Poet Anderson: The Dreamwalker.

Curious to see more about this project. More details in this article:


Lunch break fanart I drew of Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker. I haven’t had this great of animation feels after watching a short since The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morrislessmore and Paperman. Everytime I watch it I get all the feels. The animation is so fluid and fun to watch!. Seriously guys, go buy this short! It’s so gorgeous and inspirational. For this fanart, I tried to imitate the color scheme of the short. Enjoy! GO WATCH IT!

shadow-dreamwalker  asked:

AUs where one is really in the mood to fight someone constantly, and the other has to try and hold them back 24/7? xD

ABSOLUTELY :D (this is like, most of my OTPs to be honest lol)

  • oh god please don’t fight them you’re huge and you’ll kill them
  • oh my freaking god STOP they want to make you angry no don’t punch them ugh
  • you’re that person who starts a barfight because someone looked at them wrong
  • i will drag you home by the ear or by the back of your shirt knock it off
  • i s2g if i have to call your mother to let her know you’re in the hospital AGAIN
  • the x-ray technicians know you by name because you’re in there so often from your fights
  • y’know what? i’m not gonna stop you this time. get in the fight, see if i stop it
  • i can’t believe you let a 5′2 shrimp beat you
  • you always stop me from fighting people but once you get drunk you try to fight the damn moon you HYPOCRITE

I hope these were what you’re looking for! :)


“We shall have to check if I have with Celestia…” Princess Luna

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So this weeks post may have turned the saucyness to 11, a bit cheeky but I’m sure the princesses will be able to resolve it.

In other news been at some lets plays with the humods, you can check them out here!

Thanks again for reading all

-Tiger de Havilland


Some pictures with my old harpy character Pticenoga, I’ve already posted an art with her :)
She first appeared on the 8th of March, 2011 in one of my usual weid dreams, and looked a bit different from her current state. But the main purpose is still the same x)