Fear not this night,
you will not go astray.
Though shadows fall
still the stars find a way.

Mandatory Musical Accompaniment

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I said I wouldn't do it

But I’m doing it anyway. WIPs/concept sketches for an upcoming askblog. It won’t be updated as frequently as AMO, and will be a lot more sporadic/one-shotty in the updates, with more focus on the art.

Mafia Octavia will still be my primary. When February rolls around, updates won’t be as frequent due to animation and school, not due to me taking on a second blog.

Regardless, this is going to be badass, and really flexible too.

I need names for the blades. The gun-blade is going to be called ‘Umbra’ unless I can come up with a two-name system for both swords.

Want to stick to Latin. Been debating 'Vesper,’ 'Acerbus’, or 'Noctis’ for the primary sword.


Baschfire: Dreamwarden

Created By: baschfire


I rely on my Nightuards to act as my eyes and ears while I am busy monitoring the dream world. They help me to deal with the threats that are best kept out of the public eye.

My guards are divided into various sections. Adamant and Westwood are among the Watchers, who constantly monitor anomalies. If a physical threat surfaces, there are also various other squadrons, such as the Vanguard.

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((All text is from Whisper Sun, Silent Moon. Seriously amazing fanfic that was part of the inspiration for this blog. Thanks are due to Jen (Celestia) and Hannah (Luna) for lending me their voices to make this audio post. c:))

((Songs used are ‘Supernatural’ by Kevin Macleod (incomptech.com) and 'Best of Times’ from the World of Goo soundtrack. So just sit back, listen, and enjoy.))


Lullay Moon Princess, goodnight sister mine
Rest now in moonlights embrace.
Bear up my lullaby, winds of the earth,
Through cloud and through sky and through space.

Carry the peace and the coolness of night
And carry my sorrow in kind.
Luna you’re loved so much more than you know.
May troubles be far from your mind.

And forgive me for being so blind.


“Finishing move… LUA TIRO!”

((Watched Madoka Magica and was blown away by it. Drew this based off of Mami’s fighting style and finishing move, ‘Tiro Finale’.))

((Seriously, I don’t care much for anime but it was amazing, and gave me a ton of ideas in regards to storytelling.))

((Sorry the updates haven’t been coming through, I’ve got one regular update planned, as well as a major post, but I want to make sure they’re good artistically. Had to draw something to warm up, and wound up liking it, so I added a minimalistic amount of color to it.))

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