Rasputin's Bastards: epic, psychic cold war thriller

David Nickle’s Rasputin’s Bastards is an epic novel from one of horror’s weirdest voices. During the cold war, the Soviets established City 512, a secret breeding experiment intended to create a race of psychic supermen. It worked far, far too well. The dreamwalkers of City 512 may have given lip-service to their masters, but in truth, they were occupied with their dreaming, the sleeper agents whom they could ride like loas, the succesive generations of dreamwalkers, each more powerful than the last, and their own power-struggles.

Now the cold war is long past, and the final act is upon the world. The Babushka, one of the great powers of City 512, has established a stronghold in a fishing village in the remotest northern reaches of Labrador. Her enemies are legion, and some of them don’t even know what side they’re on. The dreamwalkers have always had the power to trap their enemies in false identities and false memories, and the main characters of Rasputin’s Bastards are never quite sure who they are, what has happened to them, what is real, and what is poisonous illusion.

Nickle’s book is an enormous tale, bewilderingly complex, but with lots of twists and turns that reward close attention. It is grotesque, violent, and exciting, with a supernatural tinge that is his hallmark.

Rasputin’s Bastards

Lunch break fanart I drew of Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker. I haven’t had this great of animation feels after watching a short since The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morrislessmore and Paperman. Everytime I watch it I get all the feels. The animation is so fluid and fun to watch!. Seriously guys, go buy this short! It’s so gorgeous and inspirational. For this fanart, I tried to imitate the color scheme of the short. Enjoy! GO WATCH IT!

“Encounter” oil on wood 2014 #painting #spirit #otherworld #betweentwoworlds #bluedeer #apache #nature #animal #relationship #soul #twosouls #earthspeak #indigenous #interconnected #dream #livingdream #dreamwalker #poweranimal #peyote #huichol #deity #wynwood #reiniergamboa



Just spread your wings. Spread your wings and fly, like you’ve always done.

Be brave.

Once upon a time there was a girl they called the Umbra. She fell in love with a woman called the Watcher – but as the story goes, one always stayed and one always ran.

Sometimes, though, the one who runs does something different: she took flight.

Model: kingofwands
Hair & Makeup: Natalie Peluso/Veronica Jean
Photography: Natalie Peluso/Veronica Jean
Processing & Editing: kingofwands

the–dreamwalker is in a very unfortunate and pained place. I ask for people to keep her in your thoughts if you have some to give. I will spare the details, for her own privacy, but she could really use some encouragement.

I got some color on one of her drawings. I sincerely wish I could give her this same kind of hug, but the distance is real. This will have to do for now.