that helped her find out which root tunnel lead to the troll tree, as she was using the map that had been planned for the escape to get to Bergen town. He told her he would tell her if she guessed the right one.

She pointed to an oddly shaped hole, it wasn’t so much that it was odd, but it was a perfect circle, which really caught her eye.

The cloud told her that that one wasn’t it, that it, in fact, lead to another dimension.

She pointed to the one next to it and he told her that that one was the correct one. She thanked him before going to have her peace party.

It went very well, the two future queens hitting it off and becoming best friends in seconds, and the Bergens were eager to start their teachings right away, the Troll Tree that they once lived in watered and ready to be lived in again.

On her way home to tell her kingdom the good news, she couldn’t stop thinking about what that cloud said. A different dimension?

So she takes the chance and goes into the perfectly circled hole only go come out of the end of it and find another forest. The  forest wasn’t anything like the one she had lived in. The bark of the tree was rough and the leaves weren’t as fuzzy. Out of the corner of her eye, though, there was something fuzzy. It was a creature she had never seen before (a squirrel) and she goes up to it in a friendly manner. After finding out that the creature was, indeed, friendly, she started to sing to it.

On that same day, Branch had just gotten home from school and went straight to the fridge to see if grandma was home. They had a plan that Grandma Rosiepuff, as she was called, would write down a note on the Fridge’s board that he had installed for this purpose if she was going out. If the board was empty, he could assume she was home and would then proceed to see if she was taking her afternoon nap. The board was not blank, though, and it left a note saying that she was visiting an old friend from her old days working as a nurse at a children’s hospital.

So Branch proceeded to do what he did best and check if everything was safe. He had his taser around his ankle and a small crate for when he checked the traps and an animal or two got caught in them.

That’s when he heard singing. He had called out to see who’s there and a nice, feminine voice answered. Man or woman, she was still a threat for he was not his grandmother. He told her that she shouldn’t be here, that this was private property and brought out his taser just in case.

They have some small talk as they get closer to each other, Branch thinking she’s human since she can talk and Poppy thinking he’s a troll since he has no clue what a Bergen is. As they get closer to each other, Poppy traveling from branch to branch, leaves blocking her view and Branch traveling by foot, ducking below low branches, and they don’t really see each other until Branch is about to push a low branch out of the way and one of leaves on said branch gets lifted up, revealing a small, pink thing he has never seen before and Poppy lifting up a leaf to find a creature as big as a Bergen but looks nothing like them. Her instant reaction is to take a step towards the creature and introduce herself but Branch’s reaction is completely different. Out of panic, Branch hits the branch anyway, causing Poppy to fall off and scrape her ankle on a small, sharp stone before Branch traps her with his crate.

Poppy is now on edge and crawls backwards as far as she can from Branch and Branch does the same to the crate. After a few moments of panicked silence, Branch finally asks her what the hell she is. She tells him that she’s a troll and then proceeds to ask what he is. Branch doesn’t answer for a while and Poppy thinks he didn’t hear her but he really is just  thinking that he has a FREAKING TROLL trapped in a crate right now and his hand goes to his head on instinct and he thinks he’s gone mad and suddenly regrets not taking his meds on those spontaneous days in the past and stands up to walk away. Poppy, seeing this, suddenly stands up and runs to the other side of the crate, no matter how much the cut hurts, and yells at him that he can’t just leave her here.

Branch immediately turns around and yells at her that she’s not real, causing Poppy to laugh at the silly accusation and explain to him that, yes, she is real, how could she not be? And Branch starts to explain to her how trolls are just myths before realizing that he’s talking to her again. Something along the lines of, “Oh my god, I’m talking to it!”

Poppy is offended by the “it” comment but let’s it slide because she really wants to get the hair out of this plastic cage and asks him if he could let her go.

Branch contemplates this and finally decides to lift the crate so that she could be free. Maybe if she’s free she’ll leave him alone forever.

That is not the case, though, for the second she’s free, she asks him if there’s anything to treat her wound.

Branch, still shocked by this whole ordeal, actually does have something to treat her wound and hesitantly picks her up, with her permission of course. He’s completely shocked by how trusting this creature is, he could’ve just smashed her now and she should be none the wiser.

He brings her to his house and treats her wound using cotton swabs as she talks about her home and her species and how happy they are. She tries to goad him into talking about his species and home, but he only gives blunt answers to her questions until he finally asks one of his own; why is her blood rainbow colors? Poppy makes a comment like, “Well, duh, isn’t yours?” And Branch tells her that, no, it’s not. And they have a little bit more of small talk before Poppy convinces him to help her find the tree that she came from. It takes about forty minutes since they used where Branch had left his crate to retrace her steps and they’re finally parting ways and Poppy realizes that she has not introduced herself at all. So she holds out a hand tells him that her name is Poppy. Branch, not really sure how to shake a hand so small just gives her finger and she takes it with a giggle. Branch tells her that his name is Ramon, but most people call him Branch.

So Poppy goes through the tunnel thinking she’s made a new friend and Branch goes home thinking he’s lost his mind and that’s all I’m giving away for the plot because I am totally f*cking writing this!! THIS IS GONNA BE SO FUN!!