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  • Dreamsvrfer
  • NEW Cursive


Oregon’s Dreamsvrfer (a.k.a. Dylan Howe) just released his new EP NEW Cursive which includes the beautiful lo-fi gem “Empty Bottle”. Steady beats lead the way into catchy guitar-led melodies while distanced, unaffecting vocals hover just subtly above everything. An execution of a hazy and dreamily sluggish atmosphere is the finished product and we’re suckers for stuff like that. Take a good listen for yourself and grab the rest of the lovely 5-track EP via Sewage Tapes‘ Bandcamp.

MP3: Dreamsvrfer - Empty Bottle



Sewage Tapes released the Sewer Greats, Volume II compilation, a staggering 25-track collection of stunning multi-genre gems from a talented bunch of producers and musicians. Featured on the compilation is white owl brown, Dreamsurfer, KYNAN, Teams, Laserdisc Visions, Pariah Carey and many more. If you’re tired of having to skip between songs because you keep hearing the same tracks due to your music player’s highly inadequate shuffling algorithm, grab this compilation because it’s done the job for you, and it’s a new batch of great summer tunes. Check out some cuts below and grab the entire thing over at Bandcamp.

MP3: Teams - MVP

MP3: Dreamsurfer - Never Alone

MP3: Laserdisc Visions - Waterfall Voyeur


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