Love is in the air guys, and Valentine is near. So, I decided to draw my favourite otps in this whole month as my personal project!

Here’s the first seven otps that I did as personal challenge

  • Jack+Rapunzel
  • Hiccup+Merida
  • Hiro+Riley
  • Jim+Mulan
  • Kit+Ella
  • Nick+Judy
  • Tom+Janna

All seven couples are in Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks/crossover Themes. I’ve planned to keep on this work as much as I can. T______T

If any one of my otps is not yours, just ignore it please. It’s just imagination.


dreamsworks flop movies keep getting cute, sleek looking traditionally animated series… maybe the cgi series kung fu panda and how to train your dragon get are more expensive or considered more appealing or something but it really doesnt hold up to the movies visually in the same way as these

  • Lance: You know... you know not everything has to be a joke.
  • Dreamsworks: *starts laughing*
  • Lance: Sometimes you can just be honest about your feelings and that's how I see myself, you know?
  • Dreamworks: *laughing harder*
  • Lance: I may not be the most threatening silhouette but I like to think of myself as somebody who can stand up for- You know it doesn't always have to be joke-flirt-quiznack the whole time, okay?
  • Dreamworks: *still laughing*
  • Lance: You know, I'm flying through space with the hero squad and I never just get to say what I'm feeling! I have emotions!
  • Dreamworks: *making fun of him*
  • Lance: It's not all pew pew fuck you and what have you! I have a beating heart!
  • Dreamworks: *bursts out laughing even harder*
  • Lance: I'm-I'm multidimensional! I'm a fully realized creation! .... Fuck!

anonymous asked:

i was in such a good mood and now ,,, i have a headache and im frustrated w/ dreamsworks /worried abt lance's character development

I mean,,, the boy is gonna get character development. It wasn’t in season 2 and it may not even be in season 3. The real question though is are they gonna do him justice and live up to this “Lance is as awesome as he thinks is” hype? Are are they gonna do him dirty like this ooc sexist comic dub bullshit? Tbh,,, I’m pretty nervous too ngl.

Solangelo headcanons:

I’ve been writing these in my notebook for weeks, and now I finally have enough to share.

  • Will doesn’t really freak out over every little cut or bruise Nico has, He just pretends to so he can kiss them better.
  • Will is a Dreamworks fan, Nico is Disney.
  • Will’s favourite Dreamsworks movie is Monsters vs Aliens. Nico’s is Megamind.
  • They both agree on Hercules for Disney.
  • Will loves it visually when Nico ties up his hair, but he also loves running his hands through it. He has an inner struggle every time Nico does so.
  • Nico’s super romantic in the big gesture sort of way.
  • Will’s a doof at romance and only knows how to do every day sorts, which Nico never notices.
  • Nico bites his nails so short they bleed, then he has to hide them from Will to avoid an hour long lecture.
  • Will is a very intense kisser, easily overpowering Nico.
  • Nico feels a tingle every time Will touches him. They eventually learn it’s Will’s sun powers mixing with Nico’s shadow powers, but he doesn’t feel it with any other Apollo camper.
  • Once Nico gets used to Will touching him, he becomes very cuddly, always holding Will’s hand and leaning on him.
  • When Will proposes, Nico’s so flustered he puts his hands over Will’s mouth and won’t let him finish.

New footage (I think). Sorry about the bad quality , the fact it’s on it’s on it’s side, pretty much everything about it. It’s from the art of httyd 2 and a dreamswork app thing, I only had one chance of filming it with no background sound, so that’s why I didn’t film it again

Tumblr Crushes:


AHHH! Yesteday I forgot about posting my tumblr crushes. So well, here are they

Changed a lot since last week o3o


As a true true disnerd, I love Disney. Obviously.

But god fucking damn it Dreamworks is much more detailed. I mean look at the ones they just came out with. How to Train Your Dragon, Rise of the Guardians, and even though I haven't seen it, The Croods.  

Disney will always win in my heart. But Dreamswork man… You don’t fuck around when it comes to details. 

That is all. 

And Monster’s should have won 

Oh yeah. I finished the Ratchet and Clank remake.

It’s really good. Completely lacking in anything I’d call a ‘flaw’. The writing is a little dreamsworks-ish at times, though. Like this is the company that tried to call their co-op game ‘Multiple Organisms’ and that kind of.. not edginess, but willingness to be a little questionable is largely gone.

If you have a PS4 it’s definitely worth playing though. Without hyperbole it’s probably the best looking video game ever made and probably the first truly ‘future proof’ game, in the sense I cannot imagine anyone ever looking at it and thinking it looks bad.

Tumblr Crushes:

Okay here we go, tumblr crushes again! c: ALL OF YOU. WHY ARE YOU SUCH PERFECT BLOGGERS, ;-; I love you all so much ♥

15% for Jason, what is this madness.why are you always on the top of my tumblr crushes. staph being flawless plz D8< btw, did you get my reply?