Life After Pixar: An Interview with Brenda Chapman

“We caught up with Chapman at Trojan Horse was a Unicorn in Portugal, an art/animation/visual effects event where the director and her husband, Kevin Lima (Tarzan, Enchanted), were both key presenters. Although getting projects off the ground remains a tough task, Chapman has relished the chance to try new things. And her and Lima even have plans to start their own animated feature production company.”

CB: Can you describe what it was like for you after Brave came out in 2012, and then winning an Oscar in 2013?

Chapman: After the film was released, that was the first opportunity I was able to work. I couldn’t work for another studio until the film was released. I’d been biding my time, writing my own stuff, taking some classes. Just waiting. And suffering!

CB: What happened after that?

Chapman: While I was working on Strange Magic, the Oscars took place. Everything seemed to start happening again. Jeffrey Katzenberg had called me the day he found out I was let go from Brave. He said, ‘Come back to DreamWorks,’ but I told him I had to wait. So he was always there, but DreamWorks went through a lot of changes until I got back there about two years later.

CB: Obviously you’d been at DreamWorks before. What did you do there this time around?

Chapman: Well, I had learned on Brave never to give any of my ideas to a studio again. That was a lesson very much learned. I tried to make a deal with DreamWorks where I would have some ownership for a film or some connection to it, at least to the point where they couldn’t take me off my own movie. But film studios are just too greedy in that way so I didn’t give them any of my ideas. However, I said, ‘If you have anything in your coffers, I’d be happy to work with you.’

Which is what I did – I helped develop a project called Rumblewick which was based on a children’s book. It was so much fun and it was hard to leave it behind when I did, but it wasn’t as heartbreaking as Brave. I don’t think anything will be, because I don’t think I’ll ever let anything I’m so attached to have that vulnerability again.

CB: It sounds like many new things have become possible…

Chapman: Yes, when a door slams shut and the wall falls down, screw the window and look at the view. There’s so much out there – too much to get caught up in the past and all the things that made you sad. OK, you went through your grieving period. That’s over, behind you. What’s out there now?

CB: When you had to leave Brave, it felt like there was so much immediate support out there for you. And when you won the Oscar with Mark Andrews there felt like even more support. What was that like for you at the time?

Chapman: That held me up. I wasn’t expecting it. I thought I was going to go the way of all the other directors that get pushed aside on any film. But to have that support from my peers in the industry as well as broader in live action and the animation community. And my crew, too. I got hundreds of emails from my crew on Brave that told me, ‘OK, I’m not what they’re trying to make believe what I am. I’m not crazy. I know I had a good movie. And it’s still there in the film.’ Without that kind of support, I don’t know if I would have been able to say, ‘OK, well what’s next?’ I think I would have been much more wounded and taken longer to heal. So I’ll forever feel grateful for that.

CB: Is there anything else you can say about your planned project with Kevin?

Chapman: Well, it is a live action/animation hybrid. We are getting ready to start pitching it around, so I’d like to keep it mostly under wraps right now. But if we can start getting it made, there’s going to be a lot of 2D animation but also CG and stop motion—it’s a big concept and we’re hoping we can pull some of the 2D animators out of the woodwork and get them back at the drawing board, as well as using all the new computer techniques.

Reminder to the Voltron Fandom

Outside of Lance who is confirmed to be heavily heterosexual, none of the sexuality’s of the Paladins have been explored. 

You can have whatever headcanons you want for all of the characters, but stop yelling at people who ship heterosexual couples like Shallura, Kallura, Pidgance, Kidge, and Punk over the fandoms pampered LGBT favorites. 

For fucks sake there hasn’t even been a romance yet in the series and all of you have gone mad with the possibility of DreamWorks Animation making Kallura canon. 

FYI: Kallura WAS canon in the past two Voltron series. If there’s any couple within the Voltron Legendary Defender universe that has a high chance of being canon it’s Kallura. 

That doesn’t mean the writers won’t take this series into a new direction by adding a gay couple into the series. That doesn’t mean the writers won’t incorporate other forms of LGBT relationships into the series as well. 

But I’m sick of the fandom harassing rare pair shippers who ship heterosexual couples over the popular gay ships like Klance and Sheith. Just because someone doesn’t ship your ship that doesn’t give you the right to harass them. 

You’re not defending your ship. You’re being a cunt. 

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I know you love astrids athleticism, but can we talk about hiccup for a sec? When I rewatched maces and talons part 2 I realized he is pretty good at gymnastics too.(The part where he searches for Heather but finds Viggo instead, it's a quick scene)

Hiccup is noticeably athletic, and this moment here in Maces and Talons showcases his combination of strength and dexterity. Hiccup launches himself high into the air with his shield. What is impressive is how he lands from that. He catches the cage with both his hands, pushes off with his arms, and then falls down to land on his feet. 

It does look somewhat like a handspring or half a handspring, though I personally wouldn’t call it a gymnastics move. This is the only time we see Hiccup do something like this, and what he’s doing is moreso landing on his hands and pushing himself down to the ground at an appropriate angle. I don’t think he’d be able to do a handspring on his own on the ground without the proper momentum. This is, at the most, “half” a handspring, and I think this basically shows Hiccup redirecting momentum from where he’s landing with quick dexterity, rather than doing a trained gymnastics trick.

It’s not precisely gymnastics since there are no flips, tumbles, handsprings, or other trained motions - but what Hiccup does is nevertheless impressive. It demonstrates quick reflexes, good strength, and a physical ability to quickly adapt his current motion. He also appears to know how to fall, being as he was not hurt in the process of landing on the cage and then pushing off it.

And it is to note that Hiccup consistently demonstrates good athleticism, especially as he grows older. We know he is very agile with quick reflexes because of moments like this one in Maces and Talons Part 2, as well as in moments like his deleted fight with Eret. When Hiccup encounters Eret in this deleted scene, he is able to dodge Eret’s sword dexterously.

By his late teens, Hiccup also has a bit of brute strength to him, too. He is not a body builder, but he is stronger than his twiggy arms look. It makes sense. Hiccup has worked in the forge for a long time and would have toned his muscles from all that blacksmithing work. Thus, we see that Hiccup can grab a fighter’s arm and block them mid-swing (as we see happen at the end of The Zippleback Experience), and knock several of Snotlout’s teeth out in one solid punch.

These are just a few quick examples showcasing Hiccup’s athletic abilities. It is true that he might have challenges picking up heavy items in the first movie, but he grows. He’s trained by Gobber in combat and in the forge. His experiences riding Toothless definitely would give him more strength. His fighting with other enemies would give him even more good experience to hone his athleticism. He hits a growth spurt and a time in young men’s lives where they do gain more muscle and strength. Hiccup is totally athletic.

Hiccup and Astrid are athletic in different respects, but both are quite impressive. Astrid is the only one I personally would call a gymnast. She is the only one of the youths who incorporates dives, flips, and handsprings into her motions. These are trained tumbling tricks that no one else knows how to do. She’ll even do handsprings on the back of a flying dragon! This is unique to her, but I absolutely agree that Hiccup is quite athletic himself!

Hands on Me

Title: Hands on Me
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Characters/Pairings: Pidge, Shiro; shidge
Rating: PG
Warnings: Shirtless Shiro. Pidge’s skilled hands. Use of nails while giving a massage.
Disclaimer: Voltron: Legendary Defender belongs to Dreamworks, World Events Productions, and Studio Mir. I own the stories I write.
Summary: Pidge gives Shiro a back massage. Written for Shidge Week 2016 Day 7: Special Skills/Strengths.
Word Count: 491

Accompanying artwork by @meistergao can be viewed HERE. Massive amounts of props and kudos for the artwork.


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Nuevas fotos de la película animada “Trolls”, programada para estrenar en Puerto Rico el 28 de octubre del 2016.

TROLLS de DreamWorks es una sorprendente comedia llena de inesperadas aventuras y una música increíble.

Conocidos por sus pelos de colores, locos y mágicos, los Trolls son las criaturas más felices y alegres que irrumpen en el mundo de la canción. Pero su mundo de arco iris y cupcakes cambiará para siempre cuando su líder Poppy (Anna Kendrick,) debe embarcarse en una misión de rescate que la llevará muy lejos del único mundo que siempre ha conocido.

La película también cuenta con la participación de Justin Timberlake, Zooey Deschanel, , James Corden, Christine Baranski, Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

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Top 5 Favorite Movies?

This is a hard one

1. Finding nemo
2. How to train ur dragon
3 THE OUTSIDERS MY FAVORITE EVER too lazy to change numbers tho
4 we bought a zoo
5 umm titanic maybe or any other Pixar or dreamworks or Disney or studio ghibli movie