Sometimes it’s weird how reality sets in.

You can build yourself up, and then immediately tear yourself down.

The future looks so bright, and then someone turns off the light.

I force my eyelids to close, but consciousness still remains.

A world where my past wouldn’t catch up with my future cannot exist it seems.

The new me is obviously not wanted, and the old me doesn’t care enough for much.

I catch a glimpse of the light flickering, trying to turn itself on.

But every time I check to see the brightness, the flickering stops.

It’s a sick little cycle that comes in contract with this sick little world.

But, I guess I’ll have to manage.

I’m kind of sick of people on Tumblr thinking that they are gifts sent from the heavens. I saw a picture of a girl next to a barbie doll, and her size resembled the barbie doll’s. Someone put “fuck what society has done to us.” First off, you are part of society, so uh, yeah let that sink in. If they made fat barbie dolls, and everyone was fat, people would say the same thing. “Look what society has done to us.” Honestly, I’m fat, but I’m not sitting around not doing anything about it. I’ve changed my eating styles, been doing more physical things, etc. I’m not saying I don’t eat an awesome fucking burrito every once in a while or anything, but people who are larger in size and complain about it, then sit and do nothing, I really have no remorse for. Just because you “reblog this for awareness” doesn’t mean that you’re doing anything. People are already aware that there are people dying of all sorts of diseases… reblogging something on one of the least serious websites on the internet will do nothing for research, medicine, etc. If you want to help someone, go out and do something. Talk to someone, volunteer somewhere, donate money. Don’t sit behind your computer and hit a button and feel good about yourself. Again, I’m not saying I’m the most helpful person in the world, but I’m a realist and see things for how they should be. I’m not even saying that you even have to agree with me, because for all I know, I could be wrong. This is Tumblr; a site with tits, bands, and cats. This website won’t change the world.

This has been a rant by Kevin Provencher, someone who’s opinion isn’t actually that cool.


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